Project Titan Stories July 22, 2019

Apple has made a notable hire this month with a storied career in the automative industry. As first reported by Bloomberg, Steve MacManus has joined Apple as a “Senior Director” working out of Apple Park in Cupertino.

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Project Titan Stories June 25, 2019

Update: Apple has confirmed to Axios that it has acquired In the process, it has hired dozens of self-driving engineers, most of which will work on engineering and product design.

According to a new report from the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple has hired a “handful” of hardware and software engineers from self-driving car startup – which is planning to close its doors later this week.

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Project Titan Stories June 6, 2019

An unconfirmed report of Apple buying suggests the Cupertino company may be primarily interested in acquiring engineers from the self-driving startup.

However, a statement by Apple suggests that the deal is not certain …

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Project Titan Stories April 24, 2019

Throughout the course of 2018, Apple’s filings with the California DMV showed a steady increase in the number of self-driving cars it had on the road. This month, however, Apple has reported its first ever drop in autonomous cars.

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Project Titan Stories April 17, 2019

According to Reuters, Apple is in talks with several suppliers of LIDAR sensors, intended to be used in the Apple Car self driving project. Whilst it is still unclear if Apple intends to release an actual car, the company is clearly invested in developing the software and hardware components for autonomous vehicles.

Apple reportedly wants suppliers to make lidar sensors that are ‘cheaper, smaller, and more easily mass produced’ than what is currently available. Reuters also says that Apple is designing its own lidar array whilst evaluating offerings from third-parties.

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Project Titan Stories February 27, 2019

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple had dismissed over 200 staff members from its Project Titan self-driving vehicle department. Now, in a new filing with the California Employment Development Department, Apple has offered more detail on those layoffs.

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