Jamf is a popular product for managing iPads, iPhones, Macs, and Apple TV for schools and businesses. Apple has built out its management APIs, and MDM vendors access them to allows businesses to deploy and manage their devices remotely.

It works alongside products like Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, and the Volume Purchasing Program to allows organizations to easily deploy configuration profiles, new policies, and even apps from The iOS and Mac App Stores. Companies like IBM and SAP are prominent customers in the enterprise.

Jamf Stories October 19

At its 2021 JNUC conference, Jamf has unveiled multiple new ways to help IT teams provide a better experience at work when using and managing Apple devices.

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Jamf announces new content-filtering solution to secure Apple device usage in the classroom

At the 2021 JNUC conference, JAMF has taken the wraps off some new solutions to make Apple devices easier to manage and use in the classroom.

Jamf Stories September 23

Survey finds 89% of employees would take a pay cut to choose their own work device

Jamf, the popular Apple MDM platform, has announced the results of an independent global survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne, of 2,000 employees and 500 IT decision-makers on how important device selection is at their jobs. The key findings reveal that 89% of respondents said they’d be willing to sacrifice part of their salary for the ability to choose their own device.

Jamf Stories August 26

Jamf, the popular Apple enterprise partner, has released a new report that details the most common permissions that apps are requesting on Apple’s App Store.

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Jamf Stories May 11

Apple-focused MDM vendor Jamf acquires Wandera in its largest acquisition to date

Jamf, an Apple-focused mobile device management system, announced that it has acquired Wandera for $400 million, which is its biggest acquisition to date.

Jamf Stories March 4

Jamf, an Apple-focused mobile device management vendor, has reported strong revenue for its Q4 FY2020 as well as across the entire year. Q4 revenue rose 34% to $76.4 million, while total revenue for 2020 grew 32% to $269.5 million.

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Jamf Stories January 28

Jamf partners with TRUCE Software for location-based iOS device management

Jamf, the popular Apple device management platform, has announced a new partnership and integrated solution with TRUCE Software. With the Jamf and TRUCE integration, organizations will be able to use located-based device management for iOS devices to offer additional safety and privacy implementations when at work, and the device will return to normal when leaving.

Jamf Stories January 4

Today, Jamf has announced that it is now managing 20 million Apple devices for customers around the world. In the past five years, they’ve added 16 million devices compared to just 4 million devices through its first 13 years.

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Jamf Stories September 30, 2020

Jamf acquires Mondada, creators of Kinobi, to streamline Apple patch management

During VJUNC, Jamf announced the acquisition of Mondada, the creator of Kinobi and Kinobi Pro. They provide solutions in patch management for the Apple products in the enterprise.

Jamf Stories September 29, 2020

At its Virtual Jamf Nation User Conference, Jamf took the wraps off Jamf Connect 2.0. Jamf purchased NoMAD back in 2018 to help integrate Jamf, and Jamf Connect 2.0 is a complete rebuild of the platform.

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Jamf Stories September 16, 2020

Jamf announces same day support for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14

The sudden release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 came as a shock to many people in the Apple IT community, but Jamf announced earlier today that they were ready to support the new software. Jamf will also be ready for macOS Big Sur when it is released later this fall.

Jamf Stories September 10, 2020

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility gains iOS device compliance through Jamf

Jamf, the Apple-focused mobile device management vendor, has announced a deeper collaboration with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility by adding iOS Device Compliance.

Jamf Stories July 22, 2020

Anyone that works with Apple in the enterprise is familiar with Jamf. We’ve covered their products often on 9to5Mac, and they’ve been a mainstay in the Apple communication for nearly two decades. Today, Jamf opened its IPO to become a publicly traded company under the symbol JAMFThe Jamf IPO price opened at $26 per share with 18 million being offered for sale. It closed the day at $39.20 after hitting a high of $51 per share. expand full story

Jamf Stories June 30, 2020

Apple-focused device management vendor Jamf files for IPO

Jamf, a popular vendor for IT departments who manage Apple devices is said to have filed for its initial public offering. Jamf is one of the few Apple-only MDM vendors in the enterprise space where other vendors try to mix and match between Windows and Apple.

Jamf Stories May 21, 2020

Jamf Protect adds new macOS malware prevention capabilities to its endpoint security solution

Jamf Protect was the first macOS endpoint security solution to use Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework to enforce malware prevention in a way that ensures a great macOS experience. Many of the other solutions use non-Apple advised methods thus impacting the overall experience for the end-user.

Jamf Stories April 20, 2020

Jamf releases Virtual Visits workflow in Jamf Pro to simplify and secure telehealth appointments

With telehealth becoming less of the exception and more of the rule during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamf is releasing a new Virtual Visits workflow in Jamf Pro aimed to simplify and better secure the process on iPhone and iPad.

Jamf Stories April 1, 2020

Jamf has just announced a new Apple Watch app to help parents navigate the challenges that have been suddenly brought on by a switch to distance learning. Jamf Parent, is a tool that it had previously released for iPhone and iPad to help parents with managing school-owned devices at home.

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Jamf Stories November 23, 2019

I’ve been interested in what Apple is doing in the health industry for a while now. I love reading stories about people using Apple Watch to get healthy, prevent accidents, and more. While I was at JNUC this past week, I got to spend some time with Lindsey Koshansky from Locus Health to hear how they are using the iPad in the healthcare field. They are heavily invested in the Apple and Jamf ecosystem, so I was eager to hear more about what they’re doing. expand full story

Jamf Stories November 12, 2019

At JNUC 2019, Jeremy Butcher from Apple Product Marketing came on stage to give the Apple community an update on the state of Apple’s enterprise focus. He highlighted that all Fortune 500 companies are using Apple products. expand full story

Jamf is kicking off JNUC 2019 today with some exciting announcements for IT departments who manage Apple devices in the enterprise and K–12. Today, they have launched Jamf Protect, an enterprise endpoint protection solution build from the ground up for macOS. expand full story

Jamf Stories August 10, 2019

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Jamf, the standard in Apple management. Learn more at Jamf.com/9to5mac.

Configuration profiles are a huge part of the mobile device management experience when working with the iPad and the Mac. They are the “building blocks” of how the iPad and Mac know what restrictions or settings to have in place. If you can get the hang of this aspect of using an MDM, you’ll become a master in no time. If you are looking for how to restore a deleted Jamf profile in order to remove it, I’ll cover that at the bottom. expand full story

Jamf Stories August 3, 2019

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Jamf, the standard in Apple management. Learn more at Jamf.com/9to5mac.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at various tips and tricks for mobile device management systems. If you are new to the MDM world, it’s how you manage devices in bulk. Whether you are managing a few or thousands of devices, an MDM solution can be helpful. It allows you to push out deploying devices without even touching them, install configuration policies, and install and manage applications remotely. expand full story

Jamf Stories July 31, 2019

Jamf has announced they are acquiring Digita Security to boost macOS security protection. While macOS is a very secure platform, malware still exists. Any IT manager will know that even the best security methods can be circumvented by a user who installs a fake version of Flash from a pop-up window. expand full story

Jamf Stories July 27, 2019

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Jamf, the standard for Apple management.

iPad and Mac deployments come in all shapes and sizes. Apple has built up its deployment tools to help small deployments be able to use management tools without breaking the bank, but also to where they scale up to tens of thousands of devices and IT managers don’t lose control. In this article, I want to discuss smart groups.

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