Angela-Ahrendts An SEC filing has revealed that Apple granted its incoming retail Angela Ahrendts 113,334 shares in the company. At today’s price (which hit $600 for the first time since the end of 2012), that comes out to about $68 million. Of course, as usual, she’ll need to wait to get the full payout—in this case the stocks will fully vest in 2018.

For comparison, John Browett, the company’s former retail chief, got 100,000 shares when he joined the company, or about $61 million at the time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.51.57 PM

Ahrendts officially joined Apple last week after being announced as the company’s new Senior Vice President of Retail in October of last year. Apple had been without an executive filling that role since John Browett was ousted October of 2012 following a campaign by Apple employees to have him removed from the position over unpopular changes Browett had made during his short time with the company.


Apple CEO Tim Cook praised Ahrendts last year, saying “she shares [Apple’s] values and focus on innovation” and citing her desire to create an excellent customer experience as a factor in her selection.

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23 Responses to “Apple welcomes new Senior VP Angela Ahrendts with 113,334 AAPL shares worth $68M”

  1. Did Browett’s shares vest?


  2. This is really not normal. Why are we accepting this? Why we still buying there product… this really sucks. This is way to much money. Nobody is so much more worth then an average engineer. CRAZY. Disgusted


  3. Imagine if Ahrendts got paid lower than the previous guy because she’s a woman?


  4. That’s a lot of money. Hope she does a great job.


  5. thats insane, she did nothing yet and took millions.


  6. What point does the information actually make? Other than the fact that it’s a huge amt that almost many SVPs in the organization get for their work.


  7. I could make a nice living out of joining companies getting millions in shares for doing nothing then leaving. Where do i sign up?


  8. Dave Huntley says:

    Is this common practice everywhere, or just an Apple thing? I mean on day 1, before she knows where the bathroom is, they give her the diamond crusted parachute?

    I am not sure that this encourages me to buy Apple products, it just seems follish, greedy and something from the days of imperial Rome. The Emporor favours his few while the city burns…


  9. LP (@lowp3) says:

    I think you guys are missing the point here. She was the CEO for a great global brand, in order to recruit the best you have to pay. That’s a formality


  10. The shares don’t vest until 2018. So she has to last at least 4 years before she a dime of that 68M. And if Apple is like most companies you only get a quarter of it every 4 years.


    • danbridgland says:

      The shares won’t fully vest is 2018, there’s very likely stages of vesting.

      Staged vesting over a medium to long period of time is like the dangling carrot – so long as there’s something to look forward to there’s a reduced likelihood of the individual wanting to leave.

      There’s certainly to be another share award within the next 12-18 months, vesting a further 12-18 months along. That’s just how things roll at these dizzy and demanding heights.