Pinterest Stories September 30

Exposure to a massive amount of self-harm content on both Instagram and Pinterest played a key role in the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell, concluded an inquest.

Executives from both social media companies have admitted that the teenager was exposed to material she should not have been able to see, and apologized for the failings …

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Pinterest Stories September 20

Execs from Instagram and Pinterest have been ordered to appear before an inquest into the death of a 14-year-old girl, Molly Russell. Russell took her own life after using the apps to view extensive material on self-harm, depression, and suicide.

It’s the latest development in growing concerns about the impact of social media platforms on the mental health of teenagers, girls especially …

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Pinterest Stories January 31

Pinterest augmented reality expands from beauty products to furniture

It’s almost exactly two years since the first Pinterest augmented reality feature, allowing users to virtually try on different shades of lipstick – which followed a demo of the tech back in 2017. The company has now added a new AR feature, letting you see how furniture from major brands would look in your home …

Pinterest Stories September 22, 2020

iOS 14 is here and it brings a redesigned home screen with custom widgets that quickly became extremely popular among users. Having the ability to add multiple widgets to the iOS home screen made users look for design inspiration on Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest — which broke its daily download record on the App Store this week.

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Pinterest Stories June 1, 2020

If you’ve ever seen something and wondered where you could buy it, a new Pinterest feature aims to help …

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Pinterest Stories March 4, 2019

Expect to see more personalized shopping recommendations in Pinterest

You’re likely to see a greater number of personalized shopping recommendations in the Pinterest app as the company boosts its ecommerce efforts …

Pinterest Stories February 21, 2019

Pinterest said it’s so hard to remove anti-vax disinformation that it had to find a plan B

Image-sharing app Pinterest said that it has proven so difficult to identify and remove all the anti-vax disinformation that has been posted to the service that it’s had to find an unusual solution to the problem …

Pinterest Stories July 16, 2018

Read-it-later and bookmarking service Instapaper announced today that it will once again be an independent operation. Instapaper was mostly recently owned by social network Pinterest after an acquisition two years ago.

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Pinterest Stories July 11, 2018

Pinterest reinvents itself as a chatroom for group collaborative projects

The latest update to the Pinterest app effectively turns it into a dedicated chatroom for collaborative projects …

Pinterest Stories February 14, 2018

Pinterest is rolling out an update to its iOS and Android apps to allow greater control over your content.

At the bottom level, you’ll be able to rearrange pins – something the company says has been one of its most-requested features …

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Pinterest Stories November 14, 2017

Pinterest rolls out new Pincodes feature for easily accessing curated boards

Pinterest announced today that it is rolling out a new Pincodes feature to all users. The social network says this feature makes it easier to discover design ideas, recipes, and more.

Pinterest Stories September 20, 2017

Pinterest for iPad now lets you drag and drop from Safari to save pins on iOS 11 

iOS 11 brings desktop-class drag and drop support to the iPad, and Pinterest is using the new feature to make saving pins easier. The bookmarking app now lets you drag content from Safari directly into Pinterest to instantly create pins. You can use this new method in split view or with the new Dock on iOS 11.

Pinterest Stories August 16, 2017

Pinterest adds pinch to zoom on Pins for iOS app, visual search improvements

Pinterest is finally adding a long requested feature with the ability to zoom in on Pins using a pinch to zoom gesture on your iPhone or iPad.

Pinterest Stories June 21, 2017

Pinterest updates Lens feature with new design, tools, and categories

Pinterest launched its Lens feature earlier this year first as a beta, then to all users in March. In another update to Lens today, Pinterest is bringing a new design, improved camera tools, and new categories including fashion.

Pinterest Stories May 23, 2017

Pinterest expanding Lens feature to identify recipes, partnering with Epicurious and more for food ratings

Pinterest first started rolling out its new Lens feature back in February, and now the social network is expanding the visual discovery tool to identify recipes just by scanning foods.

Pinterest Stories May 9, 2017

Pinterest updates Lens feature w/ QR code support, multiple object recognition, more

Earlier this year, Pinterest introduced a new Lens visual discovery feature, allowing users to easily find design inspiration using their iPhone camera. Now, the company is adding new features to its Lens tool, as it announced in a blog post earlier today.

Pinterest Stories March 10, 2017

Pinterest launching its new Lens visual discovery feature to all U.S. users with new features

Pinterest introduced a new point-and-shoot discovery tool in February called Lens that lets you use your iPhone camera to find design inspiration and more. Now Pinterest is officially launching its new Lens feature to all users in the United States on iOS and Android.

