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Today’s KGI report is just the latest piece of evidence that Apple has serious plans to somehow work with 3D space. Acquisitions, supply chain reports, patents and even comments by Tim Cook all add up to a definite interest in something in the 3D space. The question is: what?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding terminology, so we thought it would be a good idea to start by distinguishing between the various terms being thrown around in this space – Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – before discussing Apple’s interest in 3D …

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Over the weekend, I broke down all of the details and differences between the new unlimited data plans being offered by the four major United States carriers. Of course, as I and many others were quick to point out, these plans aren’t technically unlimited as once you hit a certain amount of data, you may be throttled.

This made me wonder, how much data do you use on average per month?

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Last night, a new report from reliable Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claimed that the upcoming iPhone 8 would drop the Home button and Touch ID capabilities in favor of a new “function area.”

While ditching the Home button is something that has been rumored for a while, the notion that Apple may drop Touch ID is jarring. Kuo’s report, however, claimed that Apple would replace it with some sort of new biometric recognition.

Are you willing to give up Touch ID for new biometric tech and a function area on iPhone 8?

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An opinion piece we ran earlier this week on the so-called fake news problem generated a lot of discussion among the community and a lot of differing opinions: Why fake news is a huge threat to democracy and both Apple and the rest of us need to respond.

Should Apple and other tech companies have a responsibility to play a more active role in filtering out fake news from their platforms? Or should it be solely left up to the reader?

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Apple has big plans for original content this year and this week gave us a first look. It might have gotten its feet wet with the 808 documentary that it picked up for Apple Music, but new upcoming shows will be its first real step into original content with two series that should have much more mainstream appeal.

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One of the long-running rumors for the iPhone 8 is wireless charging. Though there has been some back and forth as to what exact wireless technology the device will use, wireless charging has been one of the most consistent rumors.

Earlier today, however, a report claimed that Apple would sell the wireless charging accessory separately from the iPhone 8 itself.

If Apple does sell wireless charging technology separately, would you pay for it?

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