Wi-Fi Stories May 12

A security researcher with a solid track record in discovering Wi-Fi vulnerabilities has discovered new ones, some of which are part of the core security protocols of the Wi-Fi standard, so are present in virtually every device from 1997 onwards.

The flaws could be exploited to steal sensitive data, control smart home devices, and even take over some computers. There are, however, two pieces of good news. First, the real-life risks for ordinary users are very small. Second, it’s easy to protect yourself against even these small risks …

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Wi-Fi Stories February 3, 2020

Future Wi-Fi devices could get thousands of antennae thanks to MIT invention

Future Wi-Fi devices could literally get thousands of antennae to improve signal quality, thanks to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) invention…

Wi-Fi Stories August 1, 2019

An AirDrop security flaw can allow anyone with a laptop and scanning software to see your phone number. The same is true when you share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone.

Doing the same from a Mac reveals its permanent MAC address instead…

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Wi-Fi Stories July 24, 2019

Apple and other tech giants are calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make available an extra Wi-Fi band, arguing that it is needed for new technology categories like mobile AR and VR goggles.

The FCC last year provisionally approved the use of the 6GHz band for so-called unlicensed use, which would mean it could join 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands in being used for Wi-Fi. But there has been pushback from the cellular industry and others …

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Wi-Fi Stories July 22, 2019

Sunday marked an important anniversary for both Apple and for the wider world: it saw the launch of Wi-Fi as a commercial product, in the iBook.

When Steve Jobs returned to the company, he famously drew a four-box grid on a whiteboard to show how he wanted to simplify Apple’s messy product line-up … expand full story

Wi-Fi Stories January 22, 2019

Wifi Porter is a cute wooden Wi-Fi puck that lets you share your wifi without a password

Sharing your Wi-Fi connection with visitors got much easier as of iOS 11, thanks to a pop-up asking you if you’d like to allow a visiting iOS device to join. But a new gadget makes the process even easier, and works for Android phones too …

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