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Apple Watch Series 5 release date

The Series 5 was announced during Apple’s fall event on September 10, 2019. Customers were able to purchase the device later that day, and it was released on September 20. The headline feature for this model is the first-ever, always-on display. The new display will always show the time and complications. The new Apple Watch is also the first to include a built-in compass.

Apple is also bringing international emergency services to every cellular model. The Series 5 also brings back ceramic white, and new natural brush and space black titanium models.

Apple Watch Series 5 pricing

Pricing starts at $399 for the GPS-only model. If you want the LTE connected model, it will start at $499. These prices are for the aluminum models. If you want a stainless steel, ceramic, or titanium model, the pricing goes up as you choose various options. Edition Series 5 starts at $799 for the new titanium finishes, gray ceramic did not return, and white ceramic comes in at $1,299.

Apple Watch Series 5 features

The new Series 5 runs on a new Apple S5 chip inside: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, up to 2x faster than S3 processor (includes W3 wireless chip). Apple Watch bands now include purchasable gold options including leather straps, something we haven’t seen since the original. The  Series 5 includes 32 GB storage, up from 16 GB from previous models.

The Series 5 will be preloaded with watchOS 6.

Apple Watch Series 5 Stories February 7

I’m bracing myself for the comments section as I confess that, almost 2.5 years after it was first launched, I bought a ceramic Apple Watch Series 5.

I would like to put it on record that this whole thing started in a perfectly innocent fashion …

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 17, 2020

The Apple Watch Series 6 brings a handful of notable improvements this year, including a new blood oxygen sensor and improved performance. For Apple Watch Series 5 users, however, the question of whether or not to upgrade can be tricky. Read on as we walk through the Apple Watch Series 5 vs. Series 6.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories August 31, 2020

Apple continues to see industry-leading growth in the wearables business, thanks in large part to the continued success of its so-called “Hearables” products. According to new data from IDC, Apple shipped 23.7 million AirPods and Beats products during the second quarter of 2020.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories August 17, 2020

watchOS 7 is one of those software updates that makes your Apple Watch feel faster without upgrading to a new model. Subtle enhancements to how launching apps works on watchOS 7 contribute to this effect. These include changes to the Dock and Apple Pay on all Apple Watch models with watchOS 7 and the always-on display on Apple Watch Series 5.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories April 8, 2020

Hodinkee delivers a lesson on twilight with the Apple Watch ‘Solar’ face

Jack Forster has published a fascinating piece for the watch experts at Hodinkee that takes a deep dive look at the Solar face in watchOS 6 for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5:

Apple Watch Series 5 Stories February 3, 2020

February is Heart Month and Apple is taking the opportunity to offer customers better trade-in deals for Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 when upgrading to Series 5. The promotion sees the older Apple Watch models valued at the same $100 that Apple is giving for Series 4.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories November 6, 2019

We noted last week that Xiaomi’s new smartwatch is unsurprisingly an Apple Watch clone. This will arrive as the first smartwatch with the Xiaomi branding after its subbrand Huami photocopied Apple’s wearable earlier this year.

Design is just one aspect of what makes Apple’s wearable so fantastic. Looking at Xiaomi’s Mi Watch details, it’s a good reminder that even though companies will continue to clone Apple devices, they can’t offer anything close to the same experience. And when it comes to Apple Watch, that includes potentially life-saving features like fall detection, auto 911 calls, and ECGs.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories November 5, 2019

I signed up for this year’s RunDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon seven months ago without realizing I would be moving into a new house throughout the month before race day. It’s been a busy few weeks!

I also didn’t know Apple would have an all-new version of AirPods released just five days before the 13.1-mile race! The run around Disney World would be my fourth half marathon race, but my first of that distance using Apple Watch Series 5 and AirPods Pro.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories October 24, 2019

It’s been over a month of Apple Watch Series 5 ownership, which has given me plenty of time to assess its value in our Apple Watch Series 5 video review.

Series 5 is very much an iterative upgrade over its predecessor, perhaps more so than any other Apple Watch upgrade thus far. In fact, it shares so much in common with the Apple Watch Series 4 that they could easily be confused for the same device outside of a few obvious differences.

Although Apple Watch Series 5 is ultimately a big step in the right direction for the hardware, such growth isn’t totally devoid of growing pains. Should you upgrade from a previous generation Apple Watch? Our hands-on Apple Watch Series 5 video review provides the details. expand full story

Apple Watch Series 5 Stories October 21, 2019

Yelp update brings Apple Watch compass support for directions to restaurants and businesses

Yelp is out with an update today that brings a neat use of the Apple Watch Series 5 built-in compass. The Apple Watch app also brings a more iPhone-like Yelp experience along with personalized results.

