Halide Stories November 7

Back in September, the popular Halide camera app was updated with new features that take advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras. Now the app has been updated once again, this time with a new 2x “virtual” zoom option for iPhone 14 Pro models.

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Halide Stories February 23

Halide, one of the most popular professional camera apps for iPhone and iPad, has been updated this week with important new features for users. In addition to improving the “Image Rescue” feature introduced in 2020, the update also finally adds batch actions on photos to the app.

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Halide Stories December 8, 2021

The popular camera app “Halide” was updated on Wednesday to version 2.6 with a new feature that will make it even easier to use. The update brings homescreen widgets to iOS that let users open the app in specific camera modes.

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Halide Stories October 6, 2021

Halide today announced a major update for its award-winning camera app. iPhone users can update to version 2.5, which enables iPhone 13’s Macro Mode to the iPhone 8 or newer.

In a blog post, Halide’s Ben Sandofsky explains how great it is to have a macro camera, showing a ton of examples. Sandofsky also explains that this feature was available for a while thanks to third-party lenses, but those implementations aren’t as powerful as the iPhone 13 solution.

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Halide Stories May 18, 2021

Halide is arguably the most polished yet powerful camera app on the iPhone for photography. It strikes a balance with its attractive appearance and useful controls that let anyone do more with the optics on today’s iPhones.

Of course, iPhones aren’t the only Apple devices with amazing camera systems. Modern iPads often match the iPhone in most camera specs, and today, Halide is celebrating that with the first-ever version of Halide for iPad.

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Halide Stories November 18, 2020

Halide is one of the most popular camera apps available for iPhone, as it lets users adjust focus, exposure, white balance, and more manually before taking a photo. As the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now officially available, developer Sebastiaan de With shared on Halide’s blog more technical details about the camera of this year’s most expensive iPhone model.

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Halide Stories October 22, 2020

The developers of the powerful iPhone camera apps Halide and Spectre have announced their latest project: Halide Mark II. This is an all-new iPhone photography app that takes technology from Halide and Spectre, and combines it with its own set of new features.

Halide Mark II includes a completely new interface that combines powerful features with intuitive gestures and a focus on ease of use. Plus, it’s free for anyone who paid for Halide version 1.

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Halide Stories April 25, 2020

The rear camera of the iPhone SE includes support for Portrait mode, but with one limitation: it only works for people, not for all objects. A new update to the Halide Camera and Spectre Camera apps, however, adds support for the iPhone SE — including bringing Portrait mode to all objects.

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Halide Stories April 15, 2020

The photography experts behind the Halide Camera app for iPhone have published a new blog post today diving deep into the new iPad Pro’s camera system. This includes the new ultra wide angle camera and LiDAR Scanner, and why the iPad still lacks Portrait mode support.

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Halide Stories March 30, 2020

Halide is one of the most popular camera apps for iPhone as it allows users to have full control when taking a picture. The app has now been updated to version 1.16, its first 2020 update on the App Store, which brings several improvements, including enhancements to RAW mode and improved stability for saving photos.

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Halide Stories September 30, 2019

Popular iPhone camera app, Halide, is out today with its official update to bring rich support for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The latest software release brings a tactile lens switcher, lens guides, a Smart RAW mode, and more.

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Halide Stories May 30, 2019

Halide iPhone app celebrates 2nd anniversary with photo contest, $5,000 Leica camera as top prize

Popular iPhone photography app Halide is marking its two-year anniversary with a photo contest. Users can shoot images with either Halide or Spectre to earn recognition and some neat prizes. Read on for more details about the contest.

Halide Stories April 16, 2019

Halide camera app gains new Siri Shortcuts, cut size in half with Swift 5

Popular iOS camera apps Halide and Spectre have been updated today with a mix of small new features and have made the move to Swift 5.

Halide Stories March 14, 2019

Spectre long exposure camera app sees first major update with support for older iPhones, more

Halide’s creators successfully launched their new AI-powered long exposure camera app for iPhone called Spectre last month. Now they’ve released the first major update which brings stabilization support to iPhone 7, 6s, and SE, higher resolution for Live Photo mode, and more.

Halide Stories February 28, 2019

Nearly two years ago former Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With launched Halide, the beautiful pro camera app for iPhone that’s proven both popular and powerful. Today the duo is launching their second app, a companion camera called Spectre that focuses on intelligent long exposure photography.

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Halide Stories February 11, 2019

Halide iOS camera app gains RGB histogram and more, teases new app coming soon

Popular camera app Halide is today releasing a new update on the App Store. The release focuses on two points the company thinks will make your photos look even better.

Halide Stories December 20, 2018

Halide iPhone camera app donating 10% of holiday sales to three charities starting today

Halide has been gaining a ton of momentum in 2018 with constant and aggressive updates to the popular camera app over the year. Today, Halide is starting a special donation campaign.

Halide Stories October 29, 2018

Update: Now available.

The popular camera app Halide is getting an update today that brings some exciting updates to new iPhone XR owners. In fact, today’s update is solely focused on iPhone XR.

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Halide Stories October 1, 2018

Popular camera app, Halide, has been researching and testing the cameras in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In short, they’ve found that the new cameras are a huge departure from previous generation iPhone cameras.

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Halide Stories September 17, 2018

Popular camera app Halide today is releasing an update that will add exclusive and unique features to the forthcoming iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The update also packs some great updates to existing iPhones and iPads as well.

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Halide Stories April 30, 2018

Halide adds viewfinder in its new Apple Watch companion app

While many major companies are now ditching their Apple Watch apps in favor of doing everything on iPhone, Halide today is adding support for the wearable in its latest release.

Halide Stories March 29, 2018

Darkroom’s latest update brings creative control to the iPhone’s Portrait Mode capabilities. By taking a Portrait Mode photo’s depth data, Darkroom 3.5 can now independently apply adjustments to the foreground and background of an image. The new update also brings extended-range RAW support, depth-aware premium filters, and a slew of fixes.

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Halide Stories March 6, 2018

Halide launched as a gorgeous, gesture-based iPhone app almost one year ago, and the camera app continues to receive major updates and new features. Today’s Halide 1.7 release includes an advanced portrait mode feature, an AR depth viewer, and much more.

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Halide Stories December 15, 2017

Update to popular RAW camera app Halide includes 4x faster capture, 3D Touch support, more

A new version of the popular photography app, Halide, has been released today. Halide version 1.6 is a speed-centric update that contains a lot of improvements including support for the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch screen and much more.

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