emoji Stories July 17

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Following an earlier preview and list of new emoji by the Unicode Consortium, Apple has shared some of the emoji coming to Apple devices later this year.

In celebration of World Emoji Day (which is apparently a thing), Apple has also done a playful makeover of iTunes Movies, as well as highlighting emoji-related apps …

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emoji Stories March 23

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Back in November, the Unicode Consortium previewed 51 emoji that are planned for release as part of Unicode 10 later this year. Now, the organization has released the full list of 69 new emoji coming with the update, which is expected to be released this June, though likely won’t come to iOS until later…

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

emoji Stories November 10, 2016

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While Apple is bringing a handful of new emoji to its users with the upcoming release of iOS 10.2, the Unicode Consortium today approved 51 new emoji as part of the Unicode 10 release. The new emoji are based on requests from third-parties to the consortium over the past year and include emoji representing breastfeeding and a hijab emoji, as well as many others (via Emojipedia).

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emoji Stories September 6, 2016

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Now you can vote for new emojis, and even request new ones be created

If you love emoji and want to have your say on which new ones get created, there’s now an app for that. You can even go further and make your own suggestions for a new emoji which may get created and added for others to support.

emoji Stories August 24, 2016

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Update: Unicode has actually responded to Apple’s request and detailed all of the changes that will come with Emoji 4.0, including 16 new professional emoji.

Following the emoji redesign with iOS 10, Apple has recently asked the Unicode Consortium to add 5 new emoji to the existing catalog of options. Apple’s Peter Edberg, who has been a software engineer at the company for 28 years, reached out to the Unicode Technical Committee recently, sharing mockups of the five new emoji.

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emoji Stories August 1, 2016

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Apple is adding a lot of new emoji in iOS 10 as well as redesigning the most popular icons to a modern style, as seen in iOS 10 beta 4 which just dropped for developers.

iOS 10 includes over 100 new emoji in total with new female gender options for athletes and professionals, new family characters and redesigns of the most popular emojis. Here’s all the new emoji …

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