Signal Stories June 9

Signal now lets users transfer all messages to a new iPhone. Here’s how it works

Trying to set up a new iPhone can be time consuming in a variety of ways, and with some third-party apps, there’s not a way to transfer your data easily. That used to be the case for popular privacy-focused messaging app Signal, until now. Read along for how to transfer Signal messages to a new iPhone.

Signal Stories June 4

Signal can automatically blur faces in protest photos, for use in any app

The secure messaging app Signal has been updated with a new feature which can automatically blur faces. The feature has been added at a time when the response to peaceful protests hasn’t always been peaceful in return …

Signal Stories May 21

Signal registration lock stops your account being hijacked on a new phone

Secure messaging app Signal has added a new level of protection in the latest version. Signal registration lock won’t allow anyone to register your phone number on a new phone without a PIN …

Signal Stories May 30, 2019

Apple, Google, Microsoft and 44 other organisations and security experts have signed an open letter condemning a proposal to secretly add law enforcement organizations to encrypted chats and calls.

The proposal by GCHQ – Britain’s equivalent of the NSA – seeks to provide an encryption workaround that would breach privacy and security in apps like Messages, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Signal …

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Signal Stories May 10, 2018

A Mac-specific vulnerability has been discovered in the secure messaging app Signal.

Signal allows you the option of sending ‘disappearing’ messages which are automatically purged from the app after a preset time. This feature is often used for passing on the most sensitive information, to ensure there is no permanent record afterwards. But a security researcher has discovered a serious failing specific to the Mac app …

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Signal Stories February 22, 2018

Signal has announced that WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton is providing $50M in funding for future development of the secure messaging app …

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