Right to repair Stories September 1

A proposed new EU smartphone repair law has been opposed by a trade association representing Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone makers. The law is intended to reduce electrical waste as part of an environmental protection program.

The law would require companies to ensure that they continue to make at least 15 key spare parts available for five years from the launch of a phone. It would also necessitate a minor improvement to Apple’s requirements for free battery replacement…

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Right to repair Stories August 24

At the beginning of the week, Apple expanded its Self Service Repair program to M1 MacBook models. The program offers “repair manuals and genuine Apple parts and tools” with “more than a dozen different repair types for each model, including the display, top case with battery, and trackpad, with more to come,” but although it seems like a step to the right direction, iFixit thinks Apple is making the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro, actually, less repairable.

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There was good news and bad news yesterday. The Apple Self Service Repair program was extended to the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models – but if you were hoping that would enable DIY MacBook upgrades, you’re out of luck.

Apple very deliberately and specifically prevents this, and that seems to me to be the wrong decision for customers and the MacBook maker alike …

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Right to repair Stories August 23

Apple just expanded its self-service repair program to include M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pros. You can get replacement screens, batteries, and even logic boards, but don’t expect to be able to upgrade your laptop, as you can only purchase the exact same main board that originally came with your device.

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Apple announced yesterday that it would add replacement parts for its M1 MacBook Air and Pro laptops. Now, the store is back online after a brief period of maintenance, and now it offers replacement trackpads, displays, batteries, and more parts to fix your own computer.

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Right to repair Stories August 22

The Apple Self Service Repair program first launched for iPhone in November of last year is tomorrow being extended to M1 MacBook models – both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The company says that the program will also be expanding into other countries, beginning in Europe, later this year …

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Right to repair Stories June 3

New York state legislature has passed the first Right to Repair bill for electronics in the United States. According to The Verge, this measure called the Digital Fair Repair Act, requires all manufacturers in the state who sell “digital electronics products” to make tools, parts, and instructions for repair available to customers and independent shops.

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Right to repair Stories May 4

Apple has launched its self-service repair website, where you can order parts and tools for recent iPhones and access repair manuals. It’s a nice move to see, and the ability to buy original parts is something right-to-repair advocates have been asking for for a while, but some users seem disappointed by the limited offerings and see it as too little, too late. Let’s take a look at what’s there, what isn’t, and what it takes to get your iPhone fixed using genuine parts.

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Right to repair Stories April 27

Apple launched its new Self Service Repair program today, which allows iPhone customers in the United States to access parts and manuals that they can use to repair their own devices – starting with iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE 3. Are you going to use this new program?

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After months of waiting, Apple is finally rolling out its self-service repair program for selected iPhone models in the US. Starting now, users can buy parts of iPhone 12, 13, and SE 3 directly from Apple, but is it worth it? Here’s what iFixit has to say about the program.

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Right to repair Stories April 8

Update April 8, 2022: Google today announced a new partnership with iFixit, making Pixel displays, batteries, and other repair parts widely available. Apple has still not provided an update on its Self Service Repair program.

Apple last year announced a new “Self Service Repair” program, which for the first time would allow consumers to buy parts of iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products to repair them themselves at home. While the company had promised that the program would be launched earlier this year in the US, we haven’t heard about it since November 2021 – so what happened? Is it still coming?

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Right to repair Stories November 17, 2021

Today has seen another Apple PR fail as the company has, once again, waited until forced to act – this time over Right to Repair pressure. The company has finally now accepted that consumers should be allowed to repair their own Apple kit, including the very latest and most complex devices.

Apple’s previous resistance has been widely seen as both greedy, and inconsistent with the company’s environmental stance. Many repairs are simply not worth doing at official Apple prices, making it more likely that consumers will simply dispose of broken devices and buy new ones.

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Right to repair Stories October 2, 2021

Last week, 9to5Mac reported that Face ID stops working if you replace the iPhone 13 screen with a third-party repair. Now, a new video shows that it’s possible to replace the screen and make facial recognition work, but it’s not simple.

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Right to repair Stories September 26, 2021

Yesterday, we took a closer look at how the new iPhone 13 Pro Max handles drop tests. Now, another YouTuber claims that you’ll probably not be able to replace your iPhone 13’s screen with third-party repair centers without losing access to Face ID.

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Right to repair Stories September 16, 2021

An AAPL shareholder resolution calls for Apple to “cease its anti-repair policies” to avoid damage to the company’s reputation.

In particular, the resolution says that Apple making DIY and third-party repairs difficult contradicts the iPhone maker’s stance on the environment.

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Right to repair Stories September 6, 2021

A new environmental responsibility proposal from the German government to the European Union says Apple should require security updates and spare parts for iPhone for at least seven years. According to Heise Online, Germany’s Ministry of Economics also wants spare parts provided “at a reasonable price.”

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Right to repair Stories July 21, 2021

Back in May, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a report about “anti-competitive repair restrictions” in the US including concerns about Apple. Then, President Biden signed an executive order for the FTC to create new Right to Repair rules. Now that process has started with the FTC unanimously voting to approve a new policy statement that’s looking to restore “Right to Repair for small businesses, workers, consumers, and government entities.”

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Right to repair Stories July 9, 2021

A new President Biden executive order adds to the right to repair pressure on Apple. One of 72 initiatives in the order specifically calls on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to introduce rules against restrictions on DIY and third-party repairs.

While some of the text references the agriculture industry – and tractors in particular – there is a separate reference to “cell phone manufacturers” …

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Right to repair Stories July 7, 2021

Apple is often brought up when talking about right to repair, usually in reference to their anti-repair practices. In response to a Cameo request, Steve Wozniak spoke for almost 10 minutes on the importance of right to repair and how it has impacted his life.

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Right to repair Stories July 6, 2021

In May, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a report about “anti-competitive repair restrictions” in the US, including multiple concerns about Apple’s business practices around iPhone. Now the Biden administration is expected to ask the FTC to write up new rules that could expand the ability for individuals and independent shops to perform smartphone repairs and more.

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Right to repair Stories July 1, 2021

A British right to repair law comes into force today, requiring manufacturers to make spares available to both consumers and third-party repair companies.

However, despite claiming to cover “televisions and other electronic displays,”‘ the law somehow excludes smartphones and laptops…

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Right to repair Stories May 10, 2021

Last month, the ransomware group REvil breached Apple supplier Quanta, gaining access to detailed schematics of past and future Apple products. The ransomware leak revealed details of the forthcoming MacBook Pro update, including specific information about the addition of new I/O options on the side.

A new report from Motherboard today details how the leaked schematics are also helping repair experts learn more about Apple’s internal design.

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Right to repair Stories May 7, 2021

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report on “anti-competitive repair restrictions” specifically calls out Apple for a number of practices that hamper repairs by independent workshops.

The FTC says that repair restrictions hurt both consumers and small businesses, and argues for a combination of new right-to-repair laws and better enforcement of existing ones …

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Right to repair Stories October 30, 2020

Update: The problem was first discovered by Hugh Jeffreys – video below.

iFixit has found that an iPhone 12 camera repair or replacement cannot be made without access to a proprietary Apple tool which is only available to technicians authorized by the company.

The company says this appears to prevent DIY repairs at home, as well as those by third-party companies who do not have access to the online software tool …

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