Apple Watch Series 5 Stories October 7, 2019

Apple’s Vice President of Human Interface Design Alan Dye is no stranger to giving interviews about the Apple Watch and what goes into what shapes the software experience. Dye’s latest Apple Watch conversation can be heard on the Hodinkee Radio podcast where he discusses how Apple Watch faces are designed and much more.

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[Update 10/7: Disabling always-on display and other features saw minimal battery life gain. Reluctantly, I installed watchOS 6.1 beta over the weekend as a last resort troubleshooting step before exchanging the hardware. We don’t yet know when this watchOS update will be released or if it intentionally targets a battery life bug.

However, after three days of testing, watchOS 6.1 beta on Apple Watch Series 5 with always-on display enabled has turned 12 hour battery life into 17.5 hours. We’ll have our full review after watchOS 6.1 is officially released. Original coverage of the battery life situation without watchOS 6.1 beta below.]

I’ve been eager to review the new Apple Watch for the fifth consecutive year, but there’s just one problem: I can’t get through a full day without it dying. Apple Watch Series 5 introduces an always-on display so you can read the time at a glance, and Apple says battery life is unchanged from Series 4 models.

My routine hasn’t changed either, but my battery life experience has. Battery life problems are not affecting everyone, but Apple Watch Series 5 battery problems are definitely affecting more customers than just me.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories October 4, 2019

Apple Watch Nike models start arriving to customers today who pre-ordered and various models are also in stock at Apple Stores. However, some of the most popular variants are seeing shipping times of up to 9-10 weeks pushing availability into December from Apple. Meanwhile, Nike is selling the watches directly.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories October 3, 2019

John Hancock was one of the first insurers to offer discounted Apple Watch models to life insurance customers. Today, the company announced that it is expanding its Apple Watch program to include the new Apple Watch Series 5.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 27, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 introduces the return of the ceramic Edition after being notably absent for the Series 4 lineup. That means this is the first time ceramic has been an option with the redesign that debuted last year, and the new look is stunning. Check out our initial hands-on with the Apple Watch Edition before our full Series 5 review later next week.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 26, 2019

A teardown of the Apple Watch Series 5 yesterday revealed that the internals are mostly the same as the Series 4. iFixit has now given the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 the teardown treatment, and it turns out that it houses some major battery changes compared to last year’s model.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 25, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 5 has now been given the teardown treatment by the folks at iFixit. This comes after the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro teardowns we saw last week. The Apple Watch Series 5 teardown shows just how similar the new device is to last year’s Series 4.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 24, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5: Using the Always-On display and how to turn it off

One of the major new features arriving with Apple Watch Series 5 is the Always-On display. It’s turned by default and may be valuable in a variety of scenarios. However, there are still reasons why you may want to disable or customize it. Read on for some tips on using the Apple Watch Series 5 Always-On display and also how to turn it off.

Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 22, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the first to feature an always-on display, and Apple touted that it was able to achieve that without a measurable impact on battery life. Now that the Series 5 is widely available, however, some users are reporting mixed results when it comes to battery performance – but it could be a software bug.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 19, 2019

As the clock starts to turn to September 20 around the world, the first iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 5 pre-orders have started arriving to shoppers. This also means the new devices are officially going up for sale at Apple Stores everywhere.

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The Apple Watch has always been Apple’s most customizable product. To make choosing a case and band that fits your own style easier, Apple is introducing a new retail feature called Apple Watch Studio alongside the Series 5. Available both online and in-store, Apple Watch Studio lets you mix and match styles to build your own personalized model. Here’s how the process will work when you walk in to an Apple Store.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 18, 2019

Apple announced last week an all-new generation of Apple Watch “Series 5” with an always-on display, built-in compass, and new case finishes. Despite showing all these new features during the keynote, Apple didn’t mention anything specific about Series 5 achieving better performance than last year’s Series 4, not even on its website. We now know that’s because there are no improvements over the CPU included in Apple Watch Series 5.

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After you read my re-review of the Apple Watch Series 3 at its new Fitbit-killing price, dig into the just-released early reviews of the brand new Apple Watch Series 5. This year’s hardware builds on the success of Apple Watch Series 4, touting a new always-on display and built-in compass. Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

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Apple Watch Series 5 Stories September 17, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 isn’t slated to become available until Friday, but a pair of users have seemingly gotten their hands on the device ahead of time. Two new videos posted to YouTube today offer a closer look at the Apple Watch Series 5 in aluminum ahead of Friday’s release.

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