Popular iOS camera apps Halide and Spectre have been updated today with a mix of small new features and have made the move to Swift 5.

Halide announced the news today, with co-founder Ben Sandofsky noting that both Halide and Spectre are running on Swift 5, which notably cut down their app sizes by 50% for devices running iOS 12.2.

Halide now features Siri Shortcut settings in the app, a 3D Touch shortcut, an Apple Watch fix, and more:

This update makes a ton of small improvements. Highlights include:

* Added Siri Voice Shortcut configuration directly in Halide. Go to “Advanced Settings,” and tap “Setup Siri Shortcuts.”

* Added a Siri Voice Shortcut to open the reviewer

* Added a Siri Voice Shortcut to launch in selfie mode

* Added a 3D Touch shortcut to open Halide in selfie mode

* Fixed a clipping issue in the Apple Watch app

* Fixed the location setting switch not taking effect right away

Finally, we’ve cut our download size by 50%. Eight megabytes may not seem like much, but that could fit all of Windows 3.1.

Thank you for supporting Halide! If you like what we’re doing, got an issue fixed in this update, or just love the app, consider leaving a review! It helps a lot.

If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know at support@chromanoir.com, and we’ll see what we can do.

Spectre, the long exposure iOS camera app received new language support, improved stabilization, and more:

This small update makes a few slight changes to the stabilization algorithm to help out new users.

Spectre is now available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish! While you’re reading this in English, that might not seem exciting, but we’re pleased to bring Spectre to even more parts of the world.

If you’re using iOS 12.2, we’ve cut Spectre’s size by 58%! Seven megabytes may not seem like much, but that’s the size of Windows 3.1.

Finally, we’ve fixed a couple of our top crashes.

Thanks for supporting Spectre! If you like what we’re doing, consider leaving a review. If you need any help or have feedback, please let us know at support at support@chromanoir.com.

Halide is a $5.99 download from the App Store, with Spectre going for $2.99.

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