photography Stories April 27

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I’ve always been a keen photographer. At 14, my father bought me an old fully-manual film SLR, and my aunt gave me her old darkroom equipment, so my bedroom became a darkroom with a bed in the corner.

When the first DLSRs hit the market, I waited impatiently for them to drop below the $1000 mark. That early Nikon D70 was replaced by a D3 which I still have today. If you had suggested then that it could be just a few short years before cameraphones could replace a DSLR, I’d have laughed.

But camera technology has developed at an astonishing pace. That D3 already spends most of its time gathering dust in a drawer. My Sony a6300 compact camera delivers near-identical results in most situations. And the camera I use most on an everyday basis is my iPhone.

There are just four remaining pieces of the puzzle before an iPhone can replace a DSLR, and it looks to me like we’re just 2-3 years away from cracking all of them …

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photography Stories April 26

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The move by Apple and other smartphone manufacturers to dual cameras could be just the start, suggests a CNET piece. It argues that future smartphones could have three, four, five or more cameras …

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

photography Stories April 24

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Unusually for me, there aren’t many words in this drone diary – mostly I’m going to let the video do the talking!

When I reviewed the Litchi app last time – an app that lets the drone fly completely autonomously on a pre-programmed path – I mentioned a plan I had in mind for a future project at that tumbledown castle.

The plan was to take a dancer there and shoot a dance routine from the air in a beautiful setting. This required the cooperation of the weather, but it all came together earlier this month. It was a lot of fun, and I think the result really shows the value of a video camera you’re able to position exactly where you want it – whether up high or down low …

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photography Stories March 6

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Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop Lightroom for iOS that includes more powerful tools for shooting on the iPhone. Authentic HDR is a new mode that rivals competing high-dynamic-range methods. Version 2.7 also includes exporting raw images and a new widget for 3D Touch and the Today view in Notification Center.

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photography Stories January 3

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Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign certainly helps promote the capabilities of what has been described as the world’s most popular camera, and they can also inspire iPhone owners to up their own photographic game. In the latest offering (via CNN), Apple partnered with 15 photographers around the world to capture the new year’s even festivities in cities ranging from Sydney, Australia, to Iceland.

But if the spectacular fireworks photos in particular inspired you to take your own shots next time you attend a display, you should know that there’s a little more to it than just pointing your iPhone at the sky and hoping for the best …

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