Angela Ahrendts Stories May 24, 2019

In a new interview with Bloomberg, Apple’s former SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts reflected on her time leading the company’s physical and digital stores and noted the success of Apple’s retail strategy over the past five years. For the first time since leaving Apple, Ahrendts directly responded to criticisms over store organization and customer experience.

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Angela Ahrendts Stories May 16, 2019

Following a departure from Apple earlier this year, travel service Airbnb announced today that Angela Ahrendts will be joining the company’s board of directors as an independent non-affiliated member. Ahrendts previously led Apple’s online and physical retail stores during a time of rapid change and expansion.

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Angela Ahrendts Stories February 7, 2019

Apple’s announcement earlier this week that senior vice president of Retail Angela Ahrendts will be departing from the company in April sent a wave of concern through the industry. Apple’s press release left details of Ahrendts’ departure and promotion of longtime Apple veteran Deirdre O’Brien open to interpretation, causing many to speculate around the terms of her exit and future plans after leaving Apple.

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Angela Ahrendts Stories February 6, 2019

Tim Cook says Apple will ‘elevate’ retail experience in memo to employees about Ahrendts departure

Apple yesterday announced that Angela Ahrendts will depart the company in April after five years as head of retail. Now, Business Insider has obtained the full memo sent to employees by Tim Cook yesterday evening.

Yesterday, Apple announced that 30-year company veteran Deirdre O’Brien has been named senior vice president of Retail + People at Apple, a newly created role that merges employee relations responsibilities with retail experience management. Angela Ahrendts, the company’s current senior vice president of Retail, will depart in April after five years at Apple.

News of Ahrendts’ departure came as a surprise to the industry, leading Apple watchers and enthusiasts to speculate on the terms of her departure and Apple’s retail health. As the most senior member of leadership directly connected to Apple’s service and support channels, Ahrendts’ decisions are often analyzed through the emotional lens of customers frustrated by technical difficulties with their products or a stressful trip to the mall. But Apple makes decisions for long-term growth, not based on short-term impulses. So what does this executive shakeup say about the future of Apple retail?

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Angela Ahrendts Stories February 5, 2019

Update: Apple has refreshed its Leadership webpage to reflect O’Brien’s new role in retail.

After 5 years leading Apple’s retail initiatives, Angela Ahrendts will be stepping down as Apple’s senior vice president of Retail in April, according to Apple. In her place, Deirdre O’Brien is taking on the role of SVP of Retail + People.

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