Apple Watch Series 2 (Late 2016) Overview Updated February 21, 2017

Apple Watch Series 2 (Late 2016)

Apple's first major hardware upgrade for Apple Watch.

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August 2016 - February 2017

New features:

  • GPS chip for standalone fitness features and more
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced waterproofing
  • Same overall design as first-gen

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After introducing the first Apple Watch in September, 2014 and shipping it in April, 2015, the second-generation Apple Watch will be the company’s first major hardware upgrade for the device. Apple unveiled Apple Watch Series 2 at its fall iPhone 7 event on September 7 following a minor refresh in March 2016 with new bands and model configurations.

Catch up on the latest Apple Watch Series 2 stories below.

Apple Watch Series 2 Stories February 21, 2017

Apple Watch Series 2 first gen

A new supplier report out of Asia includes two details that may tell us a little more about the third generation Apple Watch rumored for release later this year. Digitimes points to industry sources in claiming the Apple Watch Series 3 will use a different display technology with shipments starting in the second half of this year.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories December 22, 2016


Update: Apple has also shared three new videos on its YouTube channel focusing on the iBooks Enhanced Editions of George R. R. Marin novels. These special edition books went live earlier this year and promise “a world of additional content.” View the new videos, featuring George R. R. Martin himself, below.

Continuing its recent deluge of Apple Watch advertisements, Apple today has shared a new clip highlighting the device. The video, entitled “Go Swim,” highlights the water-resistant design of the Series 2 model.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories December 5, 2016

Runkeeper now lets you track workouts iPhone-free with Apple Watch Series 2 GPS

Runkeeper’s latest update lets you track outdoor workouts using the embedded GPS in Apple Watch Series 2. This lets you leave your iPhone behind for capturing your route and accurately measuring your workout.

Apple Watch Series 2 Stories October 27, 2016

Apple Watch Nike+

Nike+ Run Club for iPhone and Apple Watch has a notable update out today just one day before the Apple Watch Nike+ starts hits stores. Version 5.1 includes a ton of improvements and fixes plus some new features like Apple Music integration and GPS support on the Apple Watch Series 2.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories October 24, 2016


A quiet update to Apple’s website earlier revealed that the Apple Watch Nike+ edition would go on sale this Friday, October 28 – and Apple has now further confirmed the date with some additional details.

You’ll naturally be able to buy the special edition Watch at Apple Stores and ‘select’ Nike retail stores, but it will also be available at a number of specialty and department stores. Macy’s is no surprise as the Apple Watch has seen availability there already, but Apple says you’ll also be able to pick up the new Watch at DICK’S Sporting Goods stores …

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories October 18, 2016

Apple Watch

Shortly after the Apple Watch Series 2 release last month, I gave the second-generation version model a fairly detailed review that I was pleased with noting the benefits of GPS and waterproofing like unlocking new workouts and other capabilities. Testing included open water swims, outdoor cycling without iPhone, and battery life observations during regular use. In the month since publishing, I’ve noticed a few things worth following up with…

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories October 14, 2016


When Apple unveiled its swimproof Apple Watch Series 2, it showed off a special Nike+ edition, which will be available in a choice of four colors. It told us that the price would be the same as the standard version, at $369, but didn’t tell us when it would go on sale.

As French site WatchGeneration spotted, Apple has now updated its website to reveal that the Nike+ edition will go on sale on October 28. It differs from the standard Apple Watch Series 2 in three ways …

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 26, 2016

Today we’re taking a look at the new Apple Watch Edition. This year, Apple switched it up and ditched the all gold models in favor of ceramic. Why ceramic you might ask? Well first off, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than solid gold, but it’s also four times stronger than stainless steel, which makes it the most scratch resistant Apple Watch available…

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 23, 2016

Watch the Apple Watch Series 2 eject water from the speaker in slo-mo [Video]

One of the challenges Apple faced with making the Apple Watch Series 2 ‘swimproof‘ was that it has two large-ish holes in the casing in the form of the speaker grilles. The company said during the keynote that it actually used sound waves to eject water from the speaker enclosure, and we can now see this happening in full slow-motion glory in a YouTube video.

Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 22, 2016


Update: Hermès has officially shared this ad on its YouTube channel.

Apple has already shared a few advertisements for its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as a new Apple Music commercial starring James Corden. Now, an apparent Apple ad has leaked on YouTube that showcases the Apple Watch Series 2 Hermès ahead of its release tomorrow.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 21, 2016

Apple Watch Series 2 versus first-gen

Read Zac’s full Apple Watch Series 2 review

I’ve never been entirely sold on Apple Watch. From the get go, I didn’t necessarily see a clear purpose for the device. Nevertheless, I purchased the first-gen model on launch day, being the Apple fanboy that I am. Over the course of my first year and a half with Apple Watch, though, I didn’t find myself consistently wearing it. I would go through phases where I would use it for a few weeks, but then I would go weeks without even charging it.

This year, Apple revamped the Apple Watch lineup and I was pressed with the decision of upgrading or sticking with my first-generation model. It didn’t make a lot of sense for me to spend money on something that I wasn’t consistently using, but factors such as the improved speed seemed like enough to dispel some of my issues with the first-gen. So much so, that I went ahead and purchased the Apple Watch Series 2 on launch day and have been using it since…

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 19, 2016

Apple Watch Series 2 first gen

Apple Watch Series 2 hit stores on Friday and I’ve spent the weekend testing its new features. From outdoor cycling and swimming in the ocean to comparing it to the first-generation Apple Watch, I had my own list of questions I wanted answered and I’m mostly happy with my experience.

