Ikea Stories October 24

Back in May, IKEA teased an overhauled smart home hub with Matter support for cross-platform connectivity, plus a brand-new app for an improved experience with its smart home products. Now early listings for the DIRIGERA have popped up giving us a look at the price, release date, and more.

Update 10/24: IKEA has shared the official launch date of the DIRIGERA smart home hub and price for the US with 9to5Mac.

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Ikea Stories June 22

Next-generation Ikea augmented reality app lets you delete your existing furniture

A next-generation Ikea augmented reality app has been announced, further building on the Ikea Place app first launched back in 2017. This latest version lets you virtually delete your existing furniture …

Ikea Stories May 25

IKEA has launched a number of smart home products over the last eight years including blinds, lights, and more powered by its HomeKit-compatible TRÅDFRI gateway. Now the company has announced it has an all-new smart home hub with Matter support plus a redesigned “Home” app on the way.

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Ikea Stories September 28, 2021

After first launching the original Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk smart table lamp speaker back in 2019, the two companies are back with the second generation. The new Symfonisk features a fresh design with multiple base and shade options, AirPlay 2 support, improved audio, and more.

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Ikea Stories September 20, 2021

The upcoming Ikea Sjömärke could be an attractive wireless iPhone charger for the minimalists among us. It’s designed to keep the charging pad invisible by placing it beneath a desk or table.

It’s very attractively priced too, at just $40 …

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Ikea Stories September 11, 2021

Ikea’s second-generation Symfonisk table lamp speakers have leaked online thanks to a Portuguese guide shop found by a Reddit user. The second-generation Symfonisk lamp is set to feature a new design that streamlines the speaker lamp’s base and adds the option to swap in different styles of lampshades (via the Verge).

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Ikea Stories August 3, 2021

Ikea this week announced its first-ever smart air purifier, dubbed the Starkvind. Available in October, the Starkvind will come in two different designs, and according to a report from HomeKit Authority, it will support integration with HomeKit and Apple’s Home app.

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Ikea Stories February 19, 2021

A support page indicates that Ikea HomeKit support is being extended to the motion sensor and shortcut button. On past experience, it will roll out gradually over the next few weeks.

Ikea has generally released smart home products first, and added HomeKit support later via a firmware update, and this appears to again be the company’s plan here…

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Ikea Stories November 27, 2020

Ikea’s HomeKit-compatible smart home products already support Scenes through Apple’s Home app, but the is now offering Scenes through its own app – as well as upcoming physical Shortcut Buttons that are expected to sell for $9.99 …

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Ikea Stories January 16, 2020

Ikea smart blinds hit by ‘technical issues’ two weeks after HomeKit support

Ikea smart blinds are experiencing “technical issues” with the HomeKit support that arrived in the US just two weeks ago…

Ikea Stories December 8, 2019

IKEA’s Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds are now widely available in retail stores, but they notably lack HomeKit support in their current form. IKEA had promised that HomeKit support would roll out sometime during the fall of this year, but it now appears that has changed.

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Ikea Stories October 17, 2019

The confusing rollout of IKEA’s smart blinds in the United States continues today. The blinds were first slated to release earlier this year, but were then delayed to October 1. From there, IKEA delayed them until “later this fall,” but now inventory is showing up at IKEA retail stores around the United States.

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Ikea Stories October 2, 2019

The saga of IKEA’s smart blinds coming to the United States continues today. The company has confirmed to The Verge that its smart blinds won’t launch in the United States until “later this year” after already missing earlier promised release dates.

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Ikea Stories August 18, 2019

IKEA has announced that it is increasing its investment in smart home technology and products. This comes as the company has gradually expanded into the smart home market with low-cost products that often integrate with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

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Ikea Stories August 16, 2019

IKEA HomeKit blinds unboxing shows off rechargeable battery and more ahead of expected US launch this month

IKEA’s highly anticipated HomeKit blinds are expected to launch sometime this month or next in the US and they’ve just become available in the retailer’s home country of Sweden as well as other European countries. With the launch of the highly affordable HomeKit blinds we’ve now got our first hands-on look with a YouTube unboxing and teardown.

Ikea Stories August 1, 2019

Apple has added a few third-party products to its retail stores and website, most notably, several versions of Netgear’s Orbi mesh Wi-Fi routers. Meanwhile, IKEA + Sonos speakers with AirPlay 2 are now available from the Swedish retailer starting at $99.

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Ikea Stories June 12, 2019

Ikea’s HomeKit-compatible smart blinds were originally supposed to launch back in April, but were delayed due to firmware issues. Now, Ikea says on its website that the blinds will be available starting in August.

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Ikea Stories April 8, 2019

Sonos and IKEA are finally offering some detailed information about their upcoming speaker lineup. The new Symfonisk table lamp and bookshelf speaker will ship this August, with many features that Sonos and Apple users will appreciate.

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Ikea Stories March 26, 2019

Ikea offers sneak peek at its new Sonos-compatible speaker ahead of official unveiling

Ikea is certainly milking the launch of its new Sonos-compatible speaker range, today offering a quick look at the first speaker in the range ahead of its official unveiling next month …

Ikea Stories March 19, 2019

Sonos-compatible speaker from Ikea expected to start around $120, in white or black

Ikea’s upcoming Sonos-compatible speaker range, set to be shown off next month and go on sale in August, is expected to start from around $120. The entry-level model will be available in a choice of white and black …

Ikea Stories March 15, 2019

Ikea started teasing some kind of collaboration with Sonos back in 2017, before showing off prototypes of a budget speaker range last summer. The company has now revealed that we’ll get to see actual Ikea-Sonos speakers in April.

Setting out to also make high-quality sound available for everyone, Ikea and Sonos will present the first products in the Symfonisk range – in the Feel Home exhibition in Milan …

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Ikea Stories March 14, 2019

Ikea’s HomeKit smart blinds April 1 US debut delayed until later this year

Ikea’s affordable HomeKit smart blinds have been highly anticipated as European and US launches neared. Back in January Ikea confirmed they’d be arriving stateside on April 1st, unfortunately that’s turned out to be an unintended April Fools’ joke.

Ikea Stories January 11, 2019

Ikea launches braided MFi Lightning cable in Sweden for $9, US plans unclear

Ikea is out with another Apple accessory, this time a braided nylon MFi Lightning cable at an affordable price. This latest release comes after news about the company launching its HomeKit smart blinds that are priced well below other manufacturers and will be arriving in the US soon.

Ikea Stories January 9, 2019

We first heard about Ikea’s plans to enter the smart blinds market back in November, but details were sparse at that time. This week, however, Ikea Smartshades have officially popped up on the company’s website in Europe.

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