Screen Time Stories November 13

The average American looks at their phone 52 times a day, up from 47 times last year. That’s one of the findings from the Deloitte 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey …

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Screen Time Stories October 19

Another week, another Jony Ive interview …

The Financial Times today carries a somewhat rambling description of a lunch with Apple’s design chief. Almost as much time is devoted to describing the food as it is to the interview itself, but there are a few interesting quotes along the way …

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Screen Time Stories October 1

On the heels of iOS 12’s public release last month, Apple’s Greg Joswiak sat down recently with Arianna Huffington to talk about the update’s new Screen Time feature. During the interview, Joswiak explains that the goal of Screen Time is to give users access to more data on their smartphone use that will allow them to change their behavior.

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Screen Time Stories September 26

One of iOS 12‘s headline features is Screen Time, which allows iPhone owners to limit the amount of time they spend using their devices on an app-by-app basis.

Of particular interest to parents was the ability to impose restrictions on their children – but it hasn’t taken long for kids to figure out how to bypass the limits …

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Screen Time Stories August 27

A large-scale survey found that some 54% of US teenagers, and 36% of parents of teens, felt that they spent too much time using their smartphones.

The majority of teens and parents alike reported that they felt that family members were distracted by their phone during in-person conversations at least some of the time …

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Screen Time Stories June 21

iOS 12: How to set up Screen Time as a parent on a child’s iPhone or iPad

iOS 12 introduces Apple’s new Screen Time platform to help users with spending their device time more deliberately. An important aspect of that is helping parents guide device use for their children. Let’s take a look at how to set up Screen Time on a child’s iPhone or iPad.

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