Top Apple execs each awarded 35,000 shares, worth up to $19M at today’s price


An SEC filing reveals that six of Apple’s top execs were each awarded 35,000 Restricted Stock Units (shares that cannot be immediately traded), with a current value of more than $19M. Of this, $12M is awarded outright, subject only to remaining with the company until at least April 2018, with a further $7M dependent on Apple’s stock performance.

The bonuses were awarded to Senior VPs Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi, Dan Riccio, Phil Schiller, Bruce Sewell and Jeffrey Williams. It’s likely that Jony Ive will receive the same, though his stock awards do not have to be reported to the SEC …  Read more

Four out of five highest-paid execs in the USA work at Apple

Senior VP of Technologies Bob Mansfield (Photo: Apple)

Senior VP of Technologies Bob Mansfield (Photo: Apple)

Bloomerg reports that four out of the five highest-rewarded execs in Standard & Poor’s top 500 companies are Apple execs. In all four cases, their base salaries are a relatively modest $805,400, with the balance paid in stock options.

The four Apple employees are Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Technologies ($85.5m); Bruce Sewell, Apple’s lead lawyer ($69m); Jeffrey Williams, Senior VP of Operations ($68.7m); and Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer ($68.6m) … Read more