Plex Stories August 24, 2022

A Plex data breach has exposed usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. The scale of the security failure is not yet known, but the company is requiring all users to change their passwords.

The issue was compounded by Plex servers not having sufficient capacity to cope with the number of users attempting to do so, and a series of other problems …

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Plex Stories April 7, 2022

Plex is out today with a big update to its platform UI including its Apple TV and Android TV apps. The changes bring two new sections called Plex Discover and Universal Watchlist to offer a more seamless experience finding, saving, and watching movies and TV shows no matter what service they’re on.

Update 4/7: Plex users have spoken out about an issue for children with the new Watchlist being a backdoor into watching restricted content.

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Plex Stories August 19, 2021

Plex launches a build your own UI experience including new ‘Modern Layout’ for Apple TV app

Plex is out today with a major update to the user interface for its Apple TV and Roku apps. Along with a new “Modern Layout” option, the UI can be customized with options for the app/home background and details background.

Plex Stories August 12, 2021

Plex using sonic analysis for upgraded Plexamp music app with related tracks and mixes

Plex is out today with an upgrade for its Plexamp music app that brings an advanced neural network to sonically analyze your library to rich features like similar artists, albums, and tracks, custom mixes, and more.

Plex Stories July 10, 2021

With the power of current Apple Silicon based Macs, and the next generation Apple Silicon computers that could be coming later this year, plenty of Intel-based computers will be left without a purpose. So why not convert your old computer into your own Netflix-like streaming service using Plex?

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Plex Stories April 14, 2021

Plex raises $50M for its mission to become the ‘best content enjoyment platform’

After launching a game service and Apple TV app integration, popular media platform Plex is out today with the news that it has raised $50 million in funding to advance its goal to become the top content platform on the market.

Plex Stories March 4, 2021

Last month, Plex began beta testing integration with Apple’s TV app, but some of the specifics were unclear. Plex has now confirmed to 9to5Mac that it’s now rolling out integration between the TV app and its free on-demand video streaming service. Here’s what that means.

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Plex Stories January 26, 2021

Plex has built a following over the years as one of the best options to curate your media collection and make it available to stream across your Apple and other devices. Now the company is diving into gaming with a notable partnership with Atari to bring some of the most classic games to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more as well as giving users the ability to store and play their own ROM games.

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Plex Stories September 6, 2020

When I moved in 2013, I decided I was done with physical media for TV shows and movies and ripping all of my DVDs into digital format. I set up my first very Plex server running on an old MacBook Pro I had, and it worked well for several years. After that, I used an Nvidia Shield for several years and recently moved to an Intel NUC with a 14 TB external drive to house all of my media. I then have my setup rounded out with a Backblaze subscription to keep everything backed up. Plex is an essential part of my media life for TV and Movies. Earlier this year, I added a new type of media to my server: Plex audiobooks with the Prologue app.

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Plex Stories July 23, 2020

Plex launches free Live TV on iPhone, Apple TV, web without a tuner or antenna

Plex is out with a nice update for its platform that sees free Live TV arrive for users around the world. The new ad-supported feature will include content from more than 80 channels and is available now on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Roku, the web, and doesn’t require a tuner or digital antenna.

Plex Stories April 16, 2020

Plex debuts new Plexamp audio and Plex Dash server management apps for iPhone and iPad

Plex has released a pair of new applications today through Plex Labs, which is its “playground for new apps.” The first new app today is a completely new version of Plexamp, alongside Plex Dash.

Plex Stories March 25, 2020

Plex makes Live TV feature free for 3 months, here’s how to get set up on Mac, iPhone, Apple TV

Plex offers a mix of free content through its platform, but to access all of the service’s features, like Live TV, you normally need a Plex Pass paid subscription. Today the company has announced, in light of the global coronavirus crisis, that it will make its Live TV feature free to Plex users for three months. Follow along for how to get set up with the functionality.

Plex Stories January 8, 2020

Plex has dramatically expanded its focus on streaming in recent months, and now it’s taking things even further. At CES this week, Plex has teased the next steps in its efforts to become a one-stop-shop for streaming content, including subscription services, rentals and purchases, and more.

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Plex Stories December 4, 2019

After teasing partnerships with major movie studios over the last several months, Plex today is officially launching its new ad-support video on demand service. Starting today, the Plex streaming service is available worldwide and completely free to anyone with a Plex account.

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Plex Stories October 2, 2019

Plex iOS and tvOS update lets users schedule recordings while watching Live TV

Popular media player, Plex, has released an update for iOS and tvOS that allows users to schedule recordings without missing out on Live TV. The update also brings a variety of bug fixes.

Plex Stories September 18, 2019

Plex continues to expand its free collection of streaming films. The company announced today that it has partnered with Lionsgate to make a collection of free movies available to Plex users around the world.

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Plex Stories August 29, 2019

Plex announced today that it has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. to make a collection of feature films available to Plex users for free. This means that you’ll soon be able to access a “package of feature film titles” from Warner Bros. via the Plex application on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more.

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Plex Stories August 21, 2019

Some major usability improvements to the Plex iOS app should make a big difference to users of the popular media-management platform.

The sidebar navigation is now customizable. You can, for example, change the order of your libraries and pin your favorites from all your servers…

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Plex Stories August 15, 2019

Plex launches new desktop app for Mac with offline viewing, ending HTPC support for PC-connected TVs

Plex has made its latest desktop app available today for macOS and Windows. The new version includes the option to download your content for offline viewing, along with other features that are found in the Plex Media Player. The company has also announced that it will end updates for the Plex Media Player in January 2020 which will eventually bring an end to HTPC support for PC-connected TVs.

Plex Stories July 26, 2019

Using a dedicated device like a Synology NAS drive to host your Plex media library offers a variety of advantages over using a Mac. In addition to being able to configure a large amount of storage at a low cost and freeing up your desktop or notebook from the workload, a Plex setup with a NAS drive offers features like 4K video transcoding, the ability to record TV shows for free, and much more. Read along with our detailed guide on how to set up Plex on a Synology NAS drive.

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Plex Stories July 17, 2019

Plex has announced a pair of notable updates for its apps on iOS and Apple TV today. Today’s updates make further improvements to Plex’s enhanced video player on Apple TV, and add support for Touch ID and Face ID on iOS.

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Plex Stories May 23, 2019

Plex update brings improved iOS controls and Apple TV audio features, more

Plex is out today with an update to several platforms including iOS, Apple TV, and the web. iOS now has improved controls like a new volume UI, while Plex users on Apple TV gain features like gapless playback, soft pauses, enhancements to Hi-Quality playback, and more.

Plex Stories May 1, 2019

Plex brings Split View and Slide Over to iPad and more with latest iOS update

Popular media app Plex has received an update for iOS today that brings Split View and Slide Over support to iPad along with other small changes, and a host of bug fixes.

Plex Stories April 3, 2019

Plex today announced a major overhaul of its application for Apple TV. The new version is available now to beta testers and focuses on making it easier access content from different sources, while also unifying the experience across all platforms.

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