Photo: Business Insider

Photo: Business Insider

With Apple due to report its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, Fortune has been doing its usual analyst temperature-taking. The 37 analysts who have responded so far expect an average of $43.5B, toward the high end of the $42-44B Apple told the market to expect.

So what are our analysts expecting this week? No surprises, that’s for sure. The average revenue estimate of the 37 analysts we’ve heard from so far — 14 amateurs and 23 pros — is 43.5 billion, just above the midpoint of Oppenheimer’s range.

The amateurs, as usual, are a bit more bullish. They’re calling for earnings of $10.53 per share on sales of $43.66 billion. The pros are not far behind: earnings of $10.18 on sales of $43.42 billion …

Analysts last week predicted quarterly iPhone sales of 38.19M, just two percent up year-on-year. Worse, the consensus view is for iPad sales of 19.3M, representing a small year-on-year decline.

If the estimates are correct, it will add to the pressure on Apple to launch new products, with the market paying close attention to Apple’s guidance for Q3. In last year’s Q2 earnings call, Tim Cook promised “really great stuff […] across all of 2014.” If anything new is launching in the first half of the year, that should be reflected in Apple’s earnings guidance for its fiscal Q3: April to June.

Based on rumors to date, an iWatch announcement (perhaps at WWDC, but no expectations) would appear to be the only potential candidate for a new product category on sale in this time period.

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One Response to “Wall Street expecting AAPL earnings toward the high end of Apple’s guidance”

  1. Ward Curry says:

    Expect Mac sales for the quarter to be much higher than expected….the Mac is making a comeback – in a huge way!! Thanks to Retina MacBook line and new Mac Pros!