smart home Stories April 26

HomeKit’s ecosystem is fantastic, but the directly compatible devices can get expensive – especially if you already have incompatible devices at home that you need to replace. $25 for a smart plug, $40 for a door sensor – it really adds up quickly. There are plenty of other smart home devices available on Amazon, from $6 smart plugs to $25 cameras, outside the HomeKit ecosystem. Thankfully, many of these otherwise unsupported devices can be brought into HomeKit with the use of Homebridge software.

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smart home Stories January 12

Wyze Cam Plus Lite subscription lets you pay what you like (including $0)

If you have Wyze budget security cameras, the company has introduced a new, even more budget subscription tier called Wyze Cam Plus Lite. Sitting below the $1.99/month Wyze Cam Plus level, the company says you can choose how much to pay for it – including $0 …

smart home Stories December 13, 2021

In April, I wrote a comment piece about what Apple products should gain the U1 chip. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t agree this year and the only new hardware that got its Ultra Wide Band chip was the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7.

Even though Apple is holding down control of this technology, a developer was able to build the ultimate smart home remote app that uses the iPhone’s U1 chip to control different smart home devices just by pointing at them.

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smart home Stories January 11, 2021

I recently went hands-on with the Level Touch smart lock, which is Level Home Inc.’s most recent foray into the connected home space. Level, whose newest smart lock is for sale in the Apple Store, and whose design team includes former Apple employees, prides itself on providing smart technology in an elegant and inconspicuous package. In fact, unless someone specifically told you, you might not even know that the Level Touch is a smart lock. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details.

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smart home Stories November 27, 2020

Looking to expand your smart home or business setup this holiday season? EZVIZ has a versatile lineup of smart home devices including outdoor and indoor security cameras, video doorbells, and more. They have best in class features like full HD 1080p recording, up to 8x zoom, color night vision, and local storage via MicroSD card slot while remaining affordable. And EZVIZ is offering big Black Friday deals now with up to 50% off.

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smart home Stories December 18, 2019

While Apple has so far touted HomeKit as the best way to ensure security and privacy of smart home devices, the company has now agreed to work with other tech giants on an open standard for smart home security.

The new working group comprises some of the biggest names in smart home tech, including major rivals…

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smart home Stories May 28, 2019

The robot vacuum cleaner market is a pretty crowded one these days, so the Roborock S5 attempts to stand out by going one better: it doesn’t just vacuum your floors, it also mops them.

I was already sold on the concept of robot vacuum cleaners, having been seriously impressed by the Neato Botvac D7 Connected which I reviewed last year. We have it set on a schedule to vacuum the apartment at 8am every weekday, and it does a great job.

But I was unsure whether a robot with a small water tank could really do a good job of mopping the floors …

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smart home Stories May 9, 2019

Last month, images of a new Ecobee camera leaked and showcased a sleek black and silver design. Now, the first details of Ecobee’s next smart thermostat, believed to be called the Ecobee4+, have emerged.

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smart home Stories May 2, 2019

Smart home devices are ‘creepy’ according to the majority of people who own them, based on an Ipsos MORI poll. Two-thirds of US owners of smart home gadgets bought them despite this feeling.

The take-away appears to be that consumers consider the convenience to outweigh privacy concerns …

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smart home Stories April 19, 2019

Smart home devices are potentially one of the bigger security threats since there is no easy way to check what they are up to on your network. That’s a problem Princeton University has set out to solve, with the Princeton IoT Inspector.

It works on HomeKit and non-HomeKit devices alike …

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smart home Stories March 4, 2019

Apple has recently acquired a handful of patents from Lighthouse AI, a defunct home security camera company. As reported by IAM, Apple acquired the patent portfolio sometime late in 2018, but the details were only published recently in the U.S. Patent and Trademark database.

