Apple announced last week that Burberry would be capturing its London fashion show that took place yesterday entirely with its new iPhone 5s, and today Burberry has posted the full video of the event. There’s no mention whether or not the full 15 minute long video above has been retouched after being shot on the iPhone, but Apple and Burberry say the entire show, including photos and video, was “shot exclusively on iPhone 5s.”

We’ve seen a few shots leak throughout the week already, but Pocket-Lint has an inside look at how Burberry’s photographers shot the show using 14 different iPhones and an interview with Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey:

Dotted around the room this year were 14 iPhone 5S smartphones recording and live streaming all the action to numerous destinations such as billboards and Burberry stores, as well as the usual social networking platforms like Facebook and Vine…There were nine iPhone 5S phones on the runway taking shots, three on a moving rail cam following the models, one on the roof getting all the action, and a further iPhone 5S on a jimmy rig outside for celeb shots. 

The iPhone 5s packs in a new camera system with a dual LED true tone flash, a new five-element lens designed by Apple, a F2.2 aperture, a sensor with a 15 percent larger active area, auto stabilization, and bigger 1.5 micron pixels. The camera also includes a new burst mode that will continuously take photos a rate of 10fps, and the 120fps slow mo mode that we reported about back in July.

iPhone 5s will officially go on sale in the US, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, UK, and Japan on Friday, September 20.

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9 Responses to “Watch the full Burberry London fashion show shot entirely with an iPhone 5s (Video)”

  1. robbiebone says:

    Did I just see Harry Styles in the audience?!


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Can anyone comment on the quality as to whether it’s decent or not. Is the quality is as good as what most high-end smartphones can do? So many people say that the iPhone camera quality is crap compared to Nokia smartphones. This looks pretty good to me but I’m not expecting the quality of some $5000 HD camera. However this video seems like it would be good enough for most consumers to watch without complaints.


  3. Kevin Mongru says:

    This video is great; rolling shutter doesn’t even show at all. Which was the biggest problem of the phone. What most people don’t realize is that when shooting video @1080p you are only using 2.1 megapixels. There for everything else i.e. type of lens, aperture, white balance, iso… have to be right in order to nail the picture and the iPhone 5s just demonstrated to me that it’s amazing. Definitely selling my 5 for this as it has better rolling shutter than my 3800 DSLR…


  4. Really poor quality video!! They should have shot it on a Nokia Lumia 1020. You’d get much better results than this. Here’s an innovative video for you sad, sad Appleheads to drool over!!


  5. And the video is only posted in 720p why? Doesn’t prove anything when the quality is degraded.


  6. What a ridiculous PR stunt.

    It’s videoed in a giant greenhouse with great light – loads of camera phones could have done a similar job.

    Let’s get real – it’s not a great camera!