Shortly after Apple’s decision to let free ad-supported iTunes Radio stations go away, Soundcloud today has introduced a new similar feature called Stations for free on its own music streaming platform. Users can launch a new track station based off of the current song they’re listening to and easily discover an endless stream of new music.

Soundcloud users no longer have to hunt for the next great song or worry about just playing what’s on their current Stream (Soundcloud’s equivalent of a timeline). This makes the music listening and discovery process much more smooth in general.

In initial testing, it appears that stations use a mix of your likes and previous listens to play other music you might like. A similar feature has existed on the web platform for a few months now, although not specifically titled as such. This is a solid competitive advantage that they should have introduced on all platforms months ago really, but as a frequent Soundcloud user I’m delighted to know there is a more consistent method to discover new favorites going forward.

Here’s how the new feature looks:

A close up screenshot showing Soundcloud on iOS' 'Start track station' feature

Bringing Stations to the Soundcloud mobile platform allows users to spend more time listening to new music instead of jumping between different streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. I personally use Soundcloud to find and stream all the electronic music I listen to since Pandora and Apple-related services (iTunes, iTunes Radio, iTunes Stations, and Beats 1) never seem to be as up-to-date with the latest in the genre, especially remixes.

Soundcloud is available for free from the App Store and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.