Music Stories April 20

Apple events and product introduction videos are well known for using excellent music. They fill up many of our music libraries. The company does an incredible job curating the perfect tunes. Instead of having to Shazam each song from today’s special event or going over to Apple’s YouTube channel, you can find all of the music that Apple used today directly below!

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Music Stories May 31, 2019

Inaccurate and missing metadata isn’t just a pain for music lovers – it can also cost artists, songwriters, and others billions in unpaid royalties from streaming music services, suggests a new report.

One example given was a musician who missed out on $40,000 in royalties because a clash between two different metadata databases removed many of his credits …

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Music Stories April 10, 2019

We’ve today been able to confirm that Apple is bringing new standalone media apps to macOS, including a Music app on the Mac.

That’s something I’ve been calling for since 2015.

Let’s have a new OS X Music app just like we got a new iOS one. Have it be a music player, and a means of transferring music to iOS devices, and nothing else. Strip away absolutely everything that isn’t about music.

I gave an exec summary of what I wanted from it back then, but now we know it’s finally happening, I thought I’d put together a more detailed wish-list for the upcoming app …

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Music Stories April 9, 2019

Digital music not necessarily better for the environment than physical media sales

With no physical media to manufacture and transport, you might expect digital music – whether downloads or streaming – to be better for the environment than old-school vinyl or CDs. But a new study suggests this isn’t necessarily the case.

It also gives an interesting insight into how much we have paid for music between phonograph cylinders in 1907 and streaming services like Apple Music today …

Music Stories April 2, 2019

When streaming music started to take off, there were many pundits suggesting that it would be the death of the music industry, with total revenues plunging. In fact, says the industry’s worldwide trade body, the opposite has been true.

Streaming music has seen total recording industry revenue rise for the fourth year running

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Music Stories March 12, 2019

The future of live music concerts could be each audience member enjoying their own personalized sound mix, all controlled by an app on their smartphone, says UK startup Peex.

Peex is currently trialling its tech at a number of concerts on Elton John’s farewell tour …

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