Right to repair Stories Today

Yesterday, we took a closer look at how the new iPhone 13 Pro Max handles drop tests. Now, another YouTuber claims that you’ll probably not be able to replace your iPhone 13’s screen with third-party repair centers without losing access to Face ID.

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Right to repair Stories September 16

An AAPL shareholder resolution calls for Apple to “cease its anti-repair policies” to avoid damage to the company’s reputation.

In particular, the resolution says that Apple making DIY and third-party repairs difficult contradicts the iPhone maker’s stance on the environment.

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Right to repair Stories September 6

A new environmental responsibility proposal from the German government to the European Union says Apple should require security updates and spare parts for iPhone for at least seven years. According to Heise Online, Germany’s Ministry of Economics also wants spare parts provided “at a reasonable price.”

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Right to repair Stories July 21

Back in May, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a report about “anti-competitive repair restrictions” in the US including concerns about Apple. Then, President Biden signed an executive order for the FTC to create new Right to Repair rules. Now that process has started with the FTC unanimously voting to approve a new policy statement that’s looking to restore “Right to Repair for small businesses, workers, consumers, and government entities.”

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Right to repair Stories July 9

A new President Biden executive order adds to the right to repair pressure on Apple. One of 72 initiatives in the order specifically calls on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to introduce rules against restrictions on DIY and third-party repairs.

While some of the text references the agriculture industry – and tractors in particular – there is a separate reference to “cell phone manufacturers” …

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Right to repair Stories July 7

Apple is often brought up when talking about right to repair, usually in reference to their anti-repair practices. In response to a Cameo request, Steve Wozniak spoke for almost 10 minutes on the importance of right to repair and how it has impacted his life.

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Right to repair Stories July 6

In May, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a report about “anti-competitive repair restrictions” in the US, including multiple concerns about Apple’s business practices around iPhone. Now the Biden administration is expected to ask the FTC to write up new rules that could expand the ability for individuals and independent shops to perform smartphone repairs and more.

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Right to repair Stories July 1

A British right to repair law comes into force today, requiring manufacturers to make spares available to both consumers and third-party repair companies.

However, despite claiming to cover “televisions and other electronic displays,”‘ the law somehow excludes smartphones and laptops…

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Right to repair Stories May 10

Last month, the ransomware group REvil breached Apple supplier Quanta, gaining access to detailed schematics of past and future Apple products. The ransomware leak revealed details of the forthcoming MacBook Pro update, including specific information about the addition of new I/O options on the side.

A new report from Motherboard today details how the leaked schematics are also helping repair experts learn more about Apple’s internal design.

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Right to repair Stories May 7

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report on “anti-competitive repair restrictions” specifically calls out Apple for a number of practices that hamper repairs by independent workshops.

The FTC says that repair restrictions hurt both consumers and small businesses, and argues for a combination of new right-to-repair laws and better enforcement of existing ones …

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Right to repair Stories October 30, 2020

Update: The problem was first discovered by Hugh Jeffreys – video below.

iFixit has found that an iPhone 12 camera repair or replacement cannot be made without access to a proprietary Apple tool which is only available to technicians authorized by the company.

The company says this appears to prevent DIY repairs at home, as well as those by third-party companies who do not have access to the online software tool …

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Right to repair Stories April 30, 2019

Apple allegedly lobbied against another right to repair bill citing consumer safety concerns

A new report tonight from Motherboard claims that an Apple spokesperson lobbied against California’s latest right to repair legislation by talking up consumer safety risks to lawmakers, an approach the company has used multiple times before.

Right to repair Stories March 8, 2018

Some eighteen states have now signed a Right to Repair bill, with California the latest to sign up. The bills say that manufacturers must facilitate DIY and third-party repairs by publishing repair information and making both replacement parts and diagnostic tools available to consumers.

I’m instinctively on the side of those who think that devices should be both repairable and expandable by their owners. But I do recognize the trade-offs that involves …

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Right to repair Stories January 18, 2018

Amid Apple’s ongoing battery repair program, iFixit today reports that “Right to Repair” legislation is gaining traction. The site explains that so far this year, 17 states have introduced bills that would reduce repair costs by opening up parts and tools to independent repair shops…

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Right to repair Stories May 19, 2017

New York state records reveal the sums Apple, Verizon, Lexmark and other tech companies have spent there on lobbying efforts against right to repair legislation.

We learned back in February that Apple was formally opposing a bill in Nebraska that would have given consumers and independent repair shops the legal right to buy spare parts and to access service manuals in order to carry out their own repairs. That opposition was successful, lawmakers backing down.

Apple is currently fighting attempts to introduce a Fair Repair Act in New York after successfully defeating similar bills in both 2015 and 2016 …

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