photos Stories September 22

Apple’s Photos app gets lots of attention with iOS 16 and one of the valuable new features is the ability to batch edit photos thanks to new copy and paste edits buttons. Here’s how it works to batch edit iPhone Photos in iOS 16.

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photos Stories September 13

iOS 16 comes with lots of love for Apple’s Photos app and one of the useful new additions is a built-in duplicate finder. Here’s how it works to use the new feature to delete duplicate iPhone photos a few at a time or in large batches.

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photos Stories June 6

Apple’s Photos app is gaining a lot of useful features in iOS 16. While the star of the keynote was iCloud Shared Photo Library, Photos has also learned how to detect duplicates in your library, new ways to edit, and more.

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photos Stories May 20

iCloud Photos is a fantastic feature for syncing large photo and video libraries across all your devices. Have a 300GB photo library? With an iCloud subscription and Optimize Storage, you don’t need a 512GB or 1TB iPhone to take your media with you. Still, iCloud Photos backups shouldn’t be ignored.

Keeping a local backup of your photo library is mighty important. iCloud Photos can feel like a backup. It’s really just your photo library in a single place — even if you don’t use Optimize Storage. iCloud Photos really doesn’t encourage methods of keeping separate, offline copies of photos and videos.

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photos Stories April 26

Apple today released the third beta of iOS 15.5 to developers, and while the update doesn’t seem to have any significant changes, Apple has made an interesting tweak to its native Photos app. The system will now block “Sensitive Locations” for Memories in the Photos app.

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photos Stories April 15

Today I learned that you can search your photos by text on your iPhone – that is, by printed text found within the images, using the same tech as Live Text.

Apple seems to have kept quiet about it so far, and that may be with good reason …

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photos Stories April 11

While you may love or hate the iPhone’s Photos app, it’s the place where all your photos end up either way. With iCloud’s capabilities, it’s an easy way to keep track of your images across your Apple ecosystem. As the iPhone’s camera continues to make a name for itself, professional and amateur photographers alike keep crawling back to Apple to capture their memories.

Here’s a guide to help you better understand your iPhone’s Photos app.

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photos Stories August 5, 2021

Update: This has now been officially announced: notably your phone will only be scanning photos uploaded to iCloud, in line with policies of all major social networks and web services. (Original story below for context.)

Apple is reportedly set to announce new photo identification features that will use hashing algorithms to match the content of photos in users’ photo libraries with known child abuse materials, such as child pornography.

Apple’s system will happen on the client — on the user’s device — in the name of privacy, so the iPhone would download a set of fingerprints representing illegal content and then check each photo in the user’s camera roll against that list. Presumably, any matches would then be reported for human review.

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photos Stories June 9, 2021

Photos in iOS 15 will finally let users mark specific subjects for featuring less often in Memories, widgets, and more. The feature is one of many new changes coming to Apple’s Photos experience this fall.

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photos Stories December 7, 2020

Holiday photo books have always been well-received gifts, whether it’s photos of the vacations and other fun experiences you’ve had with your significant other, or photos of your kids as a present for their grandparents. But they also take some time and effort to put together.

We noted back in October that Motif – the company which previously made photo books under Apple branding – had been updated with a number of features designed to make it quicker and easier to create to turn the iPhone shots in your Photos app into a printed photo book. Since the company is also repeating its 30% discount for 9to5Mac readers, I took it out for another spin

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photos Stories October 8, 2020

This past summer, the ability to order large acrylic, canvas, and metal prints arrived on the Photos app for Mac with the Mimeo integration. Now the company is expanding its lineup even further with Mac users able to transform photos into personalized puzzles and blankets.

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photos Stories October 7, 2020

iOS 14: How to limit third-party access to the iPhone’s Photos app

Among the variety of security and privacy enhancements with iOS 14 is improved control for photo permissions. Read along for how to limit third-party access to the iPhone’s Photos app.

photos Stories July 1, 2020

After Apple stopped offering a direct way to print photos, calendars, and more in macOS, it fortunately allowed Photo app extensions from third-parties to integrate printing options. Now, popular Mac printing service Mimeo Photos has launched the ability to bring large wall decor prints to your home on metal, acrylic, and canvas.

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photos Stories January 10, 2020

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Photos and videos are some of our most precious digital data that we never want to lose. That’s why macOS Catalina includes the Photos app with a built-in service for backing up your photo library. iCloud Photos is the easiest way to manage your personal photo library.

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photos Stories January 2, 2020

iPhone: How to remove location data from photos and videos before sharing

Need to share some photos or videos but want to retain a bit more privacy than normal? Follow along for how to remove location data from photos and videos on iPhone before sharing.

photos Stories November 19, 2019

Mimeo brings simple photo prints back to Apple’s Photos app for Mac customers

Mimeo, a popular third-party printing service that works as an integrated plug-in with Apple’s Photos app for macOS has announced the option to order photo prints including everything from wallet size to portrait and all the way up to large format panoramas.

photos Stories October 1, 2019

Last year, Apple discontinued the native option to print photo books and more from its Photos app for Mac. Several third parties filled the gap with Photos extensions including Motif. Now that company — which Apple used for its own printing service — has launched an iOS app to offer photo book printing from iPhone and iPad. We’ve also got a 15% off deal for 9to5Mac readers.

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photos Stories April 23, 2019

How to check what apps have read and write access to iPhone photos

Can’t remember all the apps you’ve authorized to be able to read and write to the Photos app on your iPhone? Read along below for how to check and change your apps’ Photos permissions.

photos Stories January 9, 2019

How to rotate a photo in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

Ever take a photo only for it to show up in the wrong orientation? Luckily there’s an easy fix. Follow along to learn how to rotate a photo in the Photos app.

photos Stories December 11, 2018

If you’ve ever purchased Apple-branded print products through the Photos app on the Mac, you may have been disappointed to find that the feature disappeared in the macOS Mojave update.

But there’s some good news you may have missed. Back in July of last year, it was announced that RR Donnelley – the same company used to produce Apple-branded print products – was launching its own Photos plugin, under the Motif branding.

That plugin is now available, and I took it for a test-drive with photos I took on a holiday in Cuba …

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photos Stories December 3, 2018

Custom photo books and calendars make great gifts, and it’s fun to set yourself apart with unique holiday greeting cards. However, after Apple announced it would be discontinuing its native photo printing services this past fall, this is the first holiday season that users will need to find a substitute. Follow along for five alternatives to print your photo books, calendars, and cards with the Photos App on Mac as well as iPhone and the web.

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photos Stories November 12, 2018

We take photos to capture moments. A great photo can fill in the blanks of our memory, instantly recalling forgotten details and conversations otherwise lost to time. But has looking at a photo ever raised more questions than it provided answers? Let’s look at reimagining the Photos app to better tell the stories of your memories.

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photos Stories October 5, 2018

In July, Apple announced that its first-party print products would be discontinued at the end of September. The news took me by surprise. While features like iCloud shared albums and Photos app Memories have lessened the need to make books and prints, I still regarded the service fondly.

Over the years, books and calendars from Photos on my Mac (and earlier, iPhoto) have made great gifts and keepsakes for family members and myself. To commemorate the end of an era, I decided to make one last hardcover photo book and theme it around a topic I love, and where many people learned about the Photos print service for the first time: Apple retail stores. My book arrived today.

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photos Stories August 29, 2018

Apple alerting more customers about photo printing service replacements ahead of shutdown

We learned last month that Apple is discontinuing its long-time printing service that is integrated into Photos and previously iPhoto. Now, Apple is notifying users of the change via email and recommending some alternatives.

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