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May 2015 - May 2018

Filmic Pro is a professional video app that contains features that are normally found on standalone cameras. The app allows users to do things that the stock Camera app doesn’t allow, such as manually changing the frame rate, shutter speed. This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as the app continues to expand periodically with additional pro-level features.

Filmic Pro Stories May 18

Friday 5: Filmic Pro – a must-have app for iPhone videographers [Video]

The stock Camera app on iOS has gradually improved over the years, but it still lacks many of the features that are important to those focused on iPhone videography. In this week’s Friday 5, we go hands-on with Filmic Pro, the best advanced video capture app on iOS.

Filmic Pro Stories December 22, 2017

Filmic Pro 6.4 brings AirPods microphone support & new detailed audio meter

Filmic Pro‘s latest 6.4 update brings support for Bluetooth microphones, new UI features for the iPhone X, and a new ‘Auto Shutter’ feature. We’ve covered Filmic Pro in the past and shown off just how great the application can be in your filmmaking arsenal.

Filmic Pro Stories March 16, 2017

Filmic Pro is one of the best apps that you can buy for capturing video with your iPhone. It includes foundational features geared towards filmmaking, and is in a different stratosphere when compared to the iPhone’s stock Camera app.

The latest version of Filmic Pro comes with a brand new fast and easy-to-use interface. It’s essentially been redesigned from scratch to increase its intuitiveness, placing important controls more readily at your fingertips.

The new interface is only the beginning, as Filmic Pro v6 includes a brand new suite of real-time analytics features to pull off things like zebra stripes, clipping, false color, and focus peaking. These are all tools to help filmmakers accurately judge important factors like exposure and focus.

As we showed you back in January, the new version of Filmic Pro comes with an option to enable gamma curve controls for natural, dynamic, flat, and even LOG footage — a first for a mobile video app. If you’re a filmmaker with an iPhone 7 who does color correction in post, these and other features are bound to raise some eyebrows. expand full story

Filmic Pro Stories March 7, 2017

By itself the iPhone has proved to be a more than capable photography and videography camera. And just like with standalone cameras, when combined with the right accessories, you can enhance the quality of your photos and videos.

For a lot of videographers in particular, a good camera cage marks the beginnings of a flexible video-taking rig. The same can hold true with the iPhone. When paired with an accessory like the BeastGrip Pro — a smartphone-centric camera rig and lens adapter system — you can bolt on additional accessories that allow you to do even more. expand full story

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Filmic Pro Stories January 11, 2017

Filmic Pro has long been my go-to app for shooting anything but the most frivolous content on my iPhone. It’s an app that affords a level of control over the filming process that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from an iOS app. If you’re serious about filmmaking with your iPhone, then it’s a no-brainer to have Filmic Pro as part of your repertoire. To illustrate the sheer amount of features contained within the app, we created a video that covered its basic concepts, and it was over 13 minutes long.

Filmic has recently been working hard on the next big version of its app. The forthcoming update will introduce a new log mode that allows filmmakers to shoot videos with a flat picture profile containing additional stops of dynamic range. This is the type of feature that’s normally reserved for more expensive standalone cameras, but it will soon be available to iPhone users. expand full story

Filmic Pro Stories February 18, 2016

The stock Camera app found in iOS is decent enough. It’s great for the casual shooting of photos and videos, and more importantly, it’s easy to use and almost always works.

But just like there are dedicated photo apps for improving the quality of your photography, the same thing is true for videographers. If you’re looking to improve your iPhone or iPad videography skills, then look no further than FiLMiC Pro, a $9.99 universal app. expand full story

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