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Powerbeats Pro

Prepare for your biggest moments with Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones.

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Powerbeats Pro Features

They were first discovered by 9to5Mac after the release of iOS 12.2. Hidden in iOS 12.2 were animations and images that showcased Powerbeats without any sort of connecting wire. In terms of design, they’re nearly identical to previous generation, but truly wireless much like AirPods. The earphones support “Hey, Siri”, just like the second-generation AirPods.

Like AirPods and Powerbeats3, the new Pro earphones pair instantly with iPhones and pairing syncs to iCloud-connected devices including iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch without pairing on each device (you can still pair manually with Android). It also has its own Lightning-powered charging case.

Read our review and watch our hands-on video walkthrough for more details.

Purchase Powerbeats Pro

They are available to purchase on Apple.com, in Apple Stores, Amazon, and other retailers for $249.95. They will be available in a total of 8 colors (4 new options launching June 9th). Check out our hands-on with the new 2020 colors. On June 9th, the new colors are Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red, and Glacier Blue. The new colors join Black, Ivory, Navy, and Moss versions, bringing the total color count to eight options.

PowerBeats (4th generation)


The Powerbeats 4 features a slightly sleeker design, which should be more comfortable on the ear, and boast up to 15 hours of battery life.

As we expected prior to the launch, the new Powerbeats incorporates the Apple H1 chip with support for Hey Siri. The Beats logo doubles as a button that can be used to play, pause and advance through tracks similar to the double tab gesture on non-pro AirPods. The button can then be long-pressed to activate Siri.

Powerbeats now use the H1 chip that is also found in second-generation AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, and AirPods Pro, increasing battery life from 12 hours to 15 hours, while enabling ‘Hey Siri’ support. The new Powerbeats also work with Apple’s Audio Sharing feature.

The design is clearly inspired by Powerbeats Pro, using the more modern look with the main difference being the cable connecting each earbud. They are charged via a Lightning cable directly on the headphones.


  • Replaces Powerbeats3 Wireless design with Powerbeats Pro redesign
  • 15 hour battery compared to 12 hour battery with Powerbeats3 Wireless
  • Priced at $149, $50 under $199 Powerbeats3 Wireless
  • Three colors at launch: Red, White, and Black


They can be purchased from Apple, Amazon, or Best Buy.

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Powerbeats Stories November 17, 2020

Beats is out with a new variant of its popular Powerbeats headphones today in an all-new glow-in-the-dark design. The new Powerbeats were designed in collaboration with the lifestyle brand AMBUSH, making this release the first official collaboration between AMBUSH and Beats, and the first glow-in-the-dark Beats product.

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Powerbeats Stories August 28, 2020

Powerbeats 2 owners are in line for a payout after Apple agreed to pay $9.75M to settle a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit claimed that Apple misrepresented both the battery life and the sweat resistance of the wireless in-ear headphones …

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Powerbeats Stories May 29, 2020

New to Powerbeats Pro or planning to buy the new totally wireless Beats? The newest Beats earphones are all-new, delivering Apple AirPods features and improvements to original Beats Powerbeats design. Read on to learn how to master the brand new Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones.

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Powerbeats Stories March 18, 2020

As part of its spring product releases today, Apple has debuted a new color palette for its accessories like Apple Watch bands, silicone and leather iPhone cases, and iPad cases.

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Powerbeats Stories March 16, 2020

Apple appears to be winding down sales of Powerbeats3, as stock starts to dwindle on Apple.com (some colors still available as of publishing). So if for some reason you want the outdated model, act quickly.

However, almost everyone should instead be looking forward to the new Powerbeats that were officially announced today, which come with more battery life and a cheaper starting price. Beats has set up a new page on its website that is dedicated to the Powerbeats range, which highlights all of the new features and compares to the more premium Powerbeats Pro models.

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‘Powerbeats4’ wireless earphones from Beats have been popping up all over the internet and even in retail stores over the last few days. Today Apple’s Beats brand is making it official: the all-new Powerbeats wireless earphones are replacing Powerbeats3 Wireless for a fraction of the price.

The new Powerbeats earphones are heavily inspired by the totally wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones (reviewed). They also use the same chip as Apple’s second-gen AirPods and newly released AirPods Pro earphones.

Here’s what you need to know about the all-new Powerbeats wireless earphones now that they’re officially announced:

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Powerbeats Stories March 15, 2020

New Powerbeats 4 appear on Walmart shelves ahead of expected official announcement

Apple has been readying new Powerbeats 4 for a few weeks now; we have seen the new Powerbeats hit the FCC and plenty of spec leaks. That hasn’t stopped a Walmart store from selling them. If you want near-undeniable evidence that this product is about to be officially announced, then here you are.

Powerbeats Stories March 9, 2020

The successor to Apple Powerbeats3 are almost here. After hitting the FCC last week, 9to5Mac has obtained videos of the new headphones and the website WinFuture has reported specs and shared marketing photos of the upcoming product.

The new Powerbeats 4 feature a slightly sleeker design, which should be more comfortable on the ear, and boast up to 15 hours of battery life according to WinFuture’s source. See the pairing animations for the new headphones after the jump …

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Powerbeats Stories February 27, 2020

Filings for new Powerbeats headphones today hit the FCC, model number A2015, following 9to5Mac’s discovery of “Powerbeats4” in code references back in December. The new model is expected to feature ‘Hey Siri’ support and a H1 chip, like what we have seen in Powerbeats Pro and latest-generation AirPods.

This model has hit the FCC ahead of an official announcement from Apple or Beats. The filings include a drawing of the new earbuds, and they look very similar to existing Powerbeats.

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Powerbeats Stories August 22, 2019

How to reset your Powerbeats Pro earphones

Having trouble with Powerbeats Pro? Follow along for how to reset your Powerbeats Pro earphones and re-pair them to your iPhone and other devices.

Powerbeats Stories August 19, 2019

The wait is almost over if you’ve been holding out for Powerbeats Pro to launch in any color but black. Powerbeats Pro will be sold in three new colors starting next week.

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Powerbeats Stories May 29, 2019

Powerbeats Pro UK, French and German pre-orders begin on Friday. Although Apple’s local websites only say ‘coming soon,’ the Beats websites for the three countries have been updated to say that the in-ear headphones will be available for pre-order in May.

A promotional video gets more specific …

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Powerbeats Stories May 14, 2019

I went into this review of the $249 Powerbeats Pro with high expectations. Even prior to reading Zac’s review, I was pretty much convinced that these would be the best wireless earbuds ever made, and, despite not beating the AirPods in every area, I wasn’t disappointed.

To be clear, the Powerbeats Pro aren’t perfect, but they’re better than the AirPods if you’re using them for workouts. The Apple AirPods set the groundwork for Beats’ first truly wire-free earbuds, and the team at Beats took the baton and ran with it.

Watch our hands-on Powerbeats Pro video review for more details. expand full story

Powerbeats Stories May 10, 2019

Maybe it’s just the endorphins talking, but words like ‘epic’, ‘thunderous’, and ‘invincible’ come to mind when running with Powerbeats Pro. The first-ever totally wireless Beats earphones are a mega upgrade over Powerbeats3 Wireless, and not just because they pack the best features of second-gen AirPods in a versatile, sporty package. Beats has arguably created the best fitness earphones on the market with Powerbeats Pro.

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Powerbeats Stories May 9, 2019

Beats Powerbeats Pro delivery date looks set to be tomorrow for some rather than May 13

There may be good news for at least some of those who pre-ordered Beats’ alternative to AirPods: the Beats Powerbeats Pro delivery date for some customers appears to be set for tomorrow …

Powerbeats Stories May 6, 2019

Pre-orders for the all-new Beats Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones opened on Friday with deliveries starting later this month. Today we’re taking a quick hands-on look at the new sporty alternative to AirPods before they show up in stores.

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Powerbeats Stories May 3, 2019

Looking for a sporty alternative to AirPods? Beats Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones will be available to pre-order from Apple.com for $249.95 this Friday, May 3rd at 7 am PT in the United States and Canada.

Powerbeats Pro will hit stores one week later on Friday, May 10th. The all-new Beats earphones are powered by the same Apple H1 chip as AirPods 2, work with ‘Hey Siri’, and have sporty features including longer battery life and physical playback controls.

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Powerbeats Stories April 23, 2019

Plan on purchasing Beats Powerbeats Pro at launch when they hit stores next month? You may have to wait a little longer if you’ve been eyeing certain colors.

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Powerbeats Stories April 22, 2019

Earlier this month, Beats official unveiled its new Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones — a sporty, louder take on Apple’s AirPods that uses the same H1 chip. The early reveal was tagged with a message about pending FCC approval, however, with the Powerbeats Pro launch not planned until sometime in May.

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Powerbeats Stories April 15, 2019

Powerbeats Pro were officially announced earlier this month as the first real competitor to AirPods. Now, Beats is hyping the launch of its truly wireless earphones with a star-studded advertisement entitled “Unleashed.”

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Powerbeats Stories April 3, 2019

Last month, 9to5Mac exclusively revealed the design of Apple’s new truly wireless Beats Powerbeats Pro, as well as their accompanying charging case. Today, Apple made Powerbeats Pro official and confirmed they will launch in May, giving AirPods 2 their first real challenger.

Powerbeats Pro face intense competition from AirPods – which were also just updated to version 2. Which should you buy? Read on as we walk through a full comparison.

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Apple’s first real competitor to AirPods has finally arrived: Beats Powerbeats Pro. Apple has owned Beats since 2014, of course, which explains much of the magic behind the latest truly wireless earphones.

So what are Powerbeats Pro? A serious evolution of the wireless-but-with-a-cord version of Powerbeats earphones. Beats describes Powerbeats Pro as ‘totally wireless’, replacing the microUSB-charged corded hardware with a totally cordless version that has its own Lightning-powered charging case.

Powerbeats Pro also retains the connectivity and intelligence of Apple’s new AirPods thanks to the Apple-designed H1 chip inside, driving reliable wireless connectivity and even voice-activated “Hey Siri” control. There’s more to Powerbeats Pro too…

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Apple starts advertising Powerbeats Pro ‘totally wireless’ headphones before release [U]

After 9to5Mac exclusively revealed the look and design of Apple’s upcoming Powerbeats Pro fully wireless earphones last week, the new AirPods-like product has been spotted in a huge ad in Hollywood ahead of the official announcement.

Powerbeats Stories March 25, 2019

Last week, a report suggested that Apple is planning to release a “truly wireless” version of Beats Powerbeats headphones next month. Today’s release of iOS 12.2 includes imagery of the new headphones, which we now know will be called Powerbeats Pro.

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