Pinterest just announced an updated iOS app that introduces a number of new features just in time for Apple’s release of iOS 9 today. The app gets support for iOS 9 features, starting with the ability to search for Pins, Pinners, and boards you’ve viewed from within iOS’s new Spotlight search:

As you view Pins, Pinners and boards, you’ll be able to search for them later right from your iPhone or iPad’s search screen. If you’re planning a Halloween costume and know you’ve seen good ideas on Pinterest, search “costume” and we’ll show you search results right on your phone. The more Pins you view on Pinterest, the more you can search for them from your phone.

In addition, the updated app makes use of the iPhone 6s 3D Touch feature by allowing quick access to the most used features with a press and hold of the Pinterest app icon from the home screen:

If you have a new iPhone with 3D Touch, you can press and hold the Pinterest app icon from your iPhone’s home screen to quickly search for Pins, create a board or see what’s popular on Pinterest… Once you’re in the app, you can press any Pin to get a bigger preview and quickly Pin, like or send. Press the board name to get a preview of the board it came from.

And lastly, the new app supports “universal links,” which means you’ll now be taken directly to the app when clicking a Pinterest link from anywhere on your iPhone, instead of being redirected from Safari first.

The updated Pinterest app is available on the App Store now.

Read our full walkthrough of new features in iOS 9 here.

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