Apple Car | Everything we know about Apple's rumored electric car. Overview Updated July 10, 2018

Apple Car | Everything we know about Apple's rumored electric car.

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February 2015 - July 2018

Rumors of Apple’s electric car initiative began back in early 2015 when a report claimed Apple had been considering the effort for quite some time. Steve Jobs himself admitted to considering building a car in 2008, but put the plans on hold to focus on development of the iPhone.

Over the past year and a half, however, it’s become more clear that Apple is indeed working on a car of some sorts under the “Project Titan” moniker. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even stated that it’s an “open secret” Apple is building an electric car. At one point it was rumored that Apple was interested in purchasing Tesla, but that report was never confirmed.

Musk’s comments came following an intense poaching war between Apple and Tesla, with both companies poaching employees from the other. Musk, however, referred to Apple as the “Tesla graveyard.” 

In addition to hiring employees from Tesla, Apple has also hired employees and executives from Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, and more. The head of Mercedes-Benz, however, doesn’t seem too worried about Apple’s car plans, likening the idea to a car manufacturer building a smartphone.

We detailed the start of Apple’s Project Titan team at the link below. The team is now said to consist of around 600 people.

Apple is believed to be operating Project Titan under a shell company called SixtyEight Research in Sunnyvale California. Apple has purchased a variety of real estate property in the area, much of which fits the bill for building a car.

Apple was initially reportedly aiming to release its own electric car by 2020, but a more recent report claims that the launch date has been pushed into 2021. The date could potentially have been affected by the departure of Steve Zadesky who was leading the project.

Not much is known about the design of the Apple Car, though a variety of renders have emerged, all of which are purely imaginative and based on nothing but speculation. The car is said to be electric, though its autonomous capabilities are unclear at this point.

As we inch closer to the reported 2021 release, we should expect for more details concerning the Apple Car to emerge.

Apple Car Stories July 10

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation charged former Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang with stealing trade secrets. Zhang was hired back in December of 2015 by Apple to work on Project Titan, focusing mainly on software and hardware for autonomous vehicles.

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Apple Car Stories June 21

Apple-backed digital car key standard will let you use your iPhone to unlock your car

A new digital key standard will allow you to use a smartphone (and possibly Apple Watch) to unlock your car.

The standard is backed by Apple, Samsung, LG and Qualcomm, as well as a number of car manufacturers …

Apple Car Stories June 14

Apple may have seemingly modified its ambitions from a self-driving car to technology which can be used in other manufacturer’s vehicles, but it’s still doing plenty of work on making that tech as smart as possible.

A new patent application published today describes a number of different methods a self-driving car could use to figure out exactly where its owner wants to go …

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Apple Car Stories May 23

Apple has continued to ramp up its self-driving car testing over the last few months, and now a report from The New York Times says the company has inked a deal with Volkswagen. As part of the deal, Apple will turn Volkswagen’s T6 Transport vans into self-driving shuttles…

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Apple Car Stories May 14

Apple’s autonomous vehicle program is one of the biggest known secrets in the tech industry. While the company has yet to confirm anything, information about the project has been leaking out sporadically over the past several years.

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Apple Car Stories May 1

Apple reportedly met with California DMV officials last month to discuss autonomous vehicles. According to records obtained by MacReports, Apple’s head of product integrity Steve Kenner attended the meeting with several DMV executives…

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