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Today At Apple

Today at Apple is a series of creative and educational programs designed to inspire customers to learn new skills and take their passions further. Since launching globally in 2017, it has become central to Apple's retail efforts. 

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June 2017 - May 2019

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It’s impossible to talk about Apple retail in 2019 without mentioning Today at Apple. The program of creative sessions has become a primary force driving the philosophy, architecture, and organization of all Apple Stores since it was rolled out globally two years ago this week. Those two years have been marked by a maturing session curriculum that has sharpened Today at Apple’s focus and expanded its reach. The program has evolved so much, in fact, that it is beginning to outgrow the stores it was designed for.

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Today at Apple Stories May 20

A new collaboration between Apple and celebrated photographer Christopher Anderson aims to change the way you think about photography. Beginning soon, Apple Stores will offer a new Today at Apple Photo Lab with a focus on portraits. The lab is the latest in a series of special in-store sessions designed with iconic voices in the creative community.

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Today at Apple Stories May 13

The growing number of podcasts appealing to just about every interest imaginable has inspired many listeners to create their own shows. But getting started can feel daunting. How do I record? How do I edit my tracks? What can I do to make my show stand out? These are some of the questions a new Today at Apple session designed for aspiring podcasters will try to answer.

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Today at Apple Stories April 25

Throughout this spring, visitors to the Fundació Joan Miró modern art museum in Barcelona, Spain will have the opportunity to attend a Today at Apple session in a whole new creative setting. For eight weeks beginning on April 27th, Apple will host a special selection of weekly sessions that highlight the art and architecture of Barcelona.

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Today at Apple Stories April 18

Each Earth Day, Apple spotlights its commitment to environmental protection with a new Sustainability Report, recycling program updates, and events designed to heighten awareness of the fragile environment around us. Last year, special Earth Day Today at Apple sessions were held in San Francisco. This year, Apple is taking its educational initiatives to the next level with special activities in every store and a program of exclusive events in top flagship locations.

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Today at Apple Stories March 22

Coinciding with the start of spring, Apple has announced a new live concert series set to be held in Italy. “Apple Music Live: Piazza Liberty” begins on March 28th and will run throughout spring and summer on the public amphitheater above Apple’s new flagship store in Milan.

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