Project Titan Stories April 24

Throughout the course of 2018, Apple’s filings with the California DMV showed a steady increase in the number of self-driving cars it had on the road. This month, however, Apple has reported its first ever drop in autonomous cars.

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Project Titan Stories April 17

According to Reuters, Apple is in talks with several suppliers of LIDAR sensors, intended to be used in the Apple Car self driving project. Whilst it is still unclear if Apple intends to release an actual car, the company is clearly invested in developing the software and hardware components for autonomous vehicles.

Apple reportedly wants suppliers to make lidar sensors that are ‘cheaper, smaller, and more easily mass produced’ than what is currently available. Reuters also says that Apple is designing its own lidar array whilst evaluating offerings from third-parties.

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Project Titan Stories February 27

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple had dismissed over 200 staff members from its Project Titan self-driving vehicle department. Now, in a new filing with the California Employment Development Department, Apple has offered more detail on those layoffs.

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Project Titan Stories February 21

A rumor today from German publication Manager Magazin, shares some alleged details about a shift in Apple’s Project Titan. While Apple’s car efforts were originally expected to include the company manufacturing its own vehicle, it reportedly later changed course to just focusing on developing autonomous vehicle software. However, today’s rumor suggests that Apple is working on its own electric van.

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Project Titan Stories February 20

Following the release of self-driving car disengagement statistics earlier this month, Apple today has released a brief whitepaper about its self-driving car efforts. The company specifically focuses on its “approach to automated driving system safety.”

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Project Titan Stories February 12

The California DMV today briefly published self-driving car disengagement reports for the period of December 2017 to November 2018. While the data has since been pulled (and will be republished later this week), The Last Driver License Holder was able to summarize all of the information, including Apple self-driving numbers.

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