Project Titan Stories August 9

After leaving in 2013 to join Tesla, Doug Field has now made his way back to Apple. As noted in a report from Daring Fireball, Field is returning to Apple to work alongside Bob Mansfield on Apple’s Project Titan car team…

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Project Titan Stories July 18

Apple is continuing to expand its testing of autonomous vehicles. According to new details from macReports, the company now has upwards of 65 autonomous vehicles on the road in California, continuing the gradual increase that has been taking place over recent months…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Project Titan Stories July 10

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation charged former Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang with stealing trade secrets. Zhang was hired back in December of 2015 by Apple to work on Project Titan, focusing mainly on software and hardware for autonomous vehicles.

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Project Titan Stories June 15

While we haven’t heard much about Apple’s Project Titan for quite some time, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t actively working on the project.

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Project Titan Stories May 14

Apple’s autonomous vehicle program is one of the biggest known secrets in the tech industry. While the company has yet to confirm anything, information about the project has been leaking out sporadically over the past several years.

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Project Titan Stories March 20

Apple doesn’t appear to be slowing down on its mysterious self-driving car technology testing. As noted in a new report on Uber’s fatal accident involving an autonomous vehicle, the Financial Times includes new data on how many self-driving cars Apple may be testing in California.

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