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watchOS 6 Release Date

watchOS 6 for Apple Watch is expected to be released in the fall of 2019. A developer beta was released in June at WWDC 2019. It’s not expected that a public beta will be available.

watchOS 6 Features

The next version of software for Apple Watch will include new watch faces and complications, new first-party apps like Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and Calculator, as well as a dedicated watchOS App Store. It will also include a new Hearing Health feature. If your watch detects ambient noise, it will notify you if the levels may harm your hearing. Apple has said all audio is stored locally on the device.

It was announced that there will be a streaming audio API available to developers. This feature would allow apps like Spotify or Overcast to stream over a LTE connection when users are away from their iPhone.

There are also new health and fitness features such as new “Trends,” “Highlights,” and “Favorites” views to compare your activity over time. One more new app called “Cycles” allows users to track their menstrual cycles on both Apple Watch as well as iPhone and log important information.

watchOS 6 Compatibility

When Apple released watchOS 5 last year, support was dropped for the original Apple Watch (1st generation, aka Series 0). This time around, watchOS 6 will be supporting all of the same Apple Watch hardware as watchOS 5, meaning even Apple Watch Series 1 users will get to update to the latest software when it’s publicly released.

Apple does note that not all features will be available on all Apple Watches that can run the software, however, it doesn’t specify details on that for now.

watchOS 6 will be compatible with Series 1, 2, 3, and 4 and will require an iPhone 6s or later. The iPhone hardware requirement moves up from 5s and later for watchOS 5.

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watchOS 6 Stories July 15, 2020

Following the release of iOS 13.6, Apple today released watchOS 6.2.8 for Apple Watch users. The update adds support for the Car Key feature and it also enables ECG to three more countries.

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watchOS 6 Stories June 10, 2020

Apple is today releasing the second watchOS 6.2.8 beta version to developers, following yesterday’s launch of iOS 13.6 beta 2. Apple has skipped watchOS 6.2.7 for some unknown reason, as the current version available to the public is watchOS 6.2.6.

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watchOS 6 Stories May 18, 2020

Update: watchOS 6.2.5 is now available to everyone. iOS 13.5, macOS Catalina 10.15.5, and tvOS 13.4.5 are still only available to developers. Apple has also released watchOS 5.3.7 for users who have an Apple Watch paired with an iPhone running iOS 12, as watchOS 6 requires iOS 13. You can read the original article below:

Apple today is releasing the GM seed of watchOS 6.2.5 to developers. While we already know that this update comes with new Pride watch faces, today’s release notes mention that the ECG feature is coming to Saudi Arabia this week.

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watchOS 6 Stories April 8, 2020

Hodinkee delivers a lesson on twilight with the Apple Watch ‘Solar’ face

Jack Forster has published a fascinating piece for the watch experts at Hodinkee that takes a deep dive look at the Solar face in watchOS 6 for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5:

watchOS 6 Stories February 18, 2020

Apple today is releasing watchOS 6.1.3 to the public with bug fixes and improvements. The update includes a fix for an issue that prevented the irregular heart rhythm notification from working as expected for Apple Watch owners in Iceland.

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watchOS 6 Stories October 29, 2019

Apple today is releasing watchOS 6.1 to the public after developer beta testing. The update includes performance improvements, and brings watchOS 6 to the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 30, 2019

Following the release of iOS 13.1.2, Apple today has also released watchOS 6.0.1 to the public. watchOS 6.0.1 includes performance and security improvements, according to Apple.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 25, 2019

Apple Watch now doubles as a hearing health monitor thanks to new noise level detection features in watchOS 6. After being turned on by the user, the new Noise app on Apple Watch can measure decibel levels and send alerts when a noisy environment that could affect hearing is detected.

So how accurate is the Apple Watch at measuring sound? One Apple Watch customer who works as a test stand operator for a nuclear motor facility put the new Noise app to the test.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 23, 2019

Update: Apple has also released macOS Catalina beta 9 to developers.

