Filmic Pro‘s latest 6.4 update brings support for Bluetooth microphones, new UI features for the iPhone X, and a new ‘Auto Shutter’ feature. We’ve covered Filmic Pro in the past and shown off just how great the application can be in your filmmaking arsenal.

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By introducing Bluetooth microphone support, Filmic Pro has opened the door for more accessible lavalier-like systems. Although I only tested with AirPods I had on hand, a number of Bluetooth microphones should work alongside the app. While I wouldn’t use AirPods to replace my Rode VideoMicro, they were far more than acceptable. Instead of having to buy expensive pro-sumer audio equipment, filmmakers can now get by with what they may already carry in their pocket.

The Filmic Pro 6.4 update also introduces some new features to its iPhone X support. Utilizing the extra space on either side of the device, Filmic Pro fits in a new advanced audio meter, a color temperature, and time remaining for recordings.

What’s New in Version 6.4

Expanded iPhone X Support: – A large, detailed audio meter as well as information such as quality setting, recording time remaining and color temperature fill your iPhone X screen.

Bluetooth Microphone Support: – Connect a bluetooth microphone to your device and then enable ‘Bluetooth Microphone’ in the audio settings within the app. – Note: Bluetooth microphone audio quality can vary widely. For best results, we recommend using Apple AirPods.

Select All Videos in the Library: – Long press on the video selection button to select or deselect all clips in the library.

New ‘Auto Shutter’ Support: – All devices gain the ability to set shutter behavior to best match your location’s electrical power frequency: This can be found in the settings menu at the bottom of the frame rate menu. Options are for ‘auto’, ’50hz’ and ’60hz’.

In a recent low-light iPhone 7 Plus video, smartphone filmmaker Richard Lackey has shown off what’s possible with Filmic Pro’s flexibility.

Filmic Pro is available in the iOS App Store at $14.99. The 6.4 update is available now, free for Filmic Pro 6 owners. The team behind Filmic Pro has also released an update to their Filmic Remote application. The update introduces a slew of new features to bring the functionality in-line with Filmic Pro’s 6.0 launch.

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