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Today At Apple

Today at Apple is a series of creative and educational programs designed to inspire customers to learn new skills and take their passions further. Since launching in 2016, it has become central to Apple's retail efforts. 

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June 2017 - December 2018

Today at Apple Stories December 27, 2018

Architecture, creativity, and community. These are the themes that best summarize Apple retail in 2018. Over the past year, Apple has worked in new ways to expand its global and local reach. The company has challenged the traditional definition of brick-and-mortar stores during an uncertain time for many retailers. By opening increasingly ambitious and inviting locations supported by an engaging schedule of creative events, Apple hopes that its 500 million yearly visitors won’t just shop, but also discover a place to connect with like-minded individuals in their own communities.

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Today at Apple Stories November 9, 2018

I remember when the Today at Apple initiative was first announced, I mentally shrugged. It was, I thought, just a rebranding of the workshops that had existed for many years. I thought it was an excellent idea to draw attention to them – I’ve long been a big fan – but Apple seemed to be presenting an old idea as if it were a brand new one.

But subsequent news and a recent visit to the revamped flagship London store in Covent Garden has persuaded me that the initiative is actually a much bigger deal. Apple has transformed what used to be a fairly well-kept secret into something which is now key to its brand image …

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Today at Apple Stories November 1, 2018

This week’s Apple event in Brooklyn introduced more than new Macs and iPads. Today at Apple, the company’s platform of in-store creative sessions, received a massive update. After launching globally 18 months ago, the results of Apple’s efforts are beginning to show in a big way. While new hardware and slick designs catch eyes, Today at Apple is becoming Apple’s most underestimated competitive strength in metropolitan areas and a powerful platform to feature upcoming creative talent on a local and global level. 

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Today at Apple Stories October 30, 2018

During this morning’s special event in downtown Brooklyn, Apple announced that its program of creative and educational sessions held at retail stores across the world will be significantly transformed. The program, collectively called Today at Apple, rolled out globally in 2017 and has become an essential part of Apple’s contemporary retail experience.

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Today at Apple Stories October 5, 2018

Apple stores will participate in EU Code Week with over 2000 Today at Apple sessions

Beginning tomorrow, Apple stores across Europe will offer an increased number of Today at Apple sessions focused on programming with Swift. The initiative is in celebration of EU Code Week, an annual program celebrating the importance of learning how to code.

Today at Apple Stories October 1, 2018

Beginning today, eight flagship Apple stores in seven select cities across the world will host notable Today at Apple sessions throughout the entire month of October. The sessions are being hosted in collaboration with The Big Draw Festival, a global celebration of drawing.

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