emoji Stories January 29

The new emoji that will arrive in 2020 on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and other devices have been officially set. Additions in Emoji Version 13.0 include “Italian Hand,” ninjas, the Transgender flag, anatomical body parts, smiling face with tear, disguised face, new animals, food, parents feeding baby, and much more.

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emoji Stories January 27

Emoji have made their way to all sorts of products and places in the real world outside of just our devices and now Vermont vehicles could be next. A new bill has been submitted to the state’s legislature to make a handful of the animated characters a customization option for license plates.

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emoji Stories December 18, 2019

There are now more than 1,200 emoji, with more added each year – and you can now have your say on next year’s crop via the Emoji Voter app.

The decisions on which emoji get approved or rejected can be controversial. Why, asks one expert, is there a red-headed emoji but no afro haircut one, when there are many more people with an afro?

The Emoji Voter web app aims to ensure your voice is heard by Unicode, which makes the decisions. The app presents proposed new emoji, together with a short explanation of why it has been suggested, and then lets you swipe left or right on each…

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emoji Stories September 27, 2019

OK emoji added to list of hate symbols as white supremacists fall for prank

The OK emoji – and photos of the hand signal – have been added to a list of hate symbols as a result of white supremacists falling for a prank…

emoji Stories July 17, 2019

It’s World Emoji Day and lots of individuals and companies alike are celebrating. Follow along for a look the results of the World Emoji Day Awards, an illustrated history of emojis, how Ford got the pickup truck emoji to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium, and more.

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To celebrate World Emoji Day, Adobe has released an in-depth study on the latest emoji trends in the US including the most popular ones, the top emotions users like to express through emoji, the top reasons why users like to use emoji, and much more.

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