JAMF Stories Yesterday

I’ve written a lot about identity management when it comes to Apple deployments here on 9to5mac. A popular identity management solution is Active Directory (AD) from Microsoft. Mac IT admins have loved the syncing of credentials between AD, but have long hated the process and frustration of binding Mac to AD. NoMad was built to solve that problem. I was actually discouraged by a systems engineer from Apple years ago against binding to AD.

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JAMF Stories September 14

I’ve been a customer of JAMF for many years, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Whenever people ask me why I use JAMF Pro, I always say, “It’s like having an Apple assistant in my office.” Using the platform to manage my iOS devices dramatically improves my workflows.

With iOS 12 and tvOS 12 on the horizon, JAMF has announced JAMF Pro 10.7. As with previous years (dating back to 2012), JAMF has zero-day support for both of these products. What does zero-day support mean? It means support for new features, baseline compatibility, and no impact to critical workflows. expand full story

JAMF Stories August 23

JAMF Now adds custom .pkg deployment and in-house applications

JAMF is the maker of the Apple-focused mobile device management platform. They have two products: JAMF Now and JAMF Pro. I am actually a JAMF Pro customer, but JAMF Now is a really great platform as well. JAMF Now is aimed at businesses without an IT department, while JAMF Pro has a number of bells and whistles that IT departments often require.

JAMF Stories April 4

Device management company Jamf has confirmed reports that using Jamf Pro to upgrade devices to iOS 11.3 results in them entering a failed loop, which then prevents them from receiving any further commands. As 9to5Mac’s Bradley Chambers shared, it comes at a particularly bad time for schools as they enter standardized testing season as it breaks the ability to remotely put iPads into single-app/testing mode

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JAMF Stories March 26

Jamf announces enterprise day-zero support for iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4, & tvOS 11.3

Enterprise device management company Jamf today announced day-zero support for Apple’s next software releases on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. The company says that IT administrators using Jamf Pro and Jamf Now can rest assured that their organizations will be unaffected by Apple’s spring software releases…

JAMF Stories March 6

Apple products can provide amazing learning opportunities for students, but those living in poverty often don’t get the chance to use such devices. Now education software firm Jamf is looking to make a difference in the education of underprivileged children with a new iPad focused initiative.

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