emoji Stories September 27

OK emoji added to list of hate symbols as white supremacists fall for prank

The OK emoji – and photos of the hand signal – have been added to a list of hate symbols as a result of white supremacists falling for a prank…

emoji Stories July 17

It’s World Emoji Day and lots of individuals and companies alike are celebrating. Follow along for a look the results of the World Emoji Day Awards, an illustrated history of emojis, how Ford got the pickup truck emoji to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium, and more.

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Ecobee HomeKit Thermostat

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Adobe has released an in-depth study on the latest emoji trends in the US including the most popular ones, the top emotions users like to express through emoji, the top reasons why users like to use emoji, and much more.

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emoji Stories February 19

More and more cases require courts to interpret the meaning of emoji

There was a court case just over a year ago where a judge ruled that a series of texted emoji constituted a valid agreement to rent an apartment. A law professor has found that it was far from alone: there were over 50 court cases last year where a judge needed to interpret the meaning of emoji or emoticons …

emoji Stories February 5

Unicode Consortium publishes final emoji list for 2019, includes more inclusive options, orangutan, waffles, banjo, and more

The Unicode Consortium has now published its final list of emojis for 2019, including 230 new emojis coming to most platforms later this year.

emoji Stories October 23, 2018

As Apple prepares to ship its 2018 emoji update with iOS 12.1, work on upcoming emojis slated for 2019 continues. Today, Emojipedia is previewing its current progress with the upcoming emoji 12 revision.

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