Signal Stories August 16

Signal privacy: Twilio phishing attack exposed some phone numbers, but no other data

A phishing attack on communications giant Twilio led to a Signal privacy compromise for around 1,900 users. Their phone numbers were exposed, along with SMS verification codes that would allow an attacker to register accounts to a new device …

Signal Stories March 25

Messaging interoperability – in which it would be possible to send a message to someone without knowing or caring which chat service they use – finally made it into the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

It was one of the most controversial elements of the upcoming legislation, with some arguing that it would be a technological nightmare to implement, and others that it would benefit both startups and consumers …

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Signal Stories February 7

Popular encrypted instant messaging app Signal was updated on Monday with a long-awaited feature, which is the ability to change the registered phone number without losing current conversations.

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Signal Stories January 10

In a blog post, Signal’s CEO announced it’s stepping down to its position and WhatsApp co-founder Brian Ancton is now the interim CEO of the encrypted messaging app.

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Signal Stories April 27, 2021

The Cellebrite Physical Analyzer – the most intrusive phone-cracking tool offered by the company – no longer supports the direct extraction of iPhone data, according to a document shared with us. This follows the discovery and exploitation of a vulnerability by secure messaging app Signal.

Signal discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in Cellebrite’s software, and was able to find a way to booby-trap iPhones to corrupt the results of a scan using Physical Analyzer …

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Signal Stories April 22, 2021

Secure messaging company Signal has successfully used an iPhone SE to hack Cellebrite‘s phone-cracking software. The company says that anyone could place a file on their iPhone that effectively renders useless any data extraction performed on the phone, and that it will be doing this for Signal users.

Signal says that the file could also compromise all past and future reports generated from the Cellebrite Windows app …

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Signal Stories April 6, 2021

Signal for iOS testing new cryptocurrency payments feature

The encrypted communications app Signal is beginning to roll out the ability for some of its users to send money to one another with MobileCoin, according to Wired.

Signal Stories March 16, 2021

The Chinese government appears to have blocked access to the Signal app. China yesterday banned the website, and the app is today unavailable within the country.

It follows similar blocks on other messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption, including WhatsApp and Telegram

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Signal Stories January 29, 2021

Signal loses serious image, adopts stickers and wallpaper for mass market take-up

Signal has always had a serious image, being the secure chat app of choice for governments, journalists, and activists – and being recommend by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. But that’s all changing as consumers switch away from WhatsApp, replacing it with either Signal or Telegram …

Signal Stories January 26, 2021

The announcement of a change to the WhatsApp privacy policy saw many users looking for the most private messaging app to use instead. Signal and Telegram were the prime candidates in cross-platform apps, with the former having the strongest privacy protections, as no personal data is linked to users.

Apple was subsequently sued by a former US ambassador for allowing Telegram on the App Store after it was used by hate groups to threaten violence, and now existing and former Signal employees have expressed concern that the not-for-profit messaging app is failing to address the same issue …

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Signal Stories January 4, 2021

Apple’s new app privacy labels went live in the App Store last month, giving users the chance to see what data is collected by each. We then explained how to view them.

All apps are required to show what data is used to track you, and what data is linked to your identity. Looking at that more comprehensive category reveals some stark differences between four popular messaging apps…

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Signal Stories December 15, 2020

Signal now offering encrypted group video calls in iOS app

Secure chat app Signal now lets you make encrypted group video calls in its iOS and Android apps. As with Apple’s FaceTime, end-to-end encryption is used …

Signal Stories June 9, 2020

Signal now lets users transfer all messages to a new iPhone. Here’s how it works

Trying to set up a new iPhone can be time consuming in a variety of ways, and with some third-party apps, there’s not a way to transfer your data easily. That used to be the case for popular privacy-focused messaging app Signal, until now. Read along for how to transfer Signal messages to a new iPhone.

Signal Stories June 4, 2020

Signal can automatically blur faces in protest photos, for use in any app

The secure messaging app Signal has been updated with a new feature which can automatically blur faces. The feature has been added at a time when the response to peaceful protests hasn’t always been peaceful in return …

Signal Stories May 21, 2020

Signal registration lock stops your account being hijacked on a new phone

Secure messaging app Signal has added a new level of protection in the latest version. Signal registration lock won’t allow anyone to register your phone number on a new phone without a PIN …

Signal Stories May 30, 2019

Apple, Google, Microsoft and 44 other organisations and security experts have signed an open letter condemning a proposal to secretly add law enforcement organizations to encrypted chats and calls.

The proposal by GCHQ – Britain’s equivalent of the NSA – seeks to provide an encryption workaround that would breach privacy and security in apps like Messages, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Signal …

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Signal Stories May 10, 2018

A Mac-specific vulnerability has been discovered in the secure messaging app Signal.

Signal allows you the option of sending ‘disappearing’ messages which are automatically purged from the app after a preset time. This feature is often used for passing on the most sensitive information, to ensure there is no permanent record afterwards. But a security researcher has discovered a serious failing specific to the Mac app …

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Signal Stories February 22, 2018

Signal has announced that WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton is providing $50M in funding for future development of the secure messaging app …

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Signal Stories May 17, 2017

U.S. Senate approves secure messaging app Signal for use by staffers

The U.S. Senate has approved the secure messaging app Signal for use by staffers. The approval was apparently granted back in March, but only came to light in a letter written by Sen. Ron Wyden.

Signal Stories March 10, 2017

PSA: Signal, WhatsApp, iMessage and others not compromised by CIA hacking tools

Somewhat careless wording by Wikileaks has led to widespread reports than messaging apps that use end-to-end encryption – like Signal, WhatsApp and iMessages – had been compromised by the CIA. There is in fact no evidence that this is the case.

Signal Stories February 26, 2016


TechCrunch spotted an interesting security hire by Apple: the developer behind Edward Snowden’s recommended secure chat app is joining Apple as an intern.

Frederic Jacobs, a Switzerland-based developer who worked to develop secure messaging app Signal […] announced today that he is joining the Cupertino-based company this summer to work in its CoreOS security team. 

As the site notes, Signal passed every security test when put through its paces by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and you can’t really get a better endorsement than the fact that Snowden trusts it.

Apple is also ramping up its incredibly strong language in arguing its position against the FBI …

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Signal Stories November 5, 2014


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today released a report examining three dozen messaging services and ranking them based on what it deemed are seven “security best practices.” While Apple scored the best among what the EFF called “mass-market options”, it didn’t do as well when compared to all 36 messaging services included in the report. Specifically, EFF noted Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services failed to offer “complete protection against sophisticated, targeted forms of surveillance.” expand full story

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