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watchOS 6

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March 2019 - April 2019

watchOS 6 Release Date

watchOS 6 for Apple Watch is expected to be released in the fall of 2019. A developer beta is likely to be released in June at WWDC 2019. While not much is known about it at this time, 9to5Mac will be on location at the WWDC 2019 keynote to bring you up to date news, information, and features about upcoming software enhancements to the Apple Watch.

watchOS 6 Features

watchOS 5 brought a number of enhancements to the platform including Apple Podcasts support and better audio APIs for third-party apps. It’s possible that third-party apps will get access to LTE streaming. LTE streaming would put apps like Overcast and Spotify at a level playing field with Apple Podcasts and Apple Music. A streaming API would eliminate one of Spotify’s complaints against Apple.

watchOS 6 Compatibility

Compatibility with older Apple Watches is not known at this time, but it’s possible that everything that was supported by watchOS 5 will continued to be supported (Series 1 and newer). If you aren’t sure which Apple Watch you have, you can visit our How To guide to figure it out.

As we get closer to WWDC, we hope to learn more about the future of the software for Apple Watch.

watchOS 6 Stories April 5

watchOS 6, the next major version of Apple Watch software, will be an interesting operating system update. In recent years, the Apple Watch OS has focused on health and fitness features matched with software that uses new hardware like streaming Apple Music and Podcasts over LTE and the ECG app.

Apple Watch Series 5 hardware rumors are already extremely light, limited to the return of the ceramic Edition casing, and watchOS 6 rumors are even more sparse. With several Apple Watch features complete and built-in sleep tracking not expected until late 2020, what should we expect to see in watchOS 6?

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watchOS 6 Stories March 3

Matt Birchler is out today with his annual watchOS concept, this time imagining watchOS 6. Birchler envisions some of the features he’d most like to see, including a redesigned Siri face, new sleep tracking rings, and more.

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