Apple cash Stories August 5, 2021

Apple today announced a minor update to Apple Cash, the company’s digital wallet that works with Apple Pay and iMessage. As of today, Instant Transfer on Apple Cash is compatible with Mastercard debit cards, but there are some other changes as well.

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Apple cash Stories September 28, 2020

How to set up Apple Cash Family in iOS 14

A neat expansion of Apple Cash with iOS 14 is the ability to share and manage funds for family under the age of 18. However, there are a few conditions that you and your family will need to meet to use the feature. Follow along for how to set up Apple Cash Family.

Apple cash Stories August 6, 2020

Update: Apple says the issue is now fixed and users should be able to use Apple Cash again. You can read the original article below.

Apple has just confirmed that the Apple Cash service is not working for some users. This comes just a day after multiple iCloud services stopped working for a few hours, including the Game Center, iCloud Keychain, and more.

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Apple cash Stories December 10, 2014

AAPL spending almost all its US cash reserves on dividends and stock buybacks

Analysis by Above Avalon‘s Neil Cybart suggests that Apple is unlikely to accelerate the pace of its stock buyback program as it is already spending almost all of its available US cash stockpile on share dividends and buybacks.

Out of $155B of cash, only $18B is available in the U.S., with the rest sitting in international subsidiaries unable to be sent back unless repatriation tax is paid […] Apple is essentially taking most, if not all, of its free cash flow from U.S. operations and piling it into share buyback.

Cybart does some number-crunching to suggest that Apple is likely to buy back around $30B worth of stock next year, though acknowledges that new product lines like the Apple Watch make it difficult to forecast future profits with any certainty.

Apple has come under consistent pressure from billionaire shareholder Carl Icahn to increase the pace of its stock buyback program, recently suggesting that an accelerated buyback could see the company achieve a trillion dollar valuation. It was recently estimated that Apple’s cash reserves would have reached $210B without the dividend and stock buyback program started two years ago.

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