Overcast 1.1 is out now, bringing several big improvements to the podcast client. The update adds rotation support for the iPhone, which is particularly helpful for people with car docks that enforce landscape device orientation. Arment tastefully uses popovers for the playback settings, a UI element that is generally underused on the iPhone.

For iPad, the app is now truly optimized for the larger canvas, making liberal use of split views and modal sheets. Given that Overcast prides itself on a clean appearance, a native iPad UI for navigation is very welcome indeed. Like the stock Mail app, a list view sits side-by-side with episode details like artwork and show notes. 9to5Mac reviewed Overcast when it originally launched, so check that out if you are looking for more details about the app’s functionality.

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Most interestingly, is that Overcast 1.1 adds CarPlay support. Up to today, Apple has only whitelisted apps by big developers for CarPlay, suggesting Apple may start welcoming a wider base of partners, such as other ‘indie’ podcast clients. That being said, Overcast is currently not featured on Apple’s CarPlay microsite.

Overcast 1.1 is available for free on the App Store, with an optional in-app purchase to unlock all functionality.

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