Overcast is a popular iOS podcast app developed by Marco Arment. It’s notable for its voice boost and smart speed features. It was originally released in 2013 as a paid app. Since this, it’s moved to a freemium model with ads. For a annual payment of $9.95, users can remove ads, change to a custom icon, and upload their own audio files to a website to listen inside the application. Overcast offers apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay, and the web.

The app’s design strikes a nice balance between following modern iOS design standards, but remaining unique. The default color scheme is light and unobtrusive. The main navigation includes a list of your playlists, your subscriptions, and buttons to further manage your subscriptions and playlists.

Like most third- party podcast apps, it pulls from the Apple Podcasts directory to power its directory, but it also has a way to see what other shows your Twitter followers have recommended.

Recent articles:

Overcast Stories December 19, 2020

When it comes to listening to podcasts on iOS, there are so many great options. The Apple Podcasts app comes built into every iOS device with syncing. It’s undoubtedly a great app, but is it the best? On iOS, users have countless third-party options. My goal for this article is to break down some of the major podcast apps and help you determine which is best for what you want out of an app. What’s the best podcast app for iPhone?

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Overcast Stories September 3, 2020

Podcast privacy alerts for shows now available in Overcast beta

Overcast, favored by many of us as an alternative to Apple’s own Podcasts app, has begun providing podcast privacy alerts for shows in the latest beta version …

Overcast Stories July 12, 2020

I am very particular about podcasts, podcast apps, how to subscribe, and generally anything related to the podcast industry. I change my podcast app of choice on almost a weekly basis. I am passionate about all things podcasts. One trend that I’ve seen in 2020 is a move to premium podcasts for additional content. I subscribe to the premium version of ATP, Cortex, and many others. I love supporting my favorite shows to get additional content. For the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time with Wondery Plus. I’ve been a fan of many Wondery shows for quite a while, so I wanted to see what else they had to offer. expand full story

Overcast Stories May 8, 2020

Overcast podcast player gains Apple Watch streaming over cellular and direct downloads over Wi-Fi

A new update for the popular podcast player Overcast for iOS and watchOS brings some nice changes for how you access episodes on Apple’s wearable. The most exciting new feature is streaming over cellular arriving for Apple Watch.

Overcast Stories April 29, 2020

Maple Media purchases podcast app Player FM to expand podcast presence

Maple Media has purchased popular podcast app Player FM. Player FM was one of the top 10 download podcast apps on the App Store and Google Play store during March. Acquisitions of podcast apps seem to be a coming trend after both Pocket Casts and Castro were purchased. Pocket Casts was purchased by WNYC, NPR, WBEZ, and This American Life. Castro was purchased by the owners of Dribble.

Overcast Stories January 31, 2020

Popular third-party podcast player Overcast has been updated today with some exciting new features and improvements. Now, Overcast users can listen to their favorite podcasts through Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology.

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