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Luxury automotive company Bentley is the latest to take advantage of the filming capabilities of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air with a new short film entitled “Intelligent Details”. The four-minute film largely aligns with Apple’s values of design, performance, and technology coming together as it profiles the Bentley Mulsanne (MSRP from $298,000). As the film concludes, it is revealed that it was captured by the camera on Apple’s iPhone 5s and arranged in iMovie on an iPad Air…

The latter portion of the film even shows the process and equipment used by the filmmakers with Apple’s technology and additional equipment.

While it’s not an official Apple commissioned film, it certainly does echo the message of content creation using the iPad as illustrated by Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign. It’s also reminiscent of Burberry’s effort to film its London fashion show on the iPhone 5s. Take a look below:

(Via The Loop)

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12 Responses to “iPhone 5s and iPad Air used to film and produce Bentley short film (Video)”

  1. These devices are really capable of cool things.


  2. observer1959 says:

    Edited in the Bentley. Love it!
    The places you can easily get the iPhone into can be small, out of the way and not noticeable make some great shots with little setup. Those rigs and steadycam are cool.


  3. myke2241 says:

    not impressed. the dynamic range of any phone camera is pretty poor. probably why so much B/W was used. this is just a marketing gimmick in air that Bentley will use Apples name a million times to draw attention. also notice how much the rigs are shown.


    • The point of this is to show they can be used for some serious production work. Burberry shot an entire fashion show on iPhones not too long ago too. It’s showing these things can be used for CREATION of content and not just the consumption of it as many nay sayers have whinged about since they first showed up a few years ago.

      Also I hardly think Bentley need to use Apple’s name to draw attention. They’re hardly some unknown entity.


  4. Gil Aco says:

    wow, really? you mean to tell me that ONLY an iPhone can make such a video? please… Way better camera’s out there that can do the same, if not better jobs. The only difference is that LG, Nokia, or Samsung isn’t strapping their devices to some carbon fiber rig that’s worth more than the camera itself and then glamorizing it as some gimmick production value. It like a commercial that takes place on a space shuttle and an astronaut eats a pez from an Apple pez dispenser with a beautiful backdrop of Earth through a window in the background… then some jackass says at the end of the commercial that the focus of the entire commercial is in fact about the pez dispenser. Marketing garbage.


    • allajunaki says:

      Apple co-branded this ad, and you complain that there are better cameras and why not choose them?
      Might as well go to coke ad page and complain why pepsi wasn’t featured.
      And way to completely miss the whole eco-system that produced the ad (iPhone, iPad AND a Bentley). A good camera is only a starting point, not an end in itself.


  5. jakexb says:

    I want to be impressed, but it doesn’t look like a pro commercial. It’s high quality video, but it’s not ready for true broadcast quality shooting until it does 24fps


  6. Brian Victor says:

    That’s pretty awesome!