Apple today has released the first developer beta of watchOS 6.1 to testers. This comes after the release of watchOS 6 to the public last week for Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 19, 2019

On the eve of tomorrow’s Apple Watch Series 5 release, Apple has released watchOS 6. It’s a major new update for the Apple Watch that adds new watch faces, new complications, a standalone App Store, enhanced Siri support, and much more. Watch our hands-on video covering the top new watchOS 6 features, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple Watch coverage.  expand full story

Apple Watch has a major new software update out today that brings loads of new features to existing models. Look for the watchOS 6 update inside the Apple Watch app on the iPhone after updating to iOS 13, then head below to find the top features included in the new update.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 11, 2019

Fans of the new Meridian watch face that was revealed during the Apple Watch Series 5 portion of yesterday’s Apple event don’t have to wait until next Friday’s hardware release in order to take the new watch face for a test drive. Today’s release of the watchOS 6 GM includes the new Meridian watch face as the default option for Apple Watch Series 4 and higher. expand full story

Apple says Apple Watch apps must be built with watchOS 6 SDK starting in April

Apple yesterday set an April 2020 deadline for developers to build apps with the iOS 13 SDK. Now, Apple has announced a similar deadline for developers of watchOS apps.

Apple today has released the GM seed for watchOS 6 to developers. Today’s release follows Apple’s special event yesterday where it unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 5 and much more.

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watchOS 6 Stories September 8, 2019

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watchOS 6 and iOS 13 are just a few weeks away from being released to the public, and both updates include new features that you might not have even known you needed. With this year’s watchOS 6 release for Apple Watch and iOS 13 for iPhone, Apple is implementing a pair of new hearing features, designed to help you prevent exposing yourself to loud environments and headphones levels for extended periods of time.

Here’s how both of those new features work.

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watchOS 6 Stories July 21, 2019

I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids, and how we will approach technology as they get older. I recently wrote about our approach to social media, and that led me to thinking about how I will approach cell phone usage in their lives. My oldest son will turn nine this year, so it’s something I know is going to come up sooner rather than later. After thinking about the role of a cell phone in a child’s life, I’ve realized that an Apple Watch with a LTE connection will eventually become the perfect kid cell phone. We’re not quite there yet technology-wise, but I can see a day when all the stars will align. expand full story

watchOS 6 Stories July 12, 2019

watchOS 6: How to delete built-in apps on Apple Watch

watchOS has allowed users to delete Apple Watch apps directly on the wearable, but only for third-party software. watchOS 6 is set to change that by giving the option to delete built-in apps right from Apple Watch.

watchOS 6 Stories July 9, 2019

The Apple Watch receives a huge update with watchOS 6, bringing more independence to Apple’s wearable device than ever before. Among the watchOS 6 changes is a brand new App Store app that allows you to manage and download apps directly to the Apple Watch, a new Software Update provision that lets you perform updates, and a new Enhanced Siri voice assistant that’s much more capable than before.

Of course, there’s also many new watch faces, complications, and additional changes and features to enjoy in watchOS 6. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as we step through dozens of new watchOS 6 changes and features. expand full story

watchOS 6 Stories June 30, 2019

Since I am currently training for a marathon later this fall, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on Apple Watch during my long runs. I’ve been a heavy podcast listener since before Apple integrated it into the iPod, so being able to listen to them on a watch is a dream come true for me. Pairing Apple Watch with the new Powerbeats Pro is the perfect combination for running.

While I am generally an Overcast user, I have experimented with Apple Podcasts here recently as well. I wrote an article about the best podcast app for Apple Watch that I encourage you to read as well. This week, I want to talk about what Apple could do for Apple Podcasts on watchOS 6 and beyond to improve the experience. expand full story

watchOS 6 Stories June 24, 2019

A new feature coming to the Apple Watch this fall will make the smartwatch an even better fitness tracker for working out — especially if you’re a fan of exercising without your iPhone.

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watchOS 6 Stories June 21, 2019

watchOS 6 includes six new watch faces with even more customization options for personalizing your Apple Watch — if you have a Series 4 model. The upcoming software update is also coming to Apple Watch Series 1 through 3, but you’ll need to upgrade your Apple Watch if you want to try out all the new watch faces.

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watchOS 6 Stories June 20, 2019

watchOS 6 introduces several new watch faces for the Apple Watch Series 4 including the new California option. Much like the recent Infograph face, California can be customized in a range of ways to fit your style.

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watchOS 6 Stories June 18, 2019

Since the first version, Apple Watch has shipped with a lot of stock apps on the honeycomb grid. watchOS 6 adds even more; App Store, Audiobooks, Calculator, Cycle Tracking, Noise, and Voice Memos.

To date, Apple Watch users have not been able to cleanup their home screens and delete these stock apps, like has been possible with Apple’s apps on iOS for a while now. However, TechCrunch reports that this will change later this year with watchOS 6’s public release.

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watchOS 6 Stories June 16, 2019

One of the neatest new features in watchOS 6 is the Noise app. The app is designed to alert you with Apple Watch when you’re in a loud environment that could damage your hearing. Here’s how it works.

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