On Twitter today, Tim Cook has shared the story of another Apple user whose Apple Watch warned them of major health problems. Elissa Lombardo said her husband’s Apple Watch alerted him he could have A-fib, prompting him to seek medical attention.

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According to Lombardo, her husband had his Apple Watch for just two days before it alerted him that he had an elevated heart rate of 150bpm and detected atrial fibrillation.

Prompted by the Apple Watch’s warning, the Lombardos went to the emergency room where doctors found he had “major” blockage in his arteries. Mr. Lombardo had two stents put in his coronary arteries, and his wife says he’s now “as good as new.”

New Apple Watch saved my husband’s life this week! Only two days old and it diagnosed A-Fib and 150bpm. He went to ER which he never did with same symptoms. Found major blockage in arteries as a result. Two stents later, he is as good as new! Telling the world. Thank U!

Lombardo first shared her husband’s story with Cook last week, and today the Apple CEO retweeted it with a heartfelt message:

Glad to hear your husband is feeling better, Elissa. Stories like yours inspire us — thanks for letting us know!

This isn’t the first story of an Apple Watch warning someone of much bigger health problems. Just last week, we heard from a user who originally dismissed his symptoms as “holiday anxiety,” but when his Apple Watch chimed in, he sought medical attention.

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