I used the first-generation Apple Watch every single day since April 2015 and reviewed it in May 2015 after a couple of weeks. For me, the original Apple Watch was a tremendous improvement over my Pebble and basic digital watch with features like Siri, iMessage and Apple Pay plus a design that was good enough to continue with Series 2. A year in, I fully realized how effective Apple Watch can be as a fitness tracker which is where much of the focus on Series 2 exists.

Apple Watch Series 2 is similar enough that it’s easy to draw several conclusions about the new version after just two days. It’s a more capable fitness tracker and a better smartwatch thanks to its hardware changes, but the differences are more nuanced than what a spec sheet can tell you.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 18, 2016


Following an earlier ad to build launch day hype for the new iPhone 7, Apple today has released a pair of new ads for its latest smartphone, as well as a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 2.  For the iPhone 7, the two new TV advertisements focus on the water-resistant capabilities of the device, as well as the camera’s improved low-light functionality. The new Apple Wath Series 2 ad continues Apple’s fitness push…

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 16, 2016


iFixit didn’t waste any time on a teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus, and has now done the same with the new Apple Watch Series 2.

The main discovery is a much higher-capacity battery. The 273mAh battery offers almost a third more capacity than the 205mAh one in the first-gen Watch. However, all that extra power doesn’t extend the battery-life of the device – it’s rated for the same 18 hours as the original – it instead powers the built-in GPS and much brighter screen.

iFixit also identified what seems to be the main secret to the greatly-improved waterproofing of the Series 2 …

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 14, 2016


While preorders for the Apple Watch Series 2 went live last Friday from Apple and Best Buy, customers who preordered from the latter of the two options are now receiving emails informing them that their order is delayed. Best Buy this evening sent out emails informing customers of the delay, explaining that the new street date for the Apple Watch Series 2 is September 28th.

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After reviews of the iPhone 7 and AirPods, it’s now the turn of the Apple Watch Series 2. Similar to the iPhone 7, the latest-generation Watch doesn’t look particularly different on the outside, so the question is whether the under-the-hood changes make an upgrade worthwhile?

Answering this question is particularly tricky given that watchOS 3 transforms the performance of the existing first-gen Watch, so some of the things being commented on by reviewers are actually more of a function of the new operating system than the new hardware …

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 10, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Apple unveils the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, and its new wireless AirPods, and we fill you in on everything you need to know about the new devices.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 9, 2016


I’ve never been one to shy away from admitting when my first impression of a technology turns out to be wrong. I initially saw smartwatches as a solution in search of a problem, and didn’t think I would keep mine. It took just four days of use to make me think that maybe I’d hang onto it after all, one week in I was tentatively sold – and by the three-month point, I had to call myself a convert.

The only question this time around, then, was whether I was going to upgrade to the Series 2. The new fitness features sold it (and the Nike+ version) to Zac, but after almost 18 months of ownership, my usage patterns mean that I can’t see any benefit in upgrading myself …

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Update: Shipping times are slipping across the board. Most black and jet black iPhones are now at 2-3 and 4-6 weeks shipping, respectively.

As expected, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 are now available to pre-order via Apple’s Online Store. The store went down earlier tonight in preparation for the launch, while the new devices will be available in Apple retail locations next Friday, September 16th.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Stories September 8, 2016


It’s almost iPhone 7 pre-order day, meaning tonight will be your first chance to get in line for deliveries of the device starting later this month on September 16. 

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to order an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, both online and in-store, as well as info on all the essential accessories you’ll need for when pre-orders go live later tonight. 

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screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-8-50-58-pmThe iPhone and Apple Watch Series 2 are scheduled to go up for pre-order later this evening and ahead of that, the Apple Online Store has gone down. Apple generally always takes down its online store before events and product launches in order to build suspense.

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The Apple Watch Series 2 announcement isn’t earth shattering. Swim proof, built-in GPS, brighter display, faster chip, and same design. Most first-gen Apple Watch users will be satisfied with the speed gains that the watchOS 3 software update offers and won’t consider upgrading, and first time Apple Watch buyers will have a better experience with the new hardware and software from day one.

I’m hardly disappointed personally. I asked for a better sports watch and that’s what Apple delivered. The Series 2 message is so clearly targeted toward health and activity that it’s easy to miss features like Siri and Apple Pay!

It’s especially interesting to me that Apple actually introduced two new Apple Watch models: Series 1 and Series 2. The first-gen Apple Watch is dead. That’s absolutely the right thing to do even if it’s a new move for Apple and implies we were all beta testers for the original.

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Following T-Mobile’s announcement earlier today, Sprint just revealed its iPhone 7 launch promos including a similar free 32GB iPhone 7 with trade-in.

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Even with the deluge of leaks that defines modern Apple reporting, Apple usually shows things at their event that I don’t anticipate or expect. This time, that didn’t really happen. Apple’s 2016 September event was straightforward because Apple’s announcements were straightforward and almost obvious.

The new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 are good updates, adding features people wanted and improving things that already exist, don’t get me wrong. They are iterative, though. It is disappointing that both of Apple’s flagship hardware announcements look almost identical to their predecessors.

The updates Apple gave us this year are solid but nothing extraordinary. Nothing that compels me to preorder. I normally leave an Apple event unsatisfied with what I have, wanting the new thing and I really don’t feel that this time..

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