Night Mode Stories July 28, 2021

As part of its Today at Apple sessions, Apple has been offering content to help users get the most out of the iPhone camera. This time, the company has shared on its YouTube channel a new video showing how you can take and edit great photos in Night Mode using the iPhone and the iOS Photos app.

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Night Mode Stories October 27, 2020

iPhone 12: How to shoot Night mode selfies with the front-facing TrueDepth camera

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup features a number of improvements to the camera systems and one of those is Night mode expanding beyond the standard rear-facing wide lens and landing on the ultra wide lens and the front-facing TrueDepth camera. Let’s take a look at how to take Night mode selfies on iPhone 12.

Night Mode Stories January 8, 2020

Apple is seeking the best iPhone Night mode photos shot by owners of any of the iPhone 11 models. The top five photos will each be used for Apple marketing campaigns, which may include anything from appearing on the company’s website through store visuals to billboard campaigns.

Apple has learned its lesson from last time, with the small-print confirming that it will pay a licensing fee to each winner…

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Night Mode Stories January 3, 2020

’40 days of darkness’ photographer: Apple ‘lying by omission’ with Night mode

The photographer who used Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro to shoot a town in 40 consecutive days of darkness has accused Apple of lying by omission when it comes to how the low-light mode works…

Night Mode Stories December 27, 2019

If you want the ultimate experience of using Night mode on the iPhone 11, how about a town where there are 40 continuous days of darkness?

Head into the Arctic Circle, and you can visit places where the sun never sets for weeks on end in the summer, and where it never rises for weeks in the winter. Photographer Amos Chapple headed to one of these to shoot some truly stunning photos: the Russian city of Murmansk …

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Night Mode Stories September 21, 2019

iPhone 11 launched this week with an all-new Night Mode camera for capturing low light scenes that are difficult or impossible to shoot on earlier models. Check below for a quick comparison of iPhone 11 photos taken at night with and without Night Mode.

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Night Mode Stories April 4, 2012

Popular third-party Android browser Dolphin made its way to the App Store in August of last year bringing highly customizable gestures, built-in translations, and a dock-style sidebar for quick access to tabs, bookmarks, and speed dial. Today, developers MoboTap Inc. pushed out an update to the iPhone app that, among other new features, introduced voice search functionality called “Dolphin Sonar.”

Dolphin Sonar is super easy to use and can do almost anything. Instead of typing, tap the microphone at the bottom left or just shake your phone (because who doesn’t want an excuse to do that!). Then say what you want to say and Dolphin will do the rest… use your voice to search the Web, find exactly what you’re looking for on sites like Facebook or eBay, bookmark your favorite website, and (like a real Dolphin!) use Sonar to navigate. Ask Dolphin to search on Facebook or create a new tab…all without having to type a single letter.

Other additions to the update include the return of the URL keyboard “by popular demand,” new search engine options to switch between four default settings, three font size options for browsing, and the ability to dim the screen with a single tap using “Night Mode.” Like the default Safari browser, Dolphin will also now save images directly to your iPhone’s photo album. You will also get the usual stability and performance enhancements when you grab version 4.0 of the Dolphin browser on the App Store (iTunes link). expand full story

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