Misfit, makers of the popular Flash and Shine wearables for fitness and sleep tracking, today launched a new iOS app that turns its Flash hardware into a remote control for a connected iPhone’s camera, music functions, and more.

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Dubbed Misfit Link, the new app lets you control various functions on your iPhone using the company’s Flash wearable, a $50 wristband that offers various fitness and sleep tracking features: “use any Flash to take a selfie with your phone camera app or Snapchat; control your music with Spotify, Pandora, and more; or advance slides in a presentation. “

The music controls will work for Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, iTunes or Apple Music.

The company notes in its press release that it will also add more features to the app soon including integration with Logitech Harmony products and web automation service IFTTT.

Alongside the new Misfit Link app, the company unveiled new hardware called “Flash Link”. It’s essentially a smaller, strapless version of the Flash that comes with an included clip for attaching to clothing. At its core, the Flash Link is a perfect hardware button for the features in the new Misfit Link app, but it also includes fitness tracking features similar to the Flash band.

You can get the new Misfit Link app on the App Store now.

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