emoji Stories February 7

The final list for Emoji 11.0 has been finalized and it features 157 new emoji. The Unicode Consortium has announced that among the latest emoji will be superheroes, redheads, partying face, hot face, cold face, infinity, and much more.

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emoji Stories February 2

App Review appears to be more strictly enforcing rules regarding the use of Apple intellectual property in third party apps, which now includes emoji. Developers are reporting that their apps are now getting rejected for using the Apple emoji icon set in screenshots, other marketing and parts of the user interface (such as using emoji in place of custom iconography).

As described to Sam Eckert, apps cannot use emoji outside of places where a user would have typed it in to comply with the new rules. Apps must replace usage of Apple emoji with custom icons, or nothing at all, if they want their app to be approved.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

emoji Stories January 30

Court ruled emoji constituted apartment rental contract as lawyers struggle with interpretation

A judge in a court case has ruled that a series of texted emoji (shown) constituted a valid agreement to rent an apartment …

emoji Stories January 11

You’ve probably never heard of Angela Guzman, a former Apple intern and employee, but she’s likely influenced your life and how you communicate on a daily basis. For its tenth anniversary, Guzman has shared how she and her mentor designed Apple’s first emoji for iPhone back in 2008 in a Medium blog post.

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emoji Stories December 5, 2017

The Unicode Consortium has outlined all of the new emoji that are on the docket for 2018. This time around, new emoji include figures such as a teddy bear, mango, party face, and at long last, support for redheads…

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emoji Stories October 10, 2017

Twitter now supports Apple’s new emoji, but only iOS 11.1 beta 2 users can see them

iOS 11.1 beta 2, released yesterday, includes hundreds of new emoji characters, and Twitter hasn’t wasted any time in supporting them …

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