photography Stories August 16, 2021

Apple introduced a major photography upgrade to iOS in 2019 with Night Mode on the iPhone 11. Extremely low light shots that would otherwise be lost to the limits of small camera sensors instantly became shareable. Except, some shots aren’t so post-worthy with Night Mode applied to the camera…

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photography Stories January 21, 2021

Fuzion launched back in 2019 as a super efficient and fun way to create unique images with double exposures and image blending. It was originally just compatible with iPhones that could take Portrait mode photos. Now with a major update, Fuzion is compatible with all iPhones and isn’t limited to official Portrait mode images. The update also brings other neat features like a text tool, stickers, fresh UI, and more.

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photography Stories December 23, 2020

Tested: Smartta SliderMini 2, for smooth panning video shots

The Smartta SliderMini 2 is a portable, motorized, iPhone-controlled version of a piece of film-making kit that is usually none of those things. It can be used with anything from an iPhone to a mirrorless camera to a DSLR …

photography Stories February 18, 2020

Today PolarPro launched its LiteChaser Pro photo and video kits for the iPhone 11 with special introductory pre-order pricing. The kits feature a specialized case that can accommodate a detachable grip, along with either a circular polarizer or variable ND filter.

If you currently use or aspire to use your iPhone for serious photography or videography, then these kits might come in handy. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for more details. expand full story

photography Stories September 26, 2019

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro introduce a new Night mode feature for capturing impossible low light shots that wouldn’t be usable otherwise. The telephoto lens on new Max models also captures more light without Night mode thanks to its ƒ/2.0 aperture compared to ƒ/2.4 on iPhone XS Max.

Both camera improvements make the iPhone 11 lineup ideal for catching a memorable photo in a dark concert venue, and the standard wide lens is no slouch. The awesome music and travel photographer Ryan Russell has the shot to prove it.

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photography Stories August 30, 2019

A quick play this week with NeuralCam suggested it might be in with a shot of being the best iPhone camera app for night shots — but I needed to put that to the test.

I did a comparison with five other camera apps — including the stock one — to see how each fared with two different types of night shot…

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photography Stories August 27, 2019

NeuralCam is an iPhone app that aims to bring to the iPhone the kind of ultra-low-light capabilities we’ve seen in some recent Android smartphones.

Modern iPhones have gotten better and better at handling low-light photos. I put that to the test soon after I got my iPhone X, and wrote then about how impressed I was when testing it on some after-sunset shots…

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photography Stories March 25, 2019

Darkroom is an approachable yet powerful photo editor on the iPhone and, as of version 4.0, the iPad where it really shines. Darkroom 4.1 is out today with a collection of new features that help extend the app across iOS.

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photography Stories February 28, 2019

Nearly two years ago former Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With launched Halide, the beautiful pro camera app for iPhone that’s proven both popular and powerful. Today the duo is launching their second app, a companion camera called Spectre that focuses on intelligent long exposure photography.

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photography Stories January 21, 2019

A new photography app for iOS called Fuzion is set to be released this Thursday, January 23. It uses TrueDepth camera data from new iPhones to seamlessly create stunning images by automatically taking the silhouette from Portrait mode photos and removing the background. User’s can then easily blend the silhouette with another image and even add overlays.

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photography Stories November 19, 2018

The awesome iPhone photo editor Darkroom is coming to the iPad soon, and today we’re seeing a sneak peek of what to expect from Darkroom for iPad. Darkroom 4 is also looking for beta testers to put the app through its paces before release.

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photography Stories October 12, 2018

Photo app Luminar introduces AI Sky Enhancer to quickly and easily edit skies with a slider

Luminar for Mac is today getting a significant update that makes editing photos within the app much improved and easier than before. The headlining feature of this update is called AI Sky Enhancer.

photography Stories October 4, 2018

259 people died while trying to take extreme selfies, says report

The desire for ever more extreme selfies has so far resulted in 259 deaths, says a new report cited by the US National Library of Medicine …

photography Stories October 2, 2018

A filmmaker and colorist who put the iPhone XS low-light video capabilities to the test says that the results are so good that it may be better to simply let the camera app do its own thing than to use flat or gamma log in something like FiLMiC Pro …

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Apple touted the improved capabilities of the iPhone XS camera during the launch, and shared a ‘Shot on iPhone XS‘ video. We’ve also shared some of our own sample photos, together with a hands-on of the real-time preview of apparent depth of field effects.

Apple has now shared iPhone XS photo examples, shot not by the company but rather by owners of the phone from around the world …

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photography Stories August 2, 2018

A German photographer and film director has said that phone photography is not photography, giving three reasons for his claim …

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photography Stories July 23, 2018

Sony shows clever 48MP smartphone camera sensor that could be used in future iPhones

Apple has long used Sony to supply its camera sensors, and the Japanese company has today announced its highest ever resolution option for smartphones …

photography Stories June 14, 2018

Apple has just posted five new photography tutorial videos for the iPhone X – though they are equally applicable to other iPhones. The videos cover a creative way to shoot panoramic photos, using burst mode to capture action shots, how to get a dramatic slow-motion video clips and using backlighting to add drama.

There’s also a timely bonus video …

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photography Stories March 29, 2018

Darkroom’s latest update brings creative control to the iPhone’s Portrait Mode capabilities. By taking a Portrait Mode photo’s depth data, Darkroom 3.5 can now independently apply adjustments to the foreground and background of an image. The new update also brings extended-range RAW support, depth-aware premium filters, and a slew of fixes.

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photography Stories March 6, 2018

Halide launched as a gorgeous, gesture-based iPhone app almost one year ago, and the camera app continues to receive major updates and new features. Today’s Halide 1.7 release includes an advanced portrait mode feature, an AR depth viewer, and much more.

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photography Stories November 2, 2017

Created by former Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With, Halide is a beautiful iPhone camera app with gesture-based pro controls that launched earlier this year. With the release of the all-screen iPhone X tomorrow, Halide is out with a major update featuring a new user interface designed from scratch for the new device.

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photography Stories October 25, 2017

If you’re looking to shoot 4K video from a sedate position, your iPhone already has you covered. The latest iPhone 8 and upcoming iPhone X both offer 4K video recording at up to 60fps for buttery-smooth slo-mo. But if you’re looking to ride a mountain bike (or, indeed, a commuter bike on London’s potholed streets), abseil off a building or do anything else adventurous, you probably want a dedicated action cam.

You know a company has really hit the big time once people start using the brand name as a generic name for the product category. Biro and Hoover are the obvious examples from years gone by, but one of the best examples in today’s world is GoPro. Half the time people refer to ‘a GoPro,’ they really mean it as a generic term for a compact action cam …

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photography Stories October 2, 2017

With more and more people relying on their smartphone as both their camera and camcorder, the performance of the cameras is ever more important. A video shootout between the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 found a number of interesting differences between them.

The test found that there were areas where Samsung has an edge, but overall it’s clear that the iPhone emerged the winner …

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photography Stories September 19, 2017

We noted in our review roundup that TechCrunch said the iPhone 8 Plus is all about the camera, and CNETs senior photographer James Martin decided to give it a thorough test. He spent three days shooting more than 2,000 images before reaching his verdict.

I set out on an adventure in and around San Francisco, CNET’s hometown, to capture the city’s eclectic mix of architecture, landmarks and natural beauty — testing a range of lighting conditions, photography modes and filters.

I boated on San Francisco Bay, fished on Ocean Beach, biked around Angel Island and walked through Chinatown with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 8 Plus in hand …

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