Pinterest Stories September 22, 2020

iOS 14 is here and it brings a redesigned home screen with custom widgets that quickly became extremely popular among users. Having the ability to add multiple widgets to the iOS home screen made users look for design inspiration on Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest — which broke its daily download record on the App Store this week.

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Pinterest Stories June 1, 2020

If you’ve ever seen something and wondered where you could buy it, a new Pinterest feature aims to help …

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Pinterest Stories March 4, 2019

Expect to see more personalized shopping recommendations in Pinterest

You’re likely to see a greater number of personalized shopping recommendations in the Pinterest app as the company boosts its ecommerce efforts …

Pinterest Stories February 21, 2019

Pinterest said it’s so hard to remove anti-vax disinformation that it had to find a plan B

Image-sharing app Pinterest said that it has proven so difficult to identify and remove all the anti-vax disinformation that has been posted to the service that it’s had to find an unusual solution to the problem …

Pinterest Stories July 16, 2018

Read-it-later and bookmarking service Instapaper announced today that it will once again be an independent operation. Instapaper was mostly recently owned by social network Pinterest after an acquisition two years ago.

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Pinterest Stories July 11, 2018

Pinterest reinvents itself as a chatroom for group collaborative projects

The latest update to the Pinterest app effectively turns it into a dedicated chatroom for collaborative projects …

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