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Phil Schiller rejoined Apple in 1997 as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, the same year that Steve Jobs returned. Phil is a well recognized Apple executive with his regular, enthusiastic stage presence at Apple events. He is also known for personally addressing customers’ product concerns. Some of his major accomplishments include the rise in popularity of Mac computers, innovating in the mobile phone space with iPhone, and spearheading the digital music revolution with iTunes and iPod. Also, he is supposedly credited with conceiving the click wheel idea for the original iPod.

Phil first started at Apple in 1987 as a Product Marketing Manager. He went on to work as the Director of Product Marketing at FirePower Systems and then as the Vice President of Marketing at Macromedia before he returned to Apple after a decade. Even though his Bachelor’s degree is in Biology from Boston University, he has a background as a programmer and systems analyst in addition to his almost thirty years of marketing and management experience.

Phil Schiller Stories September 13

The Information has a lengthy Phil Schiller profile, following his shift from head of worldwide marketing to Apple Fellow back in 2020.

Based on interviews with unnamed colleagues, it’s something of a puff piece, but does contain some interesting snippets …

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Phil Schiller Stories November 13, 2019

Earlier today in an interview with CNET, Apple SVP Phil Schiller shared a controversial view of Chromebooks when talking about technology in education. Now, he’s shared a clarifying tweet…

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Along with the debut of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple SVP Phil Schiller shared more about designing the scissor switch Magic Keyboard for the notebook, how pros’ top request was to have a physical escape key, and more in an interview with CNET. YouTuber Jonathan Morrison was also able to sit down with Schiller and dive into some questions including the new thermal system, six-speaker setup, and even whether Apple will ever bring back the SD card reader to the MacBook Pro.

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Phil Schiller Stories March 16, 2019

Yesterday evening, Apple executive Phil Schiller made a surprise appearance on the Accidental Tech Podcast with Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss. During the interview, Schiller talked about the history and goals of WWDC, how Apple works to make WWDC more accessible to everyone, the art of live demos, and more.

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Phil Schiller Stories March 15, 2019

Phil Schiller joins the Accidental Tech Podcast to talk about WWDC 2019, more

The latest episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast, released earlier today, includes an hour-long interview with Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller. He joins the show to talk about the recently announced 2019 edition of WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, which takes place in San Jose from June 3 through June 7.

Phil Schiller Stories February 28, 2019

A new report from The Information today takes a look at 180 influential leaders at Apple who are molding the future of the company. Among the topics discussed including Tim Cook and his management style and the rise of other leaders at the company, is an interesting detail about a “NFW” shorthand that SVP Phil Schiller allegedly uses to shoot down bad ideas.

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Phil Schiller Stories February 13, 2019

Phil Schiller spotted at Audi e-tron event in Spain

Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was spotted at an Audi event in Marbella, Spain. Though it’s unlikely he’s attending for any official business, the photos and video are sure to spark discussion nonetheless.

Phil Schiller Stories December 16, 2017

After a pair of interviews earlier this month, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller recently sat down with The Telegraph to talk about his take on Apple’s latest and greatest products in 2018, that really bad week for software bugs, and more…

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Phil Schiller Stories December 12, 2017

iMac Pro release date has now been confirmed as December 14.

British gadget magazine T3 has an interesting interview with Apple SVP Phil Schiller in which he talks about the ‘gamble’ the company took in dropping the Home button from the iPhone X.

He also revealed that the iMac Pro is just days away from launch …

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Phil Schiller Stories December 8, 2017

Phil Schiller recently joined Dutch website for a sit down interview. The Apple executive touched on topics such as the iPhone X and Face ID, as well as augmented reality and smart home technology.

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Phil Schiller Stories September 6, 2017

Maine college honors Apple SVP Phil Schiller with coastal studies center

Tim Cook isn’t the only Apple executive supporting his college. Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller and his wife made a $10 million donation to Bowdoin College in Maine where their two sons attended, and in return the school is naming its coastal studies center in their honor.

Phil Schiller Stories January 9, 2017

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

On the Backchannel blog, Steven Levy has posted a concise interview with Apple SVP Phil Schiller timed with the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. The post includes Levy’s anecdotes about Steve Jobs back in 2007 at the original iPhone launch followed up with some questions to Schiller about the success of the iPhone looking back and looking forward.

Regarding voice-only personal assistant devices like the Amazon Echo’s Alexa, Schiller says that the best intelligent assistant is the one that’s always with you, and that you can’t discount the value of a color display to present information …

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Phil Schiller Stories December 23, 2016


Consumer Reports yesterday dropped a bombshell on Apple, making the new MacBook Pro the first MacBook ever to not receive the publication’s recommendation. As for its reasoning, Consumer Reports explained that the inconsistent, yet sometimes impressive, battery life was too big of an issue to overlook.

Now, Apple Marketing executive Phil Schiller says that the company is working with Consumer Reports to “understand” the tests.

Working with CR to understand their battery tests. Results do not match our extensive lab tests or field data

That’s what’s so ironic about this: Consumer Reports reported a three and a half hour test on the MacBook Pro, which if you’ve used one like me, know is completely possible with some serious CPU-intensive tasks. But then again tested in the 18-19+ hour range which is totally unbelievable, even if just the screen was on. So if anything, this test is in Apple’s favor.

