If you’ve ever been browsing Pinterest and spotted a lamp you really like in a shot of someone’s living room, or a bag you love in a street shot, the iOS app now has a tool designed to help. Just tap the search tool in the corner of the photo, highlight the object of interest and the app will search its product database to try to identify it … 


Pinterest says that it has so far indexed a billion of the 50 billion images posted to the service, and in time aims to index them all.

While the new feature will be useful to users, it’s of course also designed to help the company monetise the platform. It added Buyable Pins back in June, together with curated shopping lists for various product categories. The company also updated the app for iOS 9 in September, adding Spotlight search and support for 3D Touch.

Pinterest is a free download from iTunes, and the new version will be rolling out later today.

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