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smart home Stories January 29, 2019

Casper brings Night Shift to the bedroom with new Glow smart light with gestures, wireless design, more

Popular mattress maker, Casper, is entering the smart home market with a new light called Glow. The new product essentially brings Apple’s Night Shift to the bedroom to help users fall asleep and wake up more easily. Interesting features include simple gesture controls, a wireless design, and the ability to sync multiple Glow lights together.

smart home Stories January 24, 2019

When Ecovacs saw how much I loved the Neato D7 Connected robot vacuum cleaner, it seemed an obvious pitch to try to sell me on a review of the Winbot X window-cleaning robot.

I’m not exactly a hard sell on smart home tech, given two principles to which I subscribe. First: if something can be automated, it should be automated. Second: any excuse to use a gadget …

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smart home Stories December 17, 2018

Smart home products make great gifts. Shiny new toys to play with over the holidays, and utility that lasts all year long. Products that work with Apple HomeKit are a big part of modern smart home setups. HomeKit accessories from a variety of brands work with Apple’s Home app and with voice control through Siri.

Apple’s smart home framework doesn’t cover the full range of what you might need for a smart home, however, which is where Amazon Alexa can help. There are also things to consider when buying for smart home enthusiasts like upgraded network options, network-attached storage for serving media and storing backups, and ways to integrate charging stations throughout the house.

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smart home Stories August 31, 2018

Neato brings smarter features to lower-cost robot vacuum cleaners

Neato has today brought two features from its top-of-the-line D7 Connected robot vacuum cleaner (review) to two lower-cost models …

smart home Stories April 17, 2018

We told you back in December about an iOS app that can control smart ovens from GE and Bosch, and Electrolux has told us that it is next in line.

The Innit app lets you detail your diet, allergies and food preferences to recommend recipes. Once you select one, the app will work with you and your oven to help cook it …

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smart home Stories February 23, 2018

Those of you who’ve been following my Smart Home Diary series will know that I’ve learned a number of lessons – some of them the hard way. But I thought it would be useful to distill these into a single piece offering my best advice for anyone planning to create a smart home from scratch today.

And that advice begins with considering whether or not creating a smart home is a smart choice for you …

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smart home Stories February 16, 2018

iDevices today has unveiled a new connected wall switch that it says lets users seamlessly control their other iDevice accessories and their smart home products. Dubbed the Instant Switch, iDevices touts this accessory as an “intelligently-designed wireless remote wall switch…

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smart home Stories January 16, 2018

Update: In an email to 9to5Mac, Twist says that “the app works fine and the cloud services are paid for and covered for a long while.”

Two years ago, we reported on Twist, a new smart home accessory maker aiming to take a different approach to smart home lighting. At the time, the company debuted an AirPlay-connected lightbulb and speaker system combo, but it now appears that those efforts didn’t catch on like Twist had hoped…

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smart home Stories January 9, 2018

After yesterday announcing Apple Watch control of ovens, washing machines and dryers, Whirlpool now wants to apply connected kitchen smarts to reducing the amount of food that goes to waste …

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smart home Stories January 8, 2018

Whirlpool has announced that it’s working on an Apple Watch app that will allow you to control more than 20 of its connected appliances, including ovens, washing machines and dryers.

The company says that as well as using the app to carry out simple tasks, it will also prove useful for checking on the status of appliances …

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smart home Stories December 6, 2017

Analyst report endorses Apple’s approach of in-store demos of smart home tech [Poll]

A recent IHS Markit analyst note says that lack of awareness of the benefits of smart home technology is holding back growth.

smart home Stories December 5, 2017

If you’ve been impatiently waiting for a real-life version of Star Trek’s replicators – where all we have to do is tell the unit what meal to make – we’re at least taking one small step in that direction.

‘Eating technology company’ Innit has announced an iOS app that can send cooking instructions direct from an iPhone app to more than 100 different models of Wi-Fi-enabled ovens from GE Appliances and Bosch …

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smart home Stories October 26, 2017

One of the key decisions you need to make when adding smart lighting to a home is whether to have the smarts in the switches or the bulbs. Switches tend to be the easier option if you have non-techies in the home, while bulbs offer more flexibility.

A new smart switch system called Noon Home aims to offer the best of both worlds …

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