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Apple has released a major iOS bug fix update called iOS 7.0.3, bringing iCloud Keychain, improved password management in Safari, the delay of the Slide to Unlock text on the Lock screen for Touch ID devices, iMessage fixes, and fixes for sensor calibration issues. 

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35 Responses to “Apple releases iOS 7.0.3: iCloud Keychain, iMessage fixes, sensor fixes, Touch ID improvements”

  1. i hope they improve battery life

  2. Ad (@Hop3y) says:

    I can’t download OTA or iTunes :(

  3. Michael Gill says:

    Apple has been in a really great mood today. Loving it.

  4. Drew Zaleski says:

    not showing up on my phone?

  5. Wallpaper bug still lives on but a great update.

  6. illed says:

    This is great, the icons don’t fly in anymore when you reduce motion. And iMessage works. Feeling better about iOS7.

  7. David Fabian says:

    I don’t mind the animations/transitions, but not a fan of the parallax effect–I wish they would separate the two in the “reduce motion” setting. Overall the transition animations seem to be somewhat quicker, but I could be imagining that. Also, if you turn on “reduce motion,” you can definitely interact with the homescreen quicker from unlock vs. having to wait for the icons to shuffle in.

  8. Animations are gone (if parallax disabled).

  9. Morgan Held says:

    When does this deploy? My phone says it’s up to date at 7.0.2

  10. Amar Kahlon says:

    Noticed on the iPhone 5, BUT NOT iPod Touch (5th Gen) that when you enter or exit an app, it’s a fade effect compared to what there was before. It actually adds to the whole clean feel iOS7 was going for. thumbs up

  11. drtyrell969 says:

    Me no see it. Looking forward to improvements in performance. Maverick downloading. And thank you 9to5 for bringing us all these updates. Always appreciated.

  12. Still does not address the issue in which contacts are missing the addresses that were there before the 7.02 update. Not all contacts are missing the address, just those in which you may have a separate personal and work contact for.

  13. Zoheb Khan says:

    its having transaction problems its not as cool as before :(

  14. But does iOS 7.0.3 still not fix broken FaceTime on iphone 4 (every call fails; hang in Connecting)?

  15. Cade Foster says:

    Apple Thank You for letting me stop the animation right after I slide to unlock.
    Now the icons just appear without the animation effect.

  16. Brock M. says:

    Still requires that a passcode be entered immediate when using TouchId on an iPhone 5S. It just removes the “Slide to Unlock” message from the screen.

  17. markallred says:

    Not seeing it here either (OTA).

  18. nelmat says:

    Installed on iPad 3, ipad mini and iPhone 4S in minutes. All good and running. From day one ios7 has massively improved battery life for me and everyone else I know. This has been a very successful day for Apple.

  19. Ryan Strub says:

    how about an option to go with a dark background on all apps/programs instead of the white background….

  20. Getting a stuttering effect when unlocking with touch id. It flys into the homes teen but with the clock still showing for about a second; it then flicks off, back on and then off again in a millisecond.

    Tried turning the motion effects on and off and it still does it each time.

  21. Getting a stuttering effect when unlocking with touch id. It flys into the home screen but with the clock still showing for about a second; it then flicks off, back on and then off again in a millisecond.

    Tried turning the motion effects on and off and it still does it each time.

  22. There’s a video of the new Reduce Motion setting here, plus an updated screenshot of the Lock Screen on an iPhone 5s:

  23. xmz250 says:

    Folder in a folder still exists after 7.0.3 update :)

  24. Kevin Miller says:

    The update created many more problems than it fixed. My sensor no longer recognizes either of the two finger prints that I set up, and I can’t connect to my WiFi network that I was connected to before the update and that I know without doubt that I am using the correct password. I wish I had iOS 6 back. :(

  25. Tony Byrd says:

    Still didn’t fix the problem where ‘ all day’ calender events won’t show up in the notification center – boo Apple:(

  26. It would be nice if the major iOS rollouts were a little more fully baked. But all-in-all, iOS 7 is a vast improvement and thankfully Apple is on top of the glitches.

  27. Jon Norris says:

    I just updated to ios 7.0.3 and unhappy I did – as soon as I did I went into Game Center to switch to my secondary game account and found GC no longer working… It seems to just hang. I wish I could revert to the previous ios release :-( anyone else having this issue?

  28. Jon Norris says:

    Sooo I did some searching and found a fix!! Went into settings -> general -> reset all settings …did the settings only reset :-) it fixed the GC hang issue but of course the wallpaper, notifications, network and all that went away. Don’t do a a full system reset (which wipes out all apps) as that would probably work but you would loose all apps/data. It seems that the 7.0.3 update wedged some data/settings that GC relied on – oddly (and pleasantly) resetting seemed to improve performance a bit …not empirical evidence but at least there’s a benefit ;-)

  29. Unable to activate iMessage after upgrading iPhone 4 to 7.0.3

  30. how to logout from game centre on iOS 7.0.3?