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Phil Schiller Stories November 21, 2016


The new MacBook Pros have been met with a wide array of responses thus far, with some praising the new machines and others viewing them as a step back for a variety of reasons. One common question since the announcement of the new models, however, has centered around why the machines max out at 16GB of RAM.

While Phil Schiller originally penned this limitation on battery life concerns, a new email from the Apple executive offers a bit more insight as to the reasoning…

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Phil Schiller Stories November 14, 2016

MacBook Pro

Despite what companies like Microsoft may be doing and what some customers continue asking for, Apple is really confident that you wouldn’t like a touch screen on your MacBook. Here’s Phil Schiller explaining Apple’s view on touch screen Macs to Backchannel‘s Steven Levy:

Apple came to this conclusion by testing if touch screens made sense on the Mac. “Our instincts were that it didn’t, but, what the heck, we could be wrong—so our teams worked on that for a number of times over the years,” says Schiller. “We’ve absolutely come away with the belief that it isn’t the right thing to do. Our instincts were correct.”

Of course, Apple is slowly introducing multi-touch to Macs with the release of new MacBook Pros that replace function keys with a dynamic touch panel…

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Phil Schiller Stories November 2, 2016


In an interview with The Independent, Apple marketing exec Phil Schiller discusses the development and public response to the new MacBook Pros. He says that “many things” have impressed people and “some” have caused some controversy, referring to the ongoing debates about Apple’s design goals versus the needs of pro users. Rebutting critics, Schiller announces that orders for the new MacBook Pro have set a new online sales record, beating previous sales for ‘pro Apple notebooks’.

The interview also focuses in on a few specific complaints, such as the decision to remove the SD card slot but keep the 3.5mm headphone jack which it classed obsolete for the iPhone 7. Schiller has interesting answers for these questions …

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Phil Schiller Stories November 1, 2016


Some of Apple’s decisions regarding the new MacBook Pro models are causing as much heated debate on the Internet as its removal of the headphone socket from the iPhone 7. In particular, the decision to limit the maximum RAM to 16GB rather than 32GB has been the subject of huge controversy.

Phil Schiller briefly commented on this, stating that 32GB ‘wouldn’t be power-efficient enough for a notebook’ but without going into more detail. Others have now chimed in with what appears to be a fuller explanation …

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Phil Schiller Stories July 28, 2016

Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller joins DNA sequencing company Illumina’s board

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller is joining Illumina’s board of directors, a company that provides technologies related to DNA sequencing for healthcare research among other services.

Phil Schiller Stories June 14, 2016


Following Apple’s jam-packed WWDC keynote, Apple executives Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi sat down with John Gruber on ‘The Talk Show’ to discuss the company’s recent announcements. Schiller and Federighi addressed some of the unknowns that remained after the keynote and went into more details regarding the announcements.

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Phil Schiller Stories June 9, 2016


It seems Apple isn’t going to be alone in offering a better deal to developers of subscription-based apps. The same day Phil Schiller revealed that developers will receive 85% of subscription revenue from year two, Re/code reports (and TNW confirms) that Google will be offering the same deal to Android developers – but with one big difference …

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Phil Schiller Stories June 8, 2016

App Store

Apple’s WWDC event kicks off on Monday, but App Store head Phil Schiller is already sharing some major changes coming to the App Store that will impact developers. The news comes just six months after Schiller added additional App Store responsibilities to his role.

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Phil Schiller Stories March 22, 2016


One remark Schiller made during yesterday’s launch event raised a few eyebrows. In noting that the majority of 12.9-inch iPad Pro customers had actually switched from Windows PCs, he pointed to the huge potential switchers market still out there for Apple. There are, he said, over 600 million PCs more than five years old.

What he said next generated laughter in the room, but may not have gone down quite so well with those owners.

This is really sad. It really is.

Now, he may be right. A Windows PC more than five years old is going to be creaking somewhat by now. But it seems to me that there are three types of owners of old PCs, and the remark may well offend all of them …

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Phil Schiller Stories March 14, 2016


Complaints that Apple’s App Store algorithms are broken, often returning nonsensical results for highlighted categories like ‘New’ and ‘Hot,’ have finally caught the company’s attention. Phil Schiller yesterday responded to tweeted complaints by Mozilla’s Lisa Brewster and Screenshot++ developer Wesley Dyson.

Both drew attention to the fact that highlighted app categories in Canada and other countries (though seemingly not the U.S.) were filled with a whole range of similarly-named apps, and that apps whose names put them at the top of alphanumeric sorting remain in the ‘New’ category forever …

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Phil Schiller Stories March 3, 2016

App Store

Signs of change are beginning to surface on the App Store after December 17th’s notable leadership changes involving Apple’s Worldwide Marketing SVP Phil Schiller. That move happened after growing discontent from Mac App Store developers, who noted communication breakdowns and overall frustration with the direction that the Mac App Store was headed in.

Schiller is now in charge of all App Stores, taking over responsibilities from Eddy Cue, which most prominently include the iOS App Store and the Mac App Store.

It’s been less than three months since the move occurred, but we’re already beginning to see a change in the way the App Store operates. For example, we’re now seeing more regular updates of the Best New Apps section at the top of the App Store’s Featured page. In a tweet today, Schiller acknowledged the changes and indicated that more changes were on the way.

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