The iPhone 7 goes on sale this Friday, September 16. Apple is starting up its marketing machine ahead of the launch of the new phone with a teaser TV commercial, embedded after the jump. The ad is atmospheric, featuring vague disparate shots of lightning bolts, owls and deer … as well as some subtle imagery of the phone itself.

There are som quick shots of the iPhone 7 chassis behind rain drops, teasing its IPX7 waterproofing rating. The iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera system is also briefly visible. Watch the 30 second spot in full below …

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The ad, which Apple simply names “iPhone 7” on its YouTube channel, takes a very different tone than most Apple’s commercials. The video is entirely black and white which gives it a very different feel.

It’s clearly meant to be building hype for the iPhone 7 in general rather than promote its specific features. The ad ends with a glimpse of the phone behind a star field and a screen showing the release date: “9.16.16”.

It isn’t clear if Apple intends to follow up with more commercials of the same ilk. Perhaps the company is taking a new direction with its advertising or perhaps Apple is waiting for the phone to be available to buy before rolling out its usual marketing. After launching preorders on Friday, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is sold out at Apple’s online store. T-Mobile and Sprint have announced record preorders for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Once the iPhone 7 ships, it makes sense to expect Apple to return to its more traditional marketing methods of highlighting the iPhone 7’s new tentpole features like the improved 12-megapixel camera, high performance A10 Fusion chip, waterproofing, longer battery life and brighter display.

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