Pinterest Stories February 8, 2017


Pinterest is introducing a new feature for its iOS app called Lens. Rolling out now as a beta feature, Lens lets you point your camera at your surroundings to discover new design ideas based on what it captures.

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Pinterest Stories August 23, 2016

pinterest header

Pinterest has purchased the popular read-it-later service Instapaper and plans to maintain the app and service for users. The purchase comes three years after Betaworks, the firm behind Digg, bought Instapaper from creator Marco Arment who currently developes the popular podcast player Overcast.

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Pinterest Stories April 19, 2016

Pinterest announces complete overhaul of iOS app with performance & visual improvements

Popular social network Pinterest has today announced a major update to its iOS app. In a blog post, the company detailed all of the changes coming with today’s update, including a refreshed interface, better localization for different markets, and more.

Pinterest Stories November 9, 2015


If you’ve ever been browsing Pinterest and spotted a lamp you really like in a shot of someone’s living room, or a bag you love in a street shot, the iOS app now has a tool designed to help. Just tap the search tool in the corner of the photo, highlight the object of interest and the app will search its product database to try to identify it …  expand full story

Pinterest Stories September 16, 2015

Pinterest updated for iOS 9 w/ Spotlight search, 3D Touch on iPhone 6s, more

Pinterest just announced an updated iOS app that introduces a number of new features just in time for Apple’s release of iOS 9 today. The app gets support for iOS 9 features, starting with the ability to search for Pins, Pinners, and boards you’ve viewed from within iOS’s new Spotlight search:

As you view Pins, Pinners and boards, you’ll be able to search for them later right from your iPhone or iPad’s search screen. If you’re planning a Halloween costume and know you’ve seen good ideas on Pinterest, search “costume” and we’ll show you search results right on your phone. The more Pins you view on Pinterest, the more you can search for them from your phone.

In addition, the updated app makes use of the iPhone 6s 3D Touch feature by allowing quick access to the most used features with a press and hold of the Pinterest app icon from the home screen:

If you have a new iPhone with 3D Touch, you can press and hold the Pinterest app icon from your iPhone’s home screen to quickly search for Pins, create a board or see what’s popular on Pinterest… Once you’re in the app, you can press any Pin to get a bigger preview and quickly Pin, like or send. Press the board name to get a preview of the board it came from.

And lastly, the new app supports “universal links,” which means you’ll now be taken directly to the app when clicking a Pinterest link from anywhere on your iPhone, instead of being redirected from Safari first.

The updated Pinterest app is available on the App Store now.

Read our full walkthrough of new features in iOS 9 here.

Pinterest Stories July 23, 2015

Pinterest for iOS updated with enhanced Pin button extension

The iOS 8 update last year introduced the ability for third-party apps to extend their apps to share sheets in other apps just like Messages, Mail, Facebook, and other apps. Pinterest was ready on day one with an iOS app extension in the form of a Pin button that allowed you to “pin” content from Safari to your account.

Today its introducing an enhanced version of that Pin button just as functional as the web version with the ability to “edit descriptions of Pins, create new boards and choose from multiple images in a new grid format.” This should make it easier to save content for viewing later, tagging it with a proper description, and putting in somewhere where you can find it safely later when using the service.

You can download the latest version of Pinterest with the enhanced Pin button share extension for free from the App Store, and Pinterest has created a helpful image that shows how to enable any supported extension on iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:


Pinterest Stories July 8, 2015

Pinterest announces IFTTT & Polyvore apps as first developer platform integrations

After introducing a new developers platform and SDK in May, Pinterest is today announcing a couple of the first integrations developers have come up with starting with popular automation platform IFTTT and community based shopping/fashion site Polyvore.

For IFTTT, the service that lets users automate common web and app-based tasks based on a set of rules known as “recipes”, users will now be able to link products and devices on Pinterest to their automated workflows. The company shared some examples: automatically save Pins to a board from simple actions in other apps such as liking a photo on Instagram, upvoting a post on Reddit or favoriting an item on Etsy. There are more than 20 Recipes to choose from starting today. The Pinterest integration for IFTTT is available through desktop and the service’s mobile apps.

For Polyvore, users can login to the site using their Pinterest account to quickly and easily get access to pinning items from the fashion community/shopping site to Pinterest boards via the company’s iOS app.

In addition, Pinterest noted that new SDKs and documentation for developers are available to all through the company’s new developers site. The new SDKs give devs access to the Pin It button and JS and OAuth support.

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