Signal Stories January 4

Apple’s new app privacy labels went live in the App Store last month, giving users the chance to see what data is collected by each. We then explained how to view them.

All apps are required to show what data is used to track you, and what data is linked to your identity. Looking at that more comprehensive category reveals some stark differences between four popular messaging apps…

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Signal Stories December 15, 2020

Signal now offering encrypted group video calls in iOS app

Secure chat app Signal now lets you make encrypted group video calls in its iOS and Android apps. As with Apple’s FaceTime, end-to-end encryption is used …

Signal Stories June 9, 2020

Signal now lets users transfer all messages to a new iPhone. Here’s how it works

Trying to set up a new iPhone can be time consuming in a variety of ways, and with some third-party apps, there’s not a way to transfer your data easily. That used to be the case for popular privacy-focused messaging app Signal, until now. Read along for how to transfer Signal messages to a new iPhone.

Signal Stories June 4, 2020

Signal can automatically blur faces in protest photos, for use in any app

The secure messaging app Signal has been updated with a new feature which can automatically blur faces. The feature has been added at a time when the response to peaceful protests hasn’t always been peaceful in return …

Signal Stories May 21, 2020

Signal registration lock stops your account being hijacked on a new phone

Secure messaging app Signal has added a new level of protection in the latest version. Signal registration lock won’t allow anyone to register your phone number on a new phone without a PIN …

Signal Stories May 30, 2019

Apple, Google, Microsoft and 44 other organisations and security experts have signed an open letter condemning a proposal to secretly add law enforcement organizations to encrypted chats and calls.

The proposal by GCHQ – Britain’s equivalent of the NSA – seeks to provide an encryption workaround that would breach privacy and security in apps like Messages, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Signal …

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