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Often known as Jony Ive, Sir Jonathan Ive joined Apple in 1992 and was made Senior Vice President of Industrial Design under Steve Jobs in 1997. Rumors suggest he almost left Apple shortly before his new appointment. Ive and Jobs were known to be very close and Ive was granted free reign to work and innovate as he saw fit. His title was recently updated from Senior Vice President to Chief Design Officer in July 2015.

In 1989, Ive earned a first class Bachelor of Arts degree from Newcastle Polytechnic (now Northumbria University). He is famous for his unique and popular (although controversial at the time) design of the iMac line, which started in 1998. This success led to his other design accomplishments with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Ive has shared that iconic designer Dieter Rams has been a major influence for him, and Rams has mentioned that he believes Apple to be one of the few companies that designs around his ‘ten principles of good design.’


Jony Ive Stories August 23

Back in 2016, Apple surprisingly released a physical book called Designed by Apple in California, which had many photos of Apple products created by Jony Ive. In 2019, Ive left the company, and Apple stopped selling the book after that. Although it was quite expensive, the book was certainly one of the most different products Apple has ever released – and I’m glad I was able to buy one.

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Jony Ive Stories July 13

It was reported yesterday that the Jony Ive LoveFrom contract with Apple has ended, meaning that the company’s longtime design chief is now fully detached from the iPhone maker.

My own view, though, is that the “news” means nothing, and that the contract has served the only purpose it ever had: preventing AAPL investors from panicking when Ive left the company …

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Jony Ive Stories July 12

The well-known industrial designer Jony Ive has left his role as chief design officer at Apple in 2019 after more than 20 years working with the company. Ive created his own design firm, but he remained a consultant to Apple nonetheless. However, it seems that this partnership has now come to an end.

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Jony Ive Stories May 9

A dozen Jony Ive possessions he thinks you should buy

The Financial Times has a set of a dozen Jony Ive possessions Apple’s former design chief thinks you should buy. You won’t be surprised to learn that most are extravagant, such as the $123 platinum-plated pencil eraser seen above, but one of them does start at just a few dollars …

Jony Ive Stories May 5

Former Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is set to take over as a guest editor of the How To Spend It magazine from the Financial Times this weekend. Ive is set to go in-depth on his process of “making and creating,” ranging from buildings and products to things that are “exquisitely temporal.”

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Jony Ive Stories May 3

After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul, the new book by WSJ turned NYT technology reporter Tripp Mickle, and is out today. 9to5Mac received an advanced copy for review. Its pages split the reader’s time between tracking the origin and careers of Apple’s top two decision makers of the last several years, Tim Cook and Jony Ive, including much of what has already been documented publicly. New details around Scott Forstall’s last year at Apple, the origin of the Apple Watch, and telling moments during the early development of the fabled Apple Car project complement the narrative enough to keep the attention of the most tuned-in Apple observers.

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Jony Ive Stories May 1

“What would happen to Apple now that Steve Jobs is dead?” That was the billion-dollar question made by Wall Street, Apple fans, and the company’s employees in 2011.

More than a decade later since Apple’s cofounder died, the Cupertino company is doing better than ever, but a new book by New York Times Tripp Mickle called After Steve talks about how Apple became a trillion-dollar company and lost its soul. One of the reasons was Jony Ive leaving the company.

In an article published today in the newspaper, Mickle adapts a part of his book and talks about the final years of Jony Ive at the company.

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Jony Ive Stories December 19, 2021

Last month, Apple’s former design chief Jony Ive gave us a rare peek of its design process when he shared images of a work in progress on a seal for the Terra Carta environment award. Now, Wallpaper publication posted an interview where Jony Ive and Prince Charles discuss the importance of the Terra Carta award for the environment.

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Jony Ive Stories December 7, 2021

The well-known composer Hans Zimmer was recently interviewed by Zane Lowe on Apple Music. While most of the conversation was about Zimmer’s career, they also talked about Spatial Audio – which is something the musician seems to enjoy quite a bit. Zimmer also mentioned that Jony Ive sent him new headphones created by Apple’s former design chief.

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Jony Ive Stories November 9, 2021

About a half-hour ago, Jony Ive sat down with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour as part of the RE:WIRED conference to talk about his new design collective LoveFrom. The conversation delved into Jony’s relationship with Steve Jobs, reflections on the 20th anniversary of the iPod, and how LoveFrom works with Apple.

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Jony Ive Stories November 4, 2021

Jony Ive’s design process illustrated with his signature minimalism minimalized

If you’ve ever wanted a peek at Jony Ive’s design process, he has shared four images of his work in progress on a seal for the Terra Carta environmental award.

