photography Stories September 19

AAPL: 158.73


We noted in our review roundup that TechCrunch said the iPhone 8 Plus is all about the camera, and CNETs senior photographer James Martin decided to give it a thorough test. He spent three days shooting more than 2,000 images before reaching his verdict.

I set out on an adventure in and around San Francisco, CNET’s hometown, to capture the city’s eclectic mix of architecture, landmarks and natural beauty — testing a range of lighting conditions, photography modes and filters.

I boated on San Francisco Bay, fished on Ocean Beach, biked around Angel Island and walked through Chinatown with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 8 Plus in hand …

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photography Stories September 5

AAPL: 162.08


While all eyes are on the iPhone 8/Edition due to be announced next week, Apple is of course already working on next year’s models. A supply-chain report hints at one new feature: a camera offering more than 12MP resolution …

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

photography Stories August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Quickshot is a new camera app for the iPhone from Lightricks, the makers of the popular Facetune and Enlight photo editing apps. Quickshot features four AI-powered modes with auto adjustment features as well as a photo gallery with batch editing tools.

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photography Stories August 17

AAPL: 157.86


A total solar eclipse – the entire sun blocked by the passage of the moon – is one of the most awe-inspiring natural events you can experience. I travelled to Germany to view one in 1999, and I remember it vividly today. The light getting gradually dimmer and dimmer, a deep twilight and then the sudden and dramatic transition into total darkness.

Monday will see America’s first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in almost a century. You need to be in quite a narrow band of the U.S. to experience the totality (see map below), but you can experience a partial eclipse from anywhere in the country …

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photography Stories August 14

AAPL: 159.85


One of the problems of being a keen photographer is that it’s easy to slip into a mode where you treat every photograph as if it were a professional assignment. You can end up carrying around a lot of kit, and then spending a lot of time editing photos.

I now make a conscious effort to decide my objective in advance. Is it artistic – where the kit and the time will be justified by the result – or am I simply seeking to capture a memory of an event, aka a snapshot?

Even for proper photography, I rarely carry a DSLR these days: my trusty Sony a6300 copes with most things. But when I’m just after a snapshot, I try to keep things simple …

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photography Stories August 3

AAPL: 155.57


Beyond Portrait Mode … next-generation computational photography technique demonstrated [Video]

A former Google SVP recently praised Apple’s use of computational photography to achieve shallow depth of field shots with the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. A research team has now developed a next-generation computational photography technique that allows you change the perspective of a photograph after it has been taken – including achieving effects not possible with conventional cameras …

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