Withings Stories May 1, 2020

Withings data suggests coronavirus lockdown isn’t negatively affecting physical health

Depending on where you’re looking on social media, it could be easy to think that a majority of people are gaining weight with more time on the couch and making rich, carb-heavy meals. However, new data from health device maker Withings says that’s not the case.

Withings Stories July 17, 2019

After announcing the BPM Core blood pressure monitor at CES this past January, Withings has released the new health device with ECG and stethoscope functionality in Europe. The company has also launched the new BPM Connect in the US which is a blood pressure monitor that can be used without a smartphone to see readings.

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Withings Stories March 11, 2019

Withings adds sleep apnea detection to its smart sleep mat via software update

Popular smart health device maker, Withings, today has released a new update to its sleep tracking mat that allows users to record and view sleep disturbances that could be caused by sleep apnea and will offer educational content.

Withings Stories January 6, 2019

Withings has unveiled a trio of new products tonight at CES. We’ve got new a 3-in-1 health device called BPM Core that can take blood pressure, ECGs (electrocardiograms), and also be used as a stethoscope. Withings has also introduced Move ECG, the first analog smartwatch to offer ECGs, and a new affordable smartwatch collection called Move.

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Withings Stories May 2, 2018

Nokia ended speculation today that its Digital Health division could end up at Google or even Samsung. Instead, the wearable company will be sold to the co-founder of Withings and return to being an independent brand.

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Withings Stories April 19, 2017

Withings appears to have nixed its plans to release a HomeKit-compatible video camera, presumably over parent company Nokia’s legal dispute with Apple. Withings previously promised HomeKit support through its Home Plus camera.

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