It uses the typeface Ive himself designed, LoveFrom Serif, and the overall look is very different to his signature minimalism …

Jony Ive Stories November 2, 2021

Apple’s former chief design officer Jony Ive is set to make a rare public interview appearance next week. Wired announced today that Ive will sit down with Anna Wintour on November 9 “to discuss his new endeavors, priorities, the very nature of creativity, ideas, and the future of design as he sees it.”

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Jony Ive Stories October 21, 2021

A Bloomberg piece today argues that Apple product design has improved since former design chief Jony Ive left the company.

It says that without Steve Jobs’s moderating influence, Ive went too far in prioritizing form over function, and that this has since been corrected …

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Jony Ive Stories October 4, 2021

Tomorrow, October 5, marks 10 years since Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. In remembrance of it having been 10 years since that day, former Apple design chief Jony Ive has penned a piece in the WSJ. Magazine remembering his final days with Jobs…

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Jony Ive Stories September 27, 2021

In June of 2019, Apple announced that chief design officer Jony Ive would be departing the company to form his own independent design firm called LoveFrom. Since then, details about Ive and LoveFrom have been sparse, aside from a multi-year Airbnb partnership announced last year.

Today, however, Ferrari and Exor (the holding company that controls Ferrari) have announced a multi-year partnership with LoveFrom to “explore projects in the luxury business.”

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Jony Ive Stories June 3, 2021

Jony Ive departed Apple in 2019 to form his own independent design firm called LoveFrom. A new report from The Information today details that “at least four” Apple design members have also since departed Apple to join Ive at his new design company.

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Jony Ive Stories May 13, 2021

In 2019, Jony Ive departed Apple after more than 20 years to form his own independent design firm called LoveFrom. Since then, we have not heard much from Apple’s storied design executive, but he recently delivered a speech to the California College of the Arts as part of the university’s virtual commencement proceedings.

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Jony Ive Stories December 24, 2019

Jony Ive donates $130k for school orchards; says trees key to Apple Park

Apple’s former design chief, Jony Ive, has donated £100,000 ($130,000) to a project intended to plant school orchards in the UK. The sum is large enough to fund orchards in 1,000 schools…

Jony Ive Stories October 17, 2019

Upcoming book to explore Apple’s pivots and product launches under Tim Cook

The Wall Street Journal’s Tripp Mickle is working on a book that will focus on the last decade at Apple without Steve Jobs. It will dive into how some of the products like Apple Watch and more came to be that have launched under Tim Cook and Jony Ive’s leadership and the company’s shift to Services.

Jony Ive Stories October 4, 2019

As Sir Jony Ive winds down his time at Apple before shifting to his new design firm, the UK’s National Portrait Gallery has commissioned a new portrait of the celebrated designer shot at Apple Park by renowned photographer Andreas Gursky.

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Jony Ive Stories July 24, 2019

Last month, Apple announced that Jony Ive would be leaving the company to form his own independent design firm. Now Ive has taken the initial public steps toward officially launching that firm, offering our first look at the “LoveFrom” brand and logo.

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Jony Ive Stories July 4, 2019

Apple’s restructure to accommodate the departure of Jony Ive led to some concern that Apple wasn’t giving design quite as high a profile in the past – amid claims and counter-claims about the run-up to it.

There is no direct replacement for Ive as head of design, and instead of the hardware and software leads reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook, they are reporting into COO Jeff Williams.

But this shouldn’t be cause for concern; quite the opposite …

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Jony Ive Stories July 1, 2019

Much has been reported about Jony Ive’s departure from Apple and his decision to form his own design firm. The timeline of that decision may date back to the launch of the Apple Watch, with reduced input from Ive on newer projects in recent years.

Apple Watch is arguably the most Jony Ive product in Apple’s project portfolio, and with it comes an impact on health that could outlive any object shaped by Ive. Apple is hardly the first company to bring a smartwatch to market, but its mainstream appeal is very much a result of Jony Ive’s vision.

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Jony Ive Stories June 30, 2019

The Wall Street Journal has published new reporting on the backstory of Jony Ive’s gradual departure from the Apple. The report says Ive pushed for the company to make the Apple Watch, despite disagreement from other executives, and dived into watch development meetings with the design team almost every day before it launched.

However, after the watch shipped, the report describes how Jony Ive began to drift away from Apple, stalling processes and sometimes not turning up to meetings, frustrating the teams who had worked hard to get materials ready for approval.

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