smart home Stories January 11

I recently went hands-on with the Level Touch smart lock, which is Level Home Inc.’s most recent foray into the connected home space. Level, whose newest smart lock is for sale in the Apple Store, and whose design team includes former Apple employees, prides itself on providing smart technology in an elegant and inconspicuous package. In fact, unless someone specifically told you, you might not even know that the Level Touch is a smart lock. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details.

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smart home Stories November 27, 2020

Looking to expand your smart home or business setup this holiday season? EZVIZ has a versatile lineup of smart home devices including outdoor and indoor security cameras, video doorbells, and more. They have best in class features like full HD 1080p recording, up to 8x zoom, color night vision, and local storage via MicroSD card slot while remaining affordable. And EZVIZ is offering big Black Friday deals now with up to 50% off.

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smart home Stories December 18, 2019

While Apple has so far touted HomeKit as the best way to ensure security and privacy of smart home devices, the company has now agreed to work with other tech giants on an open standard for smart home security.

The new working group comprises some of the biggest names in smart home tech, including major rivals…

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smart home Stories May 28, 2019

The robot vacuum cleaner market is a pretty crowded one these days, so the Roborock S5 attempts to stand out by going one better: it doesn’t just vacuum your floors, it also mops them.

I was already sold on the concept of robot vacuum cleaners, having been seriously impressed by the Neato Botvac D7 Connected which I reviewed last year. We have it set on a schedule to vacuum the apartment at 8am every weekday, and it does a great job.

But I was unsure whether a robot with a small water tank could really do a good job of mopping the floors …

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smart home Stories May 9, 2019

Last month, images of a new Ecobee camera leaked and showcased a sleek black and silver design. Now, the first details of Ecobee’s next smart thermostat, believed to be called the Ecobee4+, have emerged.

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smart home Stories May 2, 2019

Smart home devices are ‘creepy’ according to the majority of people who own them, based on an Ipsos MORI poll. Two-thirds of US owners of smart home gadgets bought them despite this feeling.

The take-away appears to be that consumers consider the convenience to outweigh privacy concerns …

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