SoundCloud Stories July 18

AAPL: 150.08


Internet Archive backup of SoundCloud underway as layoffs create shutdown fears

Internet Archive, a group of volunteers aiming to preserve websites and services considered at risk of closure, has announced that it is beginning a partial backup copy of SoundCloud as of today …

SoundCloud Stories July 6

AAPL: 142.73


SoundCloud lays off 40 percent of staff as it commits to remaining independent

As its struggles continue, SoundCloud is cutting some 40 percent of its staff according to a new report from Bloomberg. The move comes as the company looks to become profitable amid growing competition from Apple Music and Spotify.

SoundCloud Stories May 3

AAPL: 147.06


The Upload is SoundCloud’s answer to Spotify’s Discover Weekly

SoundCloud has unveiled a new feature today to help listeners discover even more new music. The Upload is SoundCloud’s answer to the music discovery playlists that have become popular with other streaming services. By analyzing what its users are already interested in, The Upload will recommend new content that has been added to SoundCloud within the last few days.


SoundCloud Stories April 1

AAPL: 143.66


SoundCloud for iOS adds Chromecast support, shared playback, more

Despite doom and gloom reports, SoundCloud is moving forward with new features for its iOS app. The company this week is rolling a new update to the app that adds one highly missed features: Chromecast support.

SoundCloud Stories March 11

AAPL: 139.14


SoundCloud reportedly considering selling for as little as $250M as its struggles continue

As it faces increased competition from services like Apple Music and Spotify, SoundCloud is reportedly running out of money. According to a new report from Recode, SoundCloud has been trying to raise more than $100 million since last summer, but has ultimately been unable to do so…

SoundCloud Stories February 28

AAPL: 136.99


SoundCloud Go introduces new cheaper $5/month plan w/ limited catalog

After first introducing its $10/month ‘SoundCloud Go’ subscription service last March, the company is today introducing a mid-tier offering at a cheaper $5-6 price point with a limited catalog.

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