If you’ve ever used Photoshop to select a person in order to place them on a different background, you’ll know what a fiddly and time-consuming process it can be. Adobe has announced an upcoming feature to allow you to get most of the job done with a single click …


We’re excited to give you a sneak peek into one of the new functionalities coming to Photoshop CC. Select Subject, powered by Adobe Sensei, is a tool that enables users to make their selections in one click. With Select Subject, you’ll be able to get started with your selections faster than ever before.

An impressive demo video shows the tool automatically selecting a woman from a street scene, a group of people on a beach, a couple and their dogs – and even a red panda.

Adobe stresses that the tool is designed to ‘get you started’ with your selection, rather than do the entire job, but certainly the demos do at least 95% of it. Comments on the video suggest that I’m not alone in being impressed.

This is fantastic! I extract hundreds of subjects on a weekly basis and it takes up way too much time. This feature is going to make everything so much better.

Game changer.

Ok, it’s official, Adobe has commercialized actual magic.

Excellent! When? I want it NOW!

As Engadget notes, the fact that it uses machine-learning should mean that the feature improves the more people use it.

There’s no word yet on when to expect it, or whether the feature will also make it into Lightroom.

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