Jamf is a popular product for managing iPads, iPhones, Macs, and Apple TV for schools and businesses. Apple has built out its management APIs, and MDM vendors access them to allows businesses to deploy and manage their devices remotely.

It works alongside products like Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, and the Volume Purchasing Program to allows organizations to easily deploy configuration profiles, new policies, and even apps from The iOS and Mac App Stores. Companies like IBM and SAP are prominent customers in the enterprise.

Jamf Stories July 11

Jamf, the popular mobile device management solution for Apple, is announcing some new features ahead of the 2019-2020 school year. Earlier this year, Jamf launched Jamf School along with new apps for parents and teachers with the aim to simplify the entire Apple experience from home to school.

Today, they have announced some new teacher and parent tools for Jamf School aimed at furthering that mission.

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Jamf Stories June 20

Survey finds 97% of enterprise Mac users feel more productive after switching from Windows

Vanson Bourne, a third-party market research firm, was hired by Jamf to conduct a study to uncover key drivers of Apple in enterprise adoption and satisfaction with the Mac. Their results reveal incredible levels of employee satisfaction, productivity, creativity and collaboration for Mac users across all major types of employee groups (IT, Human Resources, Sales, and Engineering).

Jamf Stories May 23

71% of students prefer Mac at work ––Jamf survey

Jamf, the popular mobile device management solution for Apple, commissioned a survey through research firm Vanson Bourne on the device preferences of college students. The survey found that two-thirds of students were more likely to choose or stay at an organization that offers them a choice in work computer. 71% of them would choose a Mac if upfront costs were not a consideration.

Jamf Stories May 7

Jamf is announcing a brand new product today along with some additional enhancements for Jamf Pro. Jamf School is a brand new platform aimed to K-12 schools who don’t need all of the functionality of Jamf Pro, but still want the ability to use a mobile device management system. Built on the foundation of their ZuluDesk acquisition earlier this year, Jamf is doubling down on providing products and service for every type of customer.

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Jamf Stories April 6

Since last October, I’ve been tracking new login options for macOS through Jamf. Jamf recently launched integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and they just announced that G-Suite is coming as a login option during the macOS setup screen. If you’ll remember, I predicted this feature last fall. Jamf was already making life a lot easier for IT managers, but adding both of these services as identity providers for macOS is a big win. By providing Azure AD and G-Suite login options, having a mobile device management system on the desktop has become as imperative as Jamf on iOS. expand full story

Jamf Stories March 28

Back in January, Jamf debuted Microsoft Azure Active Directory login on macOS. It was previously announced in October at JNUC. Since then, I have speculated about the possibility of G-Suite logins coming to macOS. While Microsoft services are very popular, G-Suite is used by 70 million teachers and students.

Today, Jamf has announced that G-Suite is coming to macOS as a unified login option for Jamf Pro customers through Jamf Connect. expand full story

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