One of the challenges Apple faced with making the Apple Watch Series 2 ‘swimproof‘ was that it has two large-ish holes in the casing in the form of the speaker grilles. The company said during the keynote that it actually used sound waves to eject water from the speaker enclosure, and we can now see this happening in full slow-motion glory in a YouTube video.


Some other aspects of the waterproofing are rather less hi-tech: an iFixit teardown of the Watch revealed that it uses much stronger adhesive, as well as additional gaskets and o-rings.

The revised Watch does seem to be living up to its claims, with many reviewers taking it for a swim – including our own Zac Hall.

Apple’s claims for the improved water-resistance of the iPhone 7 are more modest, but that hasn’t stopped us seeing a variety of OTT water-related tests.

Even before the release of the Series 2, Kantar reported that the Apple Watch was retaining its dominance of the smartwatch market, accounting for a full third of U.S. sales.

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