SoundCloud today announced that it’s launching an iPhone version of the ‘Pulse’ app for creators that it first launched back in November for Android users.

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The Pulse app gives SoundCloud users a dedicated app for managing uploaded content and user profiles separate from the main SoundCloud app on mobile devices where users mainly go to listen, share, and comment.

In addition to managing content, creators can use the Pulse app to interact with fans by replying to comments, view stats, and share content publicly and privately with others. There are also some profile management/admin features with the ability to follow/block users and delete comments. You just need to download the free Pulse app and sign-in with your SoundCloud account to get started.

You can’t yet actually upload music from your iPhone, but that feature is on the way…

This is the first release of the app, but SoundCloud said previously it will be adding more features in the future including, “More in-depth stats, the ability to edit track information, expanded messaging capability” and “the ability to upload tracks.”

The new SoundCloud Pulse app or iPhone is available on the App Store now. There isn’t yet a dedicated iPad version.

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