Tidal Stories May 28

TIDAL is known for its HiFi plan, which allows users to stream high-fidelity, lossless audio. The company has announced today that it is expanding Dolby Atmos compatibility for sound bars and set-top boxes, enabling immersive sound on more devices, including the Apple TV 4K.

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Tidal Stories October 10, 2019

Tidal offers discounted pricing to first responders for regular and HiFi plans

In honor of National First Responder’s Day later this month, streaming music service Tidal is announcing 40% off for both its premium and HiFi plans for firefighters, police officers, and EMT/EMS in the US.

Tidal Stories March 11, 2019

Tidal has announced that its highest-quality streaming format – Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) – is now supported by the iPhone.

MQA had previously been limited to higher-end music players and hi-fi systems, but support was added to the Android app in January, and has been added to the iOS app today …

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Tidal Stories November 29, 2018

Plex now offers Tidal integration, with savings of up to $60 a year

Plex users can now stream Tidal music – in either standard or hi-def formats – without leaving the Plex app. You can also save money by buying Plex and Tidal bundles …

Tidal Stories May 16, 2018

Tidal’s struggles continue today as a new report claims the streaming music platform is months behind on royalty payments. According to Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, the Jay-Z-owned streaming service is over six months behind on payments to several labels…

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Tidal Stories December 22, 2017

12 days of free Tidal HiFi service is a good opportunity to try out lossless streaming

If you’ve ever wondered how well a lossless streaming music service works, and whether you’d hear the difference, Tidal is giving you a chance to find out – without handing over credit card details …

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