JAMF Stories October 24

Jamf has just announced a new pair of apps aimed to allow iPad and iPhone to be used in more situations in the enterprise market. While Apple has had a shared iPad deployment model for the past few years in K–12, it’s never been extended to enterprise use. For Jamf Pro customers, here’s how to set up shared iPad.

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JAMF Stories October 23

SAP chooses Jamf to manage 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices

At the Jamf Nation User Conference, Jamf has announced that SAP has chosen them to manage 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices. SAP will also be leveraging the integration between Jamf Pro and Microsoft Azure Directory to offer a seamless experience from the first login all the way to signing into Exchange 365 accounts.

Jamf has just announced that it is adding support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Jamf Pro. This announcement comes on the heels of the partnership that Jamf announced last at its user conference. Organizations who use Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Jamf can now skip creating a local account on macOS, and go straight to using Active Directory. It’s now easy to use Azure Active Directory on a Mac.

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JAMF Stories September 20

I’ve written a lot about identity management when it comes to Apple deployments here on 9to5mac. A popular identity management solution is Active Directory (AD) from Microsoft. Mac IT admins have loved the syncing of credentials between AD, but have long hated the process and frustration of binding Mac to AD. NoMad was built to solve that problem. I was actually discouraged by a systems engineer from Apple years ago against binding to AD.

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JAMF Stories September 14

I’ve been a customer of JAMF for many years, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Whenever people ask me why I use JAMF Pro, I always say, “It’s like having an Apple assistant in my office.” Using the platform to manage my iOS devices dramatically improves my workflows.

With iOS 12 and tvOS 12 on the horizon, JAMF has announced JAMF Pro 10.7. As with previous years (dating back to 2012), JAMF has zero-day support for both of these products. What does zero-day support mean? It means support for new features, baseline compatibility, and no impact to critical workflows. expand full story

JAMF Stories August 23

JAMF Now adds custom .pkg deployment and in-house applications

JAMF is the maker of the Apple-focused mobile device management platform. They have two products: JAMF Now and JAMF Pro. I am actually a JAMF Pro customer, but JAMF Now is a really great platform as well. JAMF Now is aimed at businesses without an IT department, while JAMF Pro has a number of bells and whistles that IT